Do Furniture Arms Have to Match?

Do Furniture Arms Have to Match?

Arms are present in different types of furniture like chairs, sofas, and couches. People blend different styles of armrests to make their living rooms look good.

Do Furniture Arms Have to Match? It is not a must to match furniture arms. They can differ from each other in style, shape, and color. Consider the height, fabric, pattern, color, material, and shapes before mixing and matching the different styles of the armrest. Select a common trait for the furniture and combine the upholstery in different color combinations. Pair up armless upholstery with furniture having arms by selecting a specific shape and color pattern.

Usually, people go with the same style and shape of the armrest to make the room simple. But you can experiment with different ideas to make the place more vibrant.

Can furniture arms differ from each other?

The armrest is usually present in chairs, sofas, and couches. All of them have a wide range of styles of armrests and legs. All of you have different types of arms in couches, settees, and chairs.

It is a rare coincidence someone has the same style of armrest for all kinds of furniture. People Become anxious when placing all these different styles of fitment articles together. But there is nothing to worry about mixing and matching different sofas and chair arm styles.

The armrest of chairs and couches can differ from each other. You can easily blend them to change the look of the room or living area. Using different styles, sizes, and shapes of furniture will give your place a vibrant and chic look.

But still, you can use the same style of arms in different articles. But it happens only in customized upholstery. You can match the shape and form of the armrest to give a coherent look to your house. It’s all about personal choices and preferences.

Things to consider before mixing and matching different arms style

You cannot randomly select any form of furniture and pair it up with another item. There are rules and general guidelines before mixing and matching sofas and chairs with different designs.

Furniture arm height

The height is crucial in mixing different styles of armrests. All articles of furniture should have arms with compatible heights. They should not be too long or short of each other. Otherwise, your room or living area will lose its spark and elegant look.

You should not pair up a short-height chair with a long armrest couch. It will create a gap in coordinating all articles of the seating unit. Ideally, there should be a negligible difference between the height of all chairs. The height of chairs can differ slightly from the sofa or couch arm height.


It is easy to match different designs and colors of upholstery on the furniture arms. There is no restriction in combing different colors and designs of fabrics. You can use vibrant and dull colors to create focal points in the house.

You can also try some specific colors on the upholstery to differentiate all parts of the house. It will improve the aesthetic look of your house.

 You can differ in color and fabrics between two different styles of items. The arms of the same style of seating equipment should be the same.

Otherwise, it will make your room and your house messy. Avoid choosing too many patterns and colors for the fabric. Stick with 2 to 3 patterns and colors to mix and match.


The chairs and couches have different materials. Chairs are made from wood or metal. The sofas have a framework of wood and metal.

They usually have foam cushions. While chairs are available in foam cushions or solid wooden seats. Mixing and matching furniture arms with a different material is tricky.

Avoid using armrests of different materials with each other. Choose the same material for the sofa chairs for the same room. But the material can differ for the upholstery of different rooms. You can also mix dining chairs of different materials with the sofa in the living room.


The armrest is essential to provide support to the arms. They help provide comfortable seating on the chairs and couches.

They also reduce muscle tension in the hands and arms. Mixing and matching the furniture with different styles is ok.

 But do not compromise comfort and softness. It does not matter what type of style, color, and material armrest have.


The sofa and chairs have a wide range of shapes on the armrest. Having the same design on the sofa and couches is better.

One part of the sofa or couch should not differ in the shape of the armrest. The chairs should also have the matching shape of the arms. Sofa and chair designs can differ from each other.

There is no restriction in trying different shapes in different seating furniture pieces. But try to stick to 2 to 3 shapes and styles to give a cohesive look to the room. All types should complement each other. They should link each other and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house.

How can you mix and match different styles of furniture arms?

Mixing and matching the different styles of fitment arms is all about creativity and imagination. You can go with your instinct to blend the different sofa and chair arm styles for the living room.

Here I will give some ideas of some popular combinations to try blend the different armrest styles. First, you should select a common trait for the armrest.

You can pair a rolled sofa and couch with a rounded-shaped accent chair. You can also choose an upholstered chair with a square or rounded arm.

Try placing the traditional style furniture in the same room. But you can exempt the rule and blend the contemporary style arms with the traditional style. You can choose the same style items with different patterns of fabrics. Mixing a leather couch with a squared chair makes the perfect pair.

Can you pair up armless furniture with furniture having arms?

Yes, you can pair an armless sofa or chair with an armchair. It will create the perfect blend of upholstery in the living room and dining room. Placing a chair or sofa with a sectional couch will create space for more chairs.

You can also place the flat stools in front of the armchair and sofa to create an attractive look In your space.

They should have similar styles and shapes. Stick to the same theme for both types of furniture. It will give your room and living area a symmetric and coherent look.

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