Where to Put TV in Bedroom With Lots of Windows?

Where to Put TV in Bedroom With Lots of Windows?

Watching TV while lying on the bed is the ultimate desire of all of us after a tiresome day. You can place it in the bedroom in various places.

Where to Put TV in Bedroom With Lots of Windows? You can place or mount the TV on the wall across the bed or the side walls, in front of windows or against the windows by covering them with blinds, near the couches or in the corner to get a full view of the screen or use the in-built cabinet to save space in your bedroom with a lot of windows.

Appropriate height and distance from the bed are the key factors to consider before placing the television in the bedroom. The layout of the cables and the presence of electrical outlets are also crucial in determining the spot of the electrical appliance.

Mount on the wall across the bed

Placing the Tv on the foot of the bed is the most suitable location for the television. It allows the viewer to have easy access to the device.

The person can watch and enjoy his favorite programs lying on the bed. You do not need to go outside the room or change your position to watch the Tv. It is perfect for binge-watching a TV series, or Netflix show the whole night.

It is also advantageous when there are a lot of windows in the room. The wall across the bed usually does not have windows.

The windows are usually present on the side walls. The natural light from the windows does not produce a glare on its screen. It also gives you a sense of privacy in your room.

Mount on side walls

You can also mount the television on the side walls. It is also suitable to get a full view of the TV screen.

You should adjust the height and distance of the television on the walls. Mounting it below or above a certain height will create problems in getting the full view of the screen.

 You should also adjust the distance of the bed from the side walls. Usually, in small bedrooms, the beds are placed close to the side walls.

Place in the center before mounting the TV on the sidewalls. This way, you can mount it on any side wall with ease.

You can also place it on any piece of furniture. Place the TV stand against the wall and fix the television on it. It adjusts the TV’s location and gives your bedroom an elegant look.

Place in front of couches

Placing it in front of couches is suitable for large bedrooms. In such a case, you can create a specific location for watching TV in the bedroom. Large bedrooms have space for two or more small couches.

You can set couches around a table or dresser and place a tv on it. You can enjoy watching TV with your friends and family in your private place. The dresser cabinets can be a compartment for accessories like sound bars or DVD players.

But you have to take into consideration the location of the windows. Place the couches in the corner of the room to avoid glare.

Mount the TV against the windows

Another alternative place to avoid glare and direct sunlight is placing it against the windows. The back of the television should face the window. In such cases, finding a mounting place for the TV is difficult.

You have to place it on an article of furniture or a separate table. The height of the table or furniture can create problems.

You have to get a customized table for it. You can also mount it on the wall between two windows. This position is least preferred among other locations. This location can affect the brightness of the screen. The viewer also has difficulty getting a luminous view of its screen.

Place in front of windows

In some cases, bedrooms with many windows do not have any walls to mount the TV. You have to think of other alternatives to adjust the television in the bedroom.

You can place it in front of the window. In this position, the sunlight directly falls on the screen, producing glare. This location is also at a distance from the electric outlets. You have to keep the windows closed to watch the TV.

Prolonged exposure to rays and heat can damage its screen. Keeping the windows open also poses a danger of physical damage to your electrical appliance. Otherwise, you have to treat the window to stop the sunlight from reaching the screen.

Use window blinds or tints to cover it. You can also hang the curtains to protect them from the sunlight. But covering the windows and keeping them closed will deprive the person of the benefits of natural sunlight.

Put the TV in the corner

Placing the television in the corner is the practical solution to space shortage in the room. It is also suitable when the bedroom has windows on all sides.

In this location, the sunlight cannot reach the screen and will not produce glare. You can place it directly on the stand or fix it on the wall with brackets.

Sometimes bedrooms have a fireplace on the focal point of the wall. In such a situation, the corners are suitable to mount the TV and protect it from sun rays and flame.

You can also build some small shelves and cabinets around the TV corner to elevate the look and aesthetic appeal of the bedroom.

Place in the compartment of the in-built cabinets

Usually, our bedrooms have inbuilt cabinets on the sidewall to keep all the valuables. These in-built cabinets also have a separate shelf in the center to place the television.

It is the most suitable and preferred location for the television in the bedroom with multiple windows. In this way, it is close enough to the bed to give the viewer a full view of the screen.

In this location, it is away from the reach of sunlight. You do not have to spend money on a separate stand or mount it on the wall.

You can decorate this compartment with a flower vase and other decoration pieces. It can enhance the elegance of the bedroom and give it a contemporary look.

Mount the TV on the ceiling

In case of a shortage of space for mounting the TV, hanging it to the ceiling is a suitable option. You can fix the television with the roof, but proper fixtures are required.

Otherwise, the electric appliance can fall and break. To mount it to the ceiling, you have to purchase specific brackets for this purpose.

Hang it approximately 50 inches above the floor. It will prevent you from accidentally hitting the screen when you leave bed.

Different types of mounts are available in the market to hang them to the ceiling. You can use a swivel/tilt mount to fix the TV.

Swing arm mount and motorized mount are other options to set it to the ceiling. Each type of mount has its own merits and demerits. You can choose according to your preferences.

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