Where is Natuzzi Furniture Made?

Where is Natuzzi Furniture Made?

Natuzzi is a globally recognized luxury furniture brand, designing and selling high-quality products for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and other home furnishings.

Where is Natuzzi Furniture Made? Natuzzi furniture has different manufacturing locations due to two product lines and targeted populations. Natuzzi Italia is made in the company’s Style Centre in Italy, designed for rich people, and sold at high-end furniture stores. Moreover, Natuzzi Editions is made in other countries like Brazil, China, and Romania, designed for the medium segment of the community, and sold at mono-brand and multi-brand stores. 

This company started in 1959 from a store in Italy and got worldwide recognition when its products were introduced to global communities by elite people.

Where is Natuzzi furniture manufactured?

It is a luxury brand providing high-end, durable, and appealing furniture items to fill the empty spaces inside the home.

Natuzzi Group is a furniture brand introduced by Pasquale Natuzzi to meet the demands of people for adding high-end products at home to make it feel luxurious.

This business is owned by a father and son who have sourced high-quality materials from overseas and local factories in Italy.

Some products come from overseas factories, but most are manufactured in Italy. Additionally, it has collaborated with international factories to improve its brand identity.

Most of the seating is produced in its hometown, Italy, as it has a Style Centre in Santeramo in Colle, a city in Apulia. In addition, Natuzzi Italia provides products made by their own Centre in Italy.

Moreover, this Style Centre has local professional designers with extraordinary skills and experience to give the best products after analyzing global trends.

Furthermore, Natuzzi Editions has international products manufactured in overseas countries, like Brazil, China, and Romania.

What does Natuzzi furniture provide?

Natuzzi Group provides high-end furniture items to transform indoor spaces, as you can get dining tables from Natuzzi Italia to fill empty spaces in dining rooms.

Their designs are unique and impressive, gaining attention from hundreds of countries on different continents.

Moreover, it provides sideboard and storage items in multiple designs and colors with varying internal spaces. You can also get beds, bedside tables, and dressers for bedrooms.

There are multiple options in products for living room furniture as you can look for sectionals, sleeper sofas, ottomans and benches, coffee tables, desks, recliners, etc.

Many furnishing items, like rugs, mirrors, clocks, and candles, are also available, designed by their local designers to be sold globally.

Additionally, the Natuzzi Editions provides fewer options and offers recliners, sectionals, bookcases, coffee tables, consoles, armchairs, etc., for the living room.

You can also look for Natuzzi furniture, tables, and storage boxes for the dining area, and beds are available in the bedroom category. Finally, the furnishing items include rugs and accents in this category.

How long does a Natuzzi couch last?

Natuzzi couches are made by professional designers from Italy and international companies that do not compromise the quality of raw materials.

It offers choices in leather material for couches as you can go for natural ones with extreme plumpness and softness, and another option is Protecta, which is suitable for daily use.

Its couches are made of high-grade leather, an outperforming fabric due to better thickness and glossy texture.

Moreover, Category 40 and 60 leather is used for the upholstery of couches, a pure aniline material with natural grain adding to the beauty and longevity of products.

They are made of sustainable and natural wood material, which does not compromise elegance and durability. It adds to the cost of the product, and these items are usually expensive.

The local artisans use high-quality fabric, wood, and leather for covers, frames, and upholstery to provide impressive products that will maintain their structure for many years.

In addition, the padding material of couches provides comfort and maintains the softness and bounciness of the seating platform.

Moreover, it can maintain shape and plumpness over time without any noticeable wear and tear, which means it is a suitable choice for living rooms due to its high practicality.

What is the difference between Natuzzi Italia and Natuzzi Editions?

It is an Italian brand providing upholstered furnishings in multiple countries, including China, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Japan, and the USA.

It offers two different product lines, Natuzzi Editions and Italia, based on the differences in manufacturing countries and targeted customers.

Natuzzi Italia furniture is displayed at high-end stores to target rich customers, as these products are made of expensive raw materials.

It is manufactured by local designers in Italy using unique materials like high-grade leather and eco-friendly wooden material.

This product line sells living collections, including armchairs and sofas, displayed at mono-brand stores, retailer shops, and multi-brand stores.

Moreover, Natuzzi Editions is designed for the middle-class community and provides leather upholstered furniture.

This product line provides sofas, tables, beds, chairs, and other home furnishings of wood and metal, sourced from overseas countries, but it maintains its heritage and brand identity.

Furthermore, these two product lines are distributed globally with their names at different retail stores and wholesale networks.

How much time does Natuzzi take to deliver furniture?

You can get Natuzzi furniture from retail stores and wholesalers worldwide, as this company sells products through mono-brand and multi-brand stores globally.

Its headquarters is present in Italy, but its business units are located in more than 90 countries.

Likewise, one of their business units is in High Point, North Carolina, which manages all the sales networks and shipping within the USA, and deals with customer complaints.

Moreover, more than 200 retail stores in North America are selling this furniture so that you can look for its products at a nearby store.

The time taken to deliver these items depends on product type, distance from a nearby store, and external factors like weather.

You have to wait for almost 10 to 15 weeks if you need a custom or a specially handcrafted piece, as it takes more time and labor to construct.

However, the average delivery time is almost 2 to 3 weeks for non-custom furniture, but it could vary depending on environmental conditions and material availability.

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