Can You Put a Bakers Rack in the Living Room?

Can You Put a Bakers Rack in the Living Room?

A bakers rack is a type of furniture containing opened shelves for placing different items. These are commonly used in the kitchen to store cooking utensils, baking items, and cookbooks.

Can You Put a Bakers Rack in the Living Room? You can put the backers rack in the living room to reduce the clutter, put decorative items, replace shoe racks, add lamps, create a small library, and make a focal point. You can place them near windows, sofas, and adjacent to empty walls.

These contain open slatted backs and shelves to make the interior look larger. These are suitable furniture for people who want to display different items in their rooms.

Why would you put a bakers rack in the living room?

People commonly put this versatile furniture in the kitchen, but you can also add them to the living room of your home for various purposes.

Add living room clutter

These contain slatted and open shelves for the storage of various useful items. You can add the extra things in your living room to these shelves to reduce the clutter in the interior.

In addition, it is also beneficial to enhance the interior appearance so they do not look messy. People often arrange extra cushions on their sofas for guests.

Moreover, they can also occupy the sitting space, and you cannot sit on the couch comfortably. It is better to place these extra cushions on the shelves so you can use them whenever you need them.

Put the extra throws, blankets, and non-useable items in them. Arrange the extra sofa and table covers to easily access them during accidental spillages.

Store the toys of your kids and reading books on these shelves so they can take them whenever they want to play in the room.

Put Decorative items

You can also arrange the decorative items in the bakers rack, making your room look stylish. Decorative items and ornaments look cooler on open and slatted shelves than on closed ones.

It is necessary to check the color scheme of these items while arranging them. Match the decorative item color with pre-existing furniture and wall paint for uniform texture in your interior.

Arrange the decorative crockery items so you access them when guests come to your home. You do not have to rush to the kitchen to take plates and cups to serve your friends and family.

Moreover, cutlery items are larger and fill up more space. Furthermore, these are available in your kitchen, and you do not have to spend extra on decorative items from the market.

Take-up less space

People place the baker’s rack in their living room instead of kitchens because these take up less space. These provide more storage area by occupying less space on the floor surface.

These are more beneficial than dressers and large end tables. Dressers take up more space on the floor and provide less storage space because of their small size and limited drawers.

These versatile pieces of furniture provide more storage by occupying less floor space. In addition, these are lighter weight, and you can easily displace them from one place to another.

Replace shoe rack

It is also better to put the baker rack on the side of the entrance door of your living room. It is unique furniture that is smaller in size with more shelves, and you can replace them with a shoe rack.

Add the folding metal chair on the side to use while changing your shoes. It provides more shelves for the arrangement of shoes.

You do not need one or more shoe racks for your family while using this furniture. These contain a lot of cabinets, and you can place old cloth to clean your shoes on one shelve.

In addition, it is also a good idea to arrange the shoe-cleaning accessories on one side. Place them some feet away from the doors so you cannot face issues in their opening and closing.


Add different lighting accessories to the baker rack to illuminate your interior with colorful lights. Hang the string lights on their upper shelves so they can also come on the lower side and cover the front area.

In addition, you can also attach them to the boundaries of this furniture with sticky tape. Put the small lamps in these cabinets with decorative items.

These lamps illuminate the decorative items and make them prominent to enhance their appearance. Small lamps are more suitable for them instead of larger ones.

Select the size of the lamp according to the size of this furniture for their correct adjustment.

Create small library

People fond of reading books always want to create a small book corner in their living rooms. They love to spend their free time at this place while reading their favorite books and novels.

It is better to arrange books on shelves and cabinets to reduce their wear and tear chances. You can decorate the perfect book corner with a bakers rack with colorful books and art.

Place a small chair and table in front of them so you can have a good time in this place while reading books and magazines. Place the lamps with these books to lighten the reading area according to your needs.

Make a focal point in the living room

You can also add the bakers rack to create the focal point i n your room. People use different focal points to arrange the furniture according to them.

Most people use the TV screen and windows as the focal point in their interior. You can add larger items, look attractive, and grab visitors’ attention.

Arrange them with different ornaments, decorative pieces, and books so they can attract your friends. These look charming when you create a small library with them on one side of their room.

What type of bakers rack is suitable for the living room?

Bakers racks are made of different types of metals and wooden materials. Adding metal types in your living room instead of wooden ones is better. These are smaller in size and occupy minimal space on the floor.

In addition, it gives an antique and rustic appearance to your living room. These are also lighter in weight and easy to displace and drag on the floor.

You can change their location according to interior decorations. The wooden types are heavier, and you cannot put them near the windows because UV light from the sun can ruin the wooden material and cause color fading.

Iron types look stylish when you decorate them with yellow string lights. Moreover, the wooden types are more costly relative to the iron metal.

It is also necessary to check their size when adjusting them in your interior. Keep the slightly low from your windows so they cannot obstruct them.

Select the larger ones when placing them on the side of the sofas and walls.

Where do you place a bakers rack in the living room?

The placement of bakers rack depends on their specific use and decorative items. It is better to add them near electric sockets when you place the lamps so you can turn them on.

Moreover, you can also place them in the living room near the sofas to access usable items and books while sitting on couches. You can put them near the windows to get enough light for book reading.

Consider their size while adjusting them near your home’s windows so they cannot obstruct the view. Keep them at some distance away from windows so they cannot affect the light and outside scenery.

In addition, you can also fit these racks near the room’s entrance door if you are replacing them with shoe racks.

Place them adjacent to walls so things cannot fall on the floor because of their slatted and open shelves. The wall supports the back and decreases the risk of decorative items falling.

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