How Long Do Bean Bag Chairs Last?

How Long Do Bean Bag Chairs Last?

Many people complain about the flattening of bean bags after a few months, making them less comfortable for sitting. You can make these chairs last longer and keep these soft by paying attention to their maintenance.

How Long Do Bean Bag Chairs Last? Bean bag chairs last for 5 to 6 years with proper care and regular cleaning. A fabric of better quality, regular maintenance, and filling material of suitable strength can improve the durability of these chairs. Moreover, the chairs of a good brand ensure better quality and improve their longevity. It is better to use tough covers like leather and faux fur that are resistant to water damage. Furthermore, EPS bead fillers contribute to the durability of these chairs as they can remain intact for almost 6 years. In contrast, organic fillers like grains and pebbles are good to use due to their eco-friendly nature, but they are not durable. 

Bean bag chairs are a better alternative to a couch that can provide comfort to your back. The ergonomic design of these chairs allows them to mold around the body. 

Factors that affect the durability of bean bag chair 

Some factors affect the durability of these bean bag chairs directly. You can improve the durability of these cozy chairs by choosing a good stuffing material and high-quality fabric.

In addition, proper handling, regular repairing, and the chairs of an expensive brand can make these chairs last longer.

Stuffing material

The material inside the bean bag can affect the durability of these chairs. Different types of stuffing materials like old clothes, EPS beads, and natural grains are available to fill the chairs.

Moreover, you can also use Styrofoam and leaves for filling these bags.

Natural grains can affect durability because they have sharp edges that can damage the fabric and makes the seating uncomfortable for you.

Composting can occur if you use leaves, and the foams can compress after some time.

When you use these chairs for an extended time, the air inside the EPS beads can release and result in compression of the beads.


The handling of chairs directly affects their durability, and their better usage can make them durable.

While poor handling can damage their fabric and make them less durable, it is better to avoid enjoying food and drinking on the chair to prevent spillage and staining.

Fabric quality

The quality of a bean bag fabric determines its durability, and these chairs can last for a maximum time if you use a high-quality fabric.

For example, you can use cotton fabric that offers good durability due to its incredible strength. This will also make these chairs more comfortable.

Furthermore, the linen fabric is more durable than linen, and it is resistant to fading.

The waterproof material helps avoid weather changes, protects the chair during rain, and protects beads from water damage.

Leather is the most durable fabric, which can last for 12 to 14 years and is resistant to tearing. A Vinyl bean bag has better quality but it is not more durable than leather.

Similarly, a faux fur bean bag can last for almost 9 to 12 years. However, the faux fur, suede, and chenille bags cannot meet the durability of leather bags.


Bean bags can become flat and lose their softness due to prolonged use. However, you can fix the problems by regular maintenance of these chairs.

When you do not fluff them regularly, compression in the foam can occur. Similarly, infrequent dusting can make the fabric dirty, and these chairs will start losing their color.

Regular maintenance of these chairs can improve their durability, and these bags can remain intact for longer due to proper attention.


A good brand always ensures better quality products that can remain in use for longer. At the same time, the cheap brands provide low-quality products with low durability.

Bean bag chairs of a good brand can cost you more than a cheaper brand, but it remains fluffy, cozy, and comfortable for many years.

How to make bean bag chairs last longer?

It is easy to make your bean bag chairs last longer by paying attention to their cleaning and maintenance. In addition, good quality filters and replacement of covers can make them durable.

Regular cleaning

It is essential to fluff these chairs regularly to improve their longevity. Clean the bag cover and do not allow dust particles to accumulate on it.

A thick layer of dust can quickly fade its color and affect fabric strength.

Every bag requires different cleaning and fluffing practices, so you have to be careful to maintain their toughness. It is better to clean the chair with a damp cloth on alternative days.

Proper maintenance

These chairs need fluffing after some time to remain soft and comfortable. 

Remove the inner liner and then add stuff into the bag. Fluff it correctly and check that whether it is fluffy or not

Then replace a cover and shake the bean bag to activate the air packets. Shaking procedures fill the air pockets with air that keeps these chairs bouncy and fluffy.

Add proper fillers

You should consider the type of fillers while choosing a bean bag chair because it matters a lot in terms of their durability.

The most durable fillers for these bags are EPS beads that can remain intact for 5 to 6 years. While the natural fillers are less durable, they are used due to their eco-friendly nature.

Use good quality cover

A cover of good quality can protect the inner liner from damage. You can use a cover of cotton, leather, and wool.

The leather covers are resistant to moisture and heat and protect the chair from heat rays and water damage.

You have to replace these covers regularly to improve the durability of these chairs. Replace them immediately in case of spilling.

Do bean bag chairs last longer?

The bean bag chairs can last for almost 2 to 6 years. On average, these chairs can remain comfortable and soft for 3 to 4 years.

Proper care and better handling can improve their durability, and they can remain intact for 5 to 6 years. However, poor quality products and improper maintenance can reduce their life to even 1 to 2 years.

Furthermore, every chair has a different capacity to hold weight. For example, a bean bag chair can hold 230 to 260 pounds.

When you put an extra force on the beans by placing a heavyweight on it beyond its holding limit, it can leak or burst.

In addition, avoid jumping on this cozy seating as it can release air due to the extra pressure you are exerting on it.

Therefore, following the recommended guidelines about maximum weight limit is better to improve durability.

What type of bean bag chair fillers lasts longer?

You can find many fillers to fill the bean bag chairs with varying durability. Some fillers are natural, like rice and buckwheat, while others are synthetic, like polystyrene beads.

Organic fillers

Many people prefer organic fillers due to their eco-friendly nature, but they are expensive and uncomfortable due to their sharp edges.

You can add grains like rice, wheat, and hay into your bags. In the same way, peanut packaging is also available to fill these chairs.

They are good because no compression occurs in grains with time.

However, there is a risk of crumbling these grains into dusk, which can increase the weight of chairs and make them expensive to refill. Moreover, these bean bag fillers works for 2 to 3 years.


Microbeads are an excellent filler due to their cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

However, these beads are tiny in size, and you need many bags of microbeads to fill the bean bag up to two-thirds of its size.

In addition, these beads are not environment friendly, so people avoid using them as fillers.

Small stones and sand

You can also use small pebbles to fill the bags, but they can break into small pieces. In addition, there are chances of crushing when you sit on them and exert greater force by jumping.

In addition, you can use sand which is a natural filler and inexpensive. These fillers can last for almost 3 years, but they can increase the weight of a chair. Sand can make it heavy when moisture enters it.

Memory foam

It is a synthetic filler that is widely used to fill bags. It makes the chair soft and molds itself according to the body shape.

However, shrinkage can occur in this polyurethane foam when you do not handle it properly.

The memory foam works for 4 to 5 years if you take proper care of it.

However, do not jump on the chair as the pressure on beads can quickly release air from air pockets and get flat.

Expanded polystyrene

The EPS beans contain 98% air inside, indicating the presence of air pockets inside them. The air inside the beads makes it bouncy to sit and contours around body shape.

Moreover, the EPS beads are one of the best to fill these chairs, and you can use them inside a bean bag to improve their durability.

The EPS beads are ideal fillers because they are cheap, light, and can last for almost 6 years.

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