How to Decorate a Bakers Rack in the Kitchen?

How to Decorate a Bakers Rack in the Kitchen?

People add bakers rack in the kitchen to store baking items, including ovens and dishes. These are in less use, so keeping them separate from other dishes is necessary so they cannot create clutter in cabinets.

How to Decorate a Bakers Rack in the Kitchen? You can decorate the bakers rack in the kitchen with mats, artwork, paint colors, stainless steel utensils, flowers, recipe books, and lamps. Moreover, you can add sausages and syrup bottles, wooden baskets, glass jars, pottery displays, flower pots, mirrors, and modern baking equipment.

Depending on the appearance and available space, you can use metal iron and wooden backer racks in your kitchen. I prefer to add the metal iron because these are easy to adjust and lighter in weight.

Put mats in the bakers rack

You can decorate the bakers rack using mats and colorful rugs. Cut the pieces of rugs and mats according to the dimensions of the open shelves.

You can use these pieces to enhance their visual appearance and make them attractive. Use the brighter shades of rugs and mat pieces to look prominent with your utensils.

Avoid putting wet utensils after adding these rugs because their fabric absorbs moisture and leads to stinky odors. You can select the color of rugs and mats according to the interior walls and rack paint color. In addition, you can also choose their color according to the decorative items.

Hang artwork

You can hand the artwork and different handmade items on their extended hooks. In addition, you can also put them on the shelves of these racks.

You can use different alphabetic wooden frames with motivational quotes written on them. Moreover, you can also make handmade crafts in your home.

I added the stuffed toys of my kids on these shelves to fill the space and make them cool and attractive. Use antique decorative items because these go perfectly with a metal material.

Add the painted scenery by adjusting them adjacent to the walls to provide back support. Use the walls stickers on the adjacent wall to make them more stylish. You can also put different paintbrushes in stylish jars to create a small art gallery.

Change paint color

Decorate the bakers rack by painting them with different colors and paints. I coated the shelves and boundaries of this furniture with textured paint to give it a unique touch.

Chalk paints are matte, making the applied surface stylish and smooth. Paint color has a significant effect on their overall appearance.

Match the paint color with the cabinets and walls of the kitchen for matching purposes. You can also make different designs on their boundaries and shelves with different paint colors.

You can use different horizontal and vertical lines on their sides with colorful paints to increase visual attraction.

Put stylish utensils 

You can decorate it by adding different colors and styles of utensils. It is better to arrange the utensils made of black stainless steel material.

In addition, you can also use pottery displays, which are light blue and white. These utensils give a traditional and ancient touch to your kitchen.

Hang the stylish and colorful tea cups on the hooks of these racks. You can also add flowers to these utensils to refresh the interior. Adding string lights with these utensils is also better to enlighten them.

Recipe books and lamps

People also add recipe books and cookbooks along with utensils on their shelves to keep them away from children. Put these books on the upper shelves in an organized manner so they look unique and beautiful.

Placement on upper shelves is necessary to decrease wear and tear chances. Avoid adding books and utensils in the same corner because water can ruin the pages.

In addition, you can also put small lamps with these recipe books so you can read them by turning them on. Moreover, lamps with books give your kitchen a decorative and book-corner-like appearance.

Organize the recipe books in one shelve horizontally and vertically.

Add sausages and syrup bottles

You can enhance the appearance of the bakers rack in your kitchen by arranging colorful bottles. Use the glass bottles and add different sausages and syrups to them.

The colorful sausages give different colors to transparent glass materials. Moreover, I also added empty vine bottles in them to make them look modern.

Add the orange, black and brown vine bottles with iron racks because these colors look more suitable. Moreover, you can also tie the ribbon on their heads for a stylish touch.

Select the ribbon color according to the bottle color, and you can also use the contrasting color ribbons.

Wooden baskets

Wooden baskets are commonly used in the kitchen to store various useful items. In addition, these give a traditional and stylish appearance to the interior.

Wooden baskets are also useful to increase the storage space in your interior. You can put these baskets in metal racks to decorate them and enhance the visual attraction.

Wooden baskets with metal racks give a rustic appearance. Paint them brown while adding wooden baskets to their shelves to match their shade.

Hang different baskets on empty shelves to make the different compartments. Add different fruits and vegetables in these compartments separately.

Glass jars 

Fill the colorful jars with dry fruits to decorate the bakers rack. You can also make them attractive by adding different spices in transparent jars.

Dry fruits remain dry in these sealed jars, and insects cannot access them. Moreover, you can also paint the outer side of jars with desirable colors to give a unique touch.

The spice color gives a unique color to these glass jars and makes them attractive. It is also better to select transparent jars and seal them with colorful lids.

You can also select the ones with round, rectangular, and oval shapes that look stylish. Place the scented candles in jars to get rid of the cooking smell, which can sometimes be nauseous.

Pots with fake flowers

Original flowers cannot survive in the hot environment of the kitchen, so you can use fake flowers to decorate the bakers rack.

You can cover their boundaries with green glass and colorful flowers. Moreover, you can also hang flower pots on their sides using strings.

In addition, you can also directly place the flower pot on the shelves. These fake flowers mimic the original greenery and give your interior a refreshing and calm feeling.

Spray these fake flowers with essential oils to give a refreshing aroma. It is also better to paint the flower pots with brown chalk paint to resemble the original pots.

Mirrors on the top shelve

It is better to add the mirror on the upper shelve of the baker racks.

In addition, it makes the lighting conditions better by reflecting light. It is necessary to carefully select the size and style of the mirror so it does not ruin the appearance.

Use the smaller mirrors if these are smaller in size and have smaller shelves, and vice versa. Place them near the walls to provide support for the adjustment of mirrors.

You can also hang them with hooks if you do not find an empty wall in your kitchen. I prefer to add framed mirrors for a more stylish and bold interior appearance.

Use the metal and steel frame to match them with the material of the racks.

Modern baking equipment

Your kitchen looks modern when you add the baker racks in them because of the specialized storage space. You can put baking items and utensils in them to easily access them according to your need.

It is better to use modern equipment to give a stylish appearance to your interior. Place the modern and small ovens for baking purposes on their shelves.

In addition, you can add pancakes, cupcakes, bowls, and pizza trays in them. Select the stylish cutlery from the market for these baked food items.

I prefer to use black stainless-steel utensils for baking because they look modern because of their shiny coat and darker colors.

Furthermore, burn marks are not prominent on their surface because of their darker shade.

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