Why Do People Like Sunken Living Rooms?

Why Do People Like Sunken Living Rooms?

Sunken living room is a unique style to give people a comfort zone in their homes. They are built in homes without any construction of the wall in the room but still, they define the boundary of space. 

Why Do People Like Sunken Living Rooms? People like sunken living rooms because it provides many benefits in several ways. They create a sense of openness in the room because they increase the ceiling height due to the lower floor of these rooms. People can use ceiling lights to give them a more pleasant look. It is a unique place with different styles of furniture layouts to make it eye-catching. They are versatile because they vary in their shapes, designs, and styles. There are various options to customize them according to your requirements.

They are less adaptable and are unfit for smaller spaces. They are unaffordable for many people due to their expensive architectural work.

What are sunken living rooms?

It is also called a conversation pit and is designed a few steps below the rest of the floor. It is a pit section, but many people also build them at the standard floor height of adjacent rooms.

A sunken living room is an area built into a section of floor that varies in size, shape, and depth according to your preference.

They can be rectangular or circular, and their varying designs have their charm and uniqueness.

Previously, it was a fashion trend to build them into your homes, but now they are outdated. Nowadays, apartments are compact, and people do not bother to design them.

Enhance ceiling height

People want to design their homes with high ceilings, but sometimes they fail to do so. They hire a trusted contractor to make their ceiling with a standard height.

They fail to develop their home with desired ceiling height because they are unaware of the accurate dimensions of its size.

Nowadays, the standard height ceiling for homes is around eight feet, but it can also exceed the industry standard to 14 feet high. Therefore, ceiling height plays an essential role in describing the living room space.

Ceilings below eight feet can make the room narrow, and they also look dark, that sometimes becomes irritating.

On the other hand, higher ceilings make the room large and airy, impacting a feeling of openness to the room.

Sunken livings rooms are advantageous because they can solve the problem of people having lower ceiling height.

People love to design their homes because it can play an essential role in increasing the ceiling height to make the room more spacious.

For example, you can make it aesthetic and eye-catching if you install a skylight on the ceiling. This will help you make it brighter that look dark with low ceiling height.

Comfortable and relaxing environment

Sunken living rooms provide a cozy feel. People always require a comfortable space in their homes to take a rest.

They want a relaxing environment in their homes that makes them feel easy and comfortable. Sunken rooms are the best option to provide them with such an environment.

People love to feel relaxed on their soft mattresses, sofas, and cushions. They constantly seek these soft places for this purpose, and most of them prefer this design.

Although it looks separate and different from the remaining portion, people also decorate this space with sofas and soft pillows that create the best effects.

It is essential to place the sofas with soft edges to give a more pleasing effect; otherwise, the sense of coziness will be lost.

It also creates a sense of closeness because the sunken room is the best choice to arrange a get-together to watch a movie or to have some gossip.

People also use them to play games and watch TV, and it is the place that forces all the family members to gather into a small corner.

Sunken rooms are loveable because it is outfitted with soft seating and provide a great way to introduce a more intimate atmosphere in your living rooms.

Sense of expansion

This room is some steps below the remaining space and feels like an isolated room. But, this is not an isolated room, and it is connected to the remaining home.

Most people like large rooms in their homes to adjust themselves to make them feel open and airy. 

Small rooms are uncomfortable due to their compact size, and therefore, people are satisfied with large and expanded rooms in their homes.

Options to customize

It gives you the chance to set a preference in selecting its location, designs, and other furniture layouts.

You are free to choose its location, and you can also build this living area into your rooms and outdoors.

It does not bind you to develop it in one place, but you can contact the constructor and designer according to your will.

Most people prefer to construct them outdoors near their pool area to enjoy conversation after taking a bath. 

Unique layout

The sunken living room is the favorite place for most people because it is a versatile area. You can fill this space with various layouts to give it a more elegant look.

It can become an attractive place for the children because you can also fill this pit with children’s favorite toys, and they love to play here all the time.

People select different styles of sofas, and they decorate them with soft cushions to provide more comfort.

They can also place the table in the center of sofas and prefer to place some table lamps on it to make the area bright and shining.

Some people are satisfied with the sunken room to use it as a TV lounge, and some are happy to attach a fireplace in the walls to enjoy cold weather.

Disadvantages of sunken living rooms

Most people love sunken living rooms because it is advantageous in many ways. But, it is also natural to have some drawbacks, and therefore, some people do not prefer to build them in their homes.

One disadvantage is that it is unsafe for children because the sunken area is designed so that few steps are present in the area to enter here. As a result, children can slip here, and their risk of falling is increased.

The other drawback of this room is that it becomes more expensive for many people.

So, it is better to design it with furniture to give a cozier feel. But, some people cannot afford to get furniture that fits into this space.

It can also be inconvenient for people, especially those suffering from mobility issues, because they cannot go up and down the stairs. It can also interrupt the traffic flow because of the stairs around it.

Some people also dislike sunken living room because it is not adaptable. You can select its shape once because you cannot reshape it again and again even if you are not satisfied.

Moreover, you cannot change furniture layout all the time according to your will because furniture is custom made according to the space to match and fit here.

These are suitable to work in large areas, and large areas make them more inviting. However, they are not suitable for small rooms because they can remind you to feel like a bathtub.

What are people saying about sunken living rooms?

I surveyed 675 people to determine their opinion about sunken living rooms.

Out of 675 people, 433 people (64%) were satisfied and loved this design.

187 people (28%) said that they do not like to have a sunken living room in their homes.

While 55 people (8%) said that they are not aware of this design.

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