Where to Put Floating Shelves in Bedroom?

Where to Put Floating Shelves in Bedroom?

The floating shelves add decor to the wall space and the overall area. In addition, the shelves are an excellent way of saving space as they are efficient in providing storage.

Where to Put Floating Shelves in Bedroom? You can put floating shelves in a bedroom above the bed, near nightstands, with study desks, and in the corner. Moreover, you can place them beside the dresser, with the full-length mirror, and near the door frame.

You can place them anywhere in your house, including the kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, lounges, and hallways. They add aesthetic value to the house and a more minimalistic look. 

You will get more ideas about where and how to put floating shelves in your bedroom with the help of the following areas.

Above the bed

The placement of the floating shelves above the bed is the common spot to put them. You have already seen the images where they are above the bed. 

In addition, you can make the wall above the bed an accent one with the help of a floating shelf. Finally, you can put one long frame according to the length of the headboard. 

It will look more balanced and subtle to put one long shelf, or you can place two to three small ones in a zigzag style.

However, it is essential to consider that you should put lightweight objects on them because they are risky to put above the bed.

The weight of things can make them saggy and eventually fall. 

The things over it can fall over your head if you sit under it.

It is better to put small plant pots, photo frames, some books, or candles on it.

Above the nightstands

You can put them above the nightstands on both sides of the bed, and it will not look crowded or overdone. You will have more storage and space to put your essentials in it. 

Moreover, it is even better if you do not have space to put side tables. 

However, you can put them lower near the floor if you use them as side tables. 

Otherwise, place them higher if you have nightstands on the sides of the bed.

You should put them higher because if you place anything on the nightstand, it should have enough space to fit.

You can use them as a space to put your books, storage boxes, decoration pieces, and photo frames.

Above the study desk

The study desk can have a helpful storage space in case it is less wide and long to save space. It depends on your way of styling if you want to place one long shelf or two to three floating shelves above it. 

Moreover, you can save a lot of floor and wall space by installing a few on the wall.

You can hang a picture and hang them around it if you think your workspace looks dull.

In addition, you can put your study-related stuff on them, such as your books, notes, stationery items, and your painting tools.

Furthermore, you do not have to fill them with books only and related stuff. You can put fancy paperweights, book stands, and pot plants to enhance the décor and aesthetics of your working corner.

Beside dresser

They will look practically and aesthetically excellent beside the dresser. You can either put them on one or both sides of the dresser. 

In addition, it can provide you with more storage to put your perfumes, makeup brushes, and products on them. It will be cleaner and tidier to prevent the space from cluttering.

Moreover, you will have more space to decorate your dresser area with different decorative products, fancy makeup brush containers, and candle stands.

Furthermore, you can put photo frames, skin care products, and storage items to place them.

Beside full-length mirror

The floating shelves beside the full-length mirror can serve as a replacement for a dresser. It will be beneficial and effective in small rooms. 

Furthermore, you can save floor space and put shelves on the wall to put your makeup and hair essentials besides the full-length mirror.

It is better to put them instead of using a dresser, which can take up floor space. Moreover, you will have a crowded and suffocated bedroom.

You can have small shelves along with the length of the mirror. You can place a less wide mirror to save more space.

It will look more practically well balanced and decorated area of your bedroom.

In the corner

These shelves in the corner look quite stylish because the corners of the bedroom are somehow empty.

However, you can utilize the corners of the bedroom and have more storage in your place. There can never be too many storage spaces in the room because we always need smart ways to save space.

Moreover, it looks disturbing to have your place always messy and crowded. It depends on the space of your corner, and you can have them long or short accordingly.

These are essential requirements to have them in your place because you keep getting new decorative items or books, but your storage is getting less.

Furthermore, you can have wooden, marble, or PVC sheets for them. 

It is your personal preference to choose any of the options mentioned above. 

On the wall beside the bed

As I have mentioned above, putting the floating shelf above the bed can be risky, and some people do not prefer it to be above their heads.

Therefore, you can put them on the wall beside your bed. It will still be near to your bed, and you will have easy access to your essentials which you like to put near you.

You can use it to put your favorite items, such as your best photo frames, favorite books, and the daily essentials you use before nighttime and first thing in the morning.

In short, the shelves will only benefit you wherever they are placed in your bedroom. They are either working as storage for your dresser, replacement of a dresser, and nightstands. 

Beside the door frame

The floating shelves beside the door frame are a proper spot because you can put things you need to pick up on your way out.

In addition, you can put things on your way inside the bedroom. This is the easy approachable for you as well.

Moreover, you can put your room keys, glasses, hats, or wallet on them because these are the mandatory things you need when you go outside.

Furthermore, you can place other decorative items also to make it a stylish spot. It depends on you for what you are using this spot.

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