Can you replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors with IKEA Doors?

Can you replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors with IKEA Doors?

You can remodel kitchen cabinets by replacing outdated doors with the latest IKEA doors to change their look instantly.

Can you replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors with IKEA Doors? You can replace the kitchen cabinet doors with IKEA doors by measuring their size and cutting door sheets. Next, drill holes in the doors to fix them in the cabinet hinges. Finally, remove the old doors and adjust the new IKEA doors by adding screws in the hinges to secure these to cabinets. It can give your conventional and ordinary kitchen an exceptional appearance. In addition, you can remodel cabinet doors that are damaged due to moisture or mold growth.

Many people do not have an idea that there is an opportunity for a kitchen renovation by doing alterations in the cupboard structure. For example, you can upgrade your cupboard doors with a personal touch.

Furthermore, remove the damaged parts of cabinets and attach high-quality and durable IKEA doors. You can find a suitable size for your cupboard from a range of standard sizes.

Size measurement

Accurate cabinet measurement is essential before cutting the IKEA sheets for doors. You can cut the sheet of exact size by taking proper measurements of cupboard width and height.

 It helps avoid the inconvenience you can face when your door does not fit into the cabinet. It is better to carefully note down the correct inches of height and width.

You can paste paper tape on the wooden cabinet and note down your readings on them.

Write down the height and width on the relevant paper tape attached, along with the height and width of the cupboard.

Cut IKEA door sheet

Decide about the style of cabinet doors that you want a full or a partial overlay before cutting door sheets.

Cutting these custom sheets needs proper attention, and you can get a perfect match for your cabinets if you have measured the size correctly. Use a reciprocating saw for cutting the wooden piece.

Any minor error in the measurement can change the size of the door, and it will not fit in the cupboard.

It is easier to trim a large-sized door, but an extension of the small pieces is a tough row to hoes and increases the installation time.

You can paint the wood with contrasting colors by keeping the cabinet color in mind. In addition, you can add wallpaper to match them with kitchen walls.

Furthermore, you can get doors of standard sizes except the custom doors to avoid the cutting and drilling steps. The standard designs can make the installation process quicker and easier for you.

Drill holes in the IKEA door

Some IKEA cabinet doors have drilled holes to make the replacement process effortless. You have to adjust the holes according to the hinges and fix them.

In contrast, you have to drill holes in the cabinet doors if they are not present already. Then, mark the positions on the wood according to the hinges for their proper adjustment.

You can utilize a drill machine to create holes in the IKEA doors. After drilling, you need to secure the doors by inserting screws in the holes and fixing them firmly with the hinges.

Remove old and damaged cabinet doors

You can remove the old kitchen cabinet doors once you have prepared the new doors for installation. Detach the screws with the cabinet through hinges.

Remove the screws or other nuts attached to the wooden structure by using a screwdriver.

Moreover, you can also remove the drawers and slides for easy installation, but it’s up to you. After that, you can add new doors to the older cabinets.

Adjust the door hinges

Proper adjustment of door hinges and the drilling holes present on the doors is essential.

The holes and hinges should face each other so that you can add screws to fix them in a straight position.

Similarly, you can use a screwdriver to add screws or nuts to the hinges.

You can easily attach it with the cabinet by adding screws into hinges holes present indoors. It helps in the attachment of new parts to cabinets and secures them.

Fix customized IKEA doors

Adhesives or sticky material like glue helps fix the new sheets to a wooden surface. Accordingly, you can apply adhesive material to the door to paste it into the old ones.

Last, you need to adjust everything at its place and check that you have fixed it correctly.

In this way, you can fix the new IKEA doors onto your old kitchen cabinets to reuse them.

The new doors will give the traditional cabinets a modern finish that makes your kitchen look cool.

Why would you replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors with IKEA Doors?

IKEA doors provide you with a better replacement for your old and damaged cabinet at a low cost. You can get a simple but stylish door with two sides for just 55$ to 75$.

It is essential to change the kitchen cabinets if any structural damage occurs, like it gets broken. Similarly, you can replace it when the mold grows due to the presence of moisture on the cupboards.

Moreover, these doors are more eco-friendly as they are made of recycled wood, making them ideal for a sustainable environment. A covering of glass sheet and melamine foil is present on the fiberboard.

Furthermore, you can easily install them on your cabinets because they contain drilled holes. You have to adjust them with the hinges and fix them correctly.

A wide range of IKEA doors’ designs and sizes are available that can fit into your old cupboard. Not only can you get custom cabinets, but standard widths and sizes are also available.

These are more durable and remain functional for a long time. One of my friends has IKEA doors in kitchen cabinets, and they were in good condition after so many years as they were on the day of installation.

I have observed peeling in the bottom, but the drawers are perfect, making them ideal to use. Moreover, you can get many attractive designs for your cupboard.

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