How to Get into a Bed That is Too High?

How to Get into a Bed That is Too High?

Sometimes a tall bed is challenging to get in because its height does not correlate with the individual’s height.

How to Get into a Bed That is Too High? You can get into a bed that is too high by using a two-step stool with a handle, pillows, a wooden ladder, or a small chair. In addition, you can change the size and shape of the bed frame or remove its wooden legs. Furthermore, you can replace the original bed frame with a platform by adding a sprung slate base and using a thin mattress.

The standard height of the bed ranges from 20 inches to 35 inches, but most people want to select 25 inches long.

The height and comfort go side by side as a short bed can bring joint problems, and a tall one can bring sore legs.

Tall beds correspond to decency, and the short bed will create a modern look for your bedroom.

By using a stool

It is not hard to use a stool since it is easy to obtain and cheap to buy from the market.

Many homes already have metallic stools for different purposes, and therefore there is no need to purchase them, and you can put them in the bedroom.

The stools consist of different materials like steel, wood, and plastic but select them according to the size and weight of your body.

A metallic stool with a non-slip grip and a handle is perfect for most people.

I have this at my place, but I used to keep it in the cupboard because it does go in synchronicity with my wooden furniture. Now, I use the metallic stool to go to my tall bed.

Thin mattress

Sometimes, there are situations where a bed is tall due to a thick mattress because people think that thickness relates to its durability.

The standard mattress falls in the range of 8 to 15 inches, but nowadays, the market is full of tall foamy beds.

It is possible that the actual problem is with the bedding and not with the bed frame. However, you can easily replace this with better quality and a think mattress.

A thin mattress with 5 to 10 inches is perfect, and you can easily reach your bed.

Adjust the bed frame

It is better to check the bed height by sitting aside, and if your legs are touching the floor, it shows that it is perfect.

A tall frame is also a leading cause for this problem and requires careful amendments and adjustments in its structure.

The metal frames can adjust in length and height, and therefore people find them perfect for their homes.

These adjustable frames have glides at all four corners, and you can quickly increase or decrease their length.

It is better to have a low-profile frame, but it can be expensive. A carpenter can do the alterations to the wooden frame and adjust its size according to your requirements.

Use a chair

There are different chairs in your home, and some of them help decorate your bedroom.

You can use them as a support to reach your difficult-to-reach bed instead of using them just for sitting.

It is not difficult to slide a chair, and a step up to its seat help to have a quick approach to a bed that is too high.

Pillow adjustment

It is common to see that a married couple have one person shorter and the other is tall, but a short woman finds it difficult to reach the bead.

My friend has this issue, and she uses pillows for this purpose. These pillows will help as a stool to step up, and you can easily find an approach to the mattress for sleeping.

It is easy and affordable because you can use household materials. Place the pillows over one another and then stand on these pillows and go to your bed.

Use of low profile box spring

The box spring helps provide firm support to the mattress, and it is suitable to absorb the pressure impacts.

It is present below the mattress and above the bed frame helps to provide a height to the mattress.

Its placement brings about 10 inches expansion, but you can reduce its height to 5 inches leading to a clear-cut difference for easy access to the bed.

The addition of the low profile box spring reduces a few inches from the original box and decreases its height.

Remove the wooden legs

Most of the beds have wooden legs to have a firm support with the floor, and these legs are also helpful to keep their frame safe from insects.

You can remove these wooden legs to help you reach the bed. 

While it is better to hire a carpenter, you can do this yourself at home if you have an inches tape and a saw.

You can remove legs from the beds by unscrewing the bolts, and this reduces the height of your bed.

Remove the castors or wheels

There are beds having legs, castors, and wheels for easy movement, and you can change their height by removing these items.

The wheels are a source of giving a not-needed height to the bed, and a person feels uncomfortable and sometimes challenging to approach it.

The castors and wheels removal is quicker than removing the legs, as you have to loose the screws, nuts, and bolts.

I have faced this problem at my place, then my friend asked me to remove the wheels of the legs, and it actually worked.

Use wooden ladder

You can use a small wooden ladder for this purpose; many people have a small 2 to 3 steps ladder at home.

Different stylish ladders are there in the market as the modern beds are taller and do not adjust with everyone.

Place it on the floor, and you can easily reach your tall bed.

You can keep it under the furniture or fix it with a wooden frame.

Remove the mattress topper

The mattress topper increases the comfort of the tufted mattress, but it also gives an extra height for your bed.

A thick foam filling gives it an additional 3 to 5 inches over its original height, making the bed taller.

Sometimes, the actual problem is with this topper and not with the bed, but you remain unaware of this fact.

You can reduce the tall bed height by simply replacing the mattress topper with a comfortable and better-textured sheet.

Replace the bed frame with a platform

Many beds have frames that increase their height, while others have a platform. The platform is an alternative to the frame because it reduces a few inches due to the absence of the spring box.

It is not difficult to convert the original bed frame into the platform by removing the spring box and using the pine boards as slats to have a sprung slated base for providing support to the foam.

You can make a platform with a range of 5 to 10 inches but make it according to your desired size and dimensions. This way, you can easily reach a bed that is too high.

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