Why Do Beds Need to Be Off the Ground?

Why Do Beds Need to Be Off the Ground?

People need to keep their beds off the ground because it helps them get in and out of bed. It also requires less maintenance, and cleaning becomes easy for you. It also prevents you from small rodents and maintains health conditions.

Why Do Beds Need to Be Off the Ground? Beds need to be off the ground because it improves air circulation and helps to keep you warm in the cold season. In this way, you can prevent your bed from moisture accumulation and exposure to mold, which can cause health issues. In addition, keeping your mattress off the ground keeps the mattress away from dust and other tiny insects that can lead to skin allergies. Furthermore, you can also clean and set up your bed easily to give it a modern look.

Some people keep their beds raised, and some do not because it is expensive to arrange a bed frame.

Improves air circulation

One of the main reasons for keeping beds off the ground is improving air circulation. Mattresses are breathable and allow the air to stay in and out.

These foams absorb some heat when we sleep, and it requires proper air circulation to keep the environment normal.

Keeping our mattress above the ground exposes it to a large area to achieve adequate ventilation and increase air circulation.

The air near the ground is cooler while it gets warm as it moves upward. In this way, keeping the bed high above the ground is helpful in a cold environment to ensure an easy and comfortable sleep.

Protection from insects

We should keep our beds above the ground because the floor is vulnerable to many small insects.

Therefore, protection from these tiny insects is essential, and it is better that you do not keep your bed on the ground.

These insects include rodents, spiders, and ants that can enter the mattress is placed on the ground. You can suffer from health hazards if they creep into your foam.

Pest companies also advise not to sleep on the ground, and you can prevent yourself from insects when you prefer to keep your bed off the ground.

Protection from moisture

Its foam is exposed to moisture during our sleep due to sweating and perspiration from the body, and it needs proper ventilation to avoid the problem.

Beds need to be high above the ground to maintain proper ventilation to keep them dry.

Moreover, when we should not keep the mattress on the ground, it also prevents the direct contact of water from the ground.

The foam is like a sponge, and it will develop mold if there is a lack of proper circulation and ventilation.

So, it is beneficial to keep the furniture a little higher to prevent the accumulation of condensation and the growth of mold. However, you have to be careful as it can be difficult to get into a bed that is too high.

Prevent accumulation of dust

Our beds need to be off the ground because dust comes in direct contact with our mattresses when we place them on the floor.

When you keep your bed high, there are a few chances to get your furniture dirty and ugly.

You also do not need to dust your furniture regularly, which saves your time to clean your bedroom.

Direct exposure to the dust also increases the chances of dust mites that can reside in your mattress when you place it on the ground.

Dirty and stubborn stains start to appear on the mattress due to constant exposure to dust if you place it on the ground.

You reduce its vulnerability to dust when you do not keep it on the ground, and it also helps maintain its original shine.

Preventing it from dust also increases its life span, and this is because beds need to be above the ground.

Less risk of allergy

Furniture itself is not a cause of allergy, but it can become an ideal place for the growth of dust mites and other tiny pests.

Dust mites and mold love to live in the mattress and can cause allergy and itching.

You should not keep your bed on the ground to prevent yourself from skin rashes. It can also be beneficial for people who are already sensitive to dust.

Extend the warranty

Many people are worried about the warranty and mattress damage, but warranties ensure us to be fearless about its damage and provide peace of mind.

Some products have a short warranty period, and some of them have an extended period depending on the quality of beds.

Warranty cards are used as proof to confirm that a mattress will remain effective as long as it is designed to be.

There is the advantage of keeping a mattress off the ground to improve its warranty duration.

These products retain their life span for more than an expected period when you keep them off the ground.

On the other hand, your mattress on the ground will void its warranty. In addition, the mattress will become prone to damage before its average age.

Easy to set up beds

It is essential to keep your bed set all the time to give it a neat and modern look because it is the essential requirement of modern homes.

Putting on sheets of different styles on your beds makes them more attractive. In addition, you can change them easily if the beds are off the floor.

It is beneficial to keep beds high because it helps you to maintain their cleanliness from all sides.

You can mop your floor with cleaning detergents to maintain good hygiene. In this way, proper cleaning around the corners of bed frames helps you to get rid of dust mites and other insects.

Why you should not keep beds off the ground?

Here are some reasons which make us think about not keeping beds off the ground.

They occupy valuable space in the room because these wooden frames are large and heavy. People prefer to keep their furniture on the ground to make their rooms large and free of bulky wooden frames.

Wooden frames are available at varying prices, and you need a high-quality frame to keep your mattress supported adequately on it.

People will have to pay extra charges to make bed frames when they want to keep their bed above the ground, and it is not affordable for most people.

There is no cooling effect when you keep it high above the ground compared to your mattress on the ground.

Excessive seating and lack of cooling effect in hot season will cause overheating when you sleep on the mattress off the ground.

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