Why is Natuzzi Furniture So Expensive?

Why is Natuzzi Furniture So Expensive?

Many people prefer to choose affordable furniture with vibrant and elegant designs, but it is challenging to find such products at Natuzzi, as they are usually expensive.

You can get high-end products from Natuzzi Italia and Edition with quality upholstery and classic finishes, but they are labeled with high-cost tags.

Why is Natuzzi Furniture So Expensive? Natuzzi furniture is so expensive because high-quality wood and high-grade leather with top grain are used in their construction. Moreover, these products have aesthetic finishing and are highly durable, requiring less maintenance. Furthermore, they offer extended warranties, comfortable and trendy seats, and options for customization. 

Natuzzi furniture has a limited selection of products. It takes a long time to ship in addition to high rates, but they can last longer due to amazing construction and easier maintenance.

However, this Italian brand serves well because its furniture provides comfort due to its relaxing shape and soft materials.

It makes efforts to meet international standards in terms of environmental sustainability and quality by testing each part of the furniture before introducing it to the market.

What is the average cost of Natuzzi Furniture?

Natuzzi offers a wide range of products for dining, living, and bedroom spaces to make them look appealing by placing elegant pieces of furniture.

Their products are made of high-quality material with aesthetic finishing, increasing the overall prices of the product. The average cost of Natuzzi furniture is $1250 to $14,500.

Moreover, the popular Gloria accent chair from Natuzzi Edition can cost you almost $1430, while Prudenza sofas are an expensive option at around $3048.

A larger Autuzia sectional couch is a bigger platform with a higher price tag of $6450. Likewise, heavy furniture items like a voyage table made of marble can cost almost $ 9580.

The Nostalgia ottoman and Adam table are available for $600 to $10,000. However, the Juno sofas and Ema bed from Natuzzi Italia are available for $12,000 and $8280.

Natuzzi Furniture with cost, dimension, and manufacturing material

Type of furniture Cost Dimension in inches


Manufacturing material
Gloria Accent chair $1430 27x34x34 Leather
Briq Bed $5230 96x93x45 White leather
Sohay Sleeper $9430 79x42x30 Leather
Voyage dining table $9580 43x85x30 Marble, stone, metal
Fenice drawer $4698 19x55x31 Lacquered wood
Prudenza Sofa $3085 93x36x36 Leather
Venere bed $6535 80x92x46 Dove leather
Adam table $9995 38x79x29 Wood
Brivido loveseat $1875 68x38x36 Leather
Nostalgia ottoman $650 35x27x19 Leather

What makes Natuzzi furniture so expensive?

Construction materials and extended warranties make Natuzzi furniture costly, in addition to the extreme comfort level and trendy designs of their products.

Use of high-quality material 

Natuzzi employs high-quality materials for constructing luxurious and durable pieces of furniture, and these are made in Itlay. It tries to follow sustainable practices and believes in using natural materials.

Solid wood and polyurethane foam are used to manufacture frames and soft or bouncy cushions. In addition, outperforming and ecologically safe fabrics are used for their construction.

Most commonly, category 40 leather having 100% top grain, is used for manufacturing upholstered furniture, making it more beautiful and easier to clean.

It considers the choice and comfort of customers and offers natural leather to give a natural and aesthetic look to products. In addition, Protecta leather is used for the upholstery of practical units.

Extensive warranties

It offers a lot of perks to consumers in the form of discounts and warranties. You do not have to worry about replacements and repairs after a few years of using the furniture.

It provides an option to claim a warranty on frames of beds, accent chairs, and sofas after 8 to 10 years of buying.

Moreover, warranties of 2 to 3 years are offered on accessories related to furnishing. You can get a chance to replace damaged mechanical parts of recliners, tables, etc., after 1.5 to 2 years.

In addition, the upholstery material and furniture covering materials hold a warranty of almost 2 to 2.5 years so that you can replace worn-out and compressed material.

It is essential to activate the warranty for products at the time of purchase by filling out a form. This registration process enables you to avail an opportunity of replacing damaged products.

Aesthetic finishing and trendy designs

It has got recognition for trendy furniture designs that can grab customers’ attention when they visit stores.

No one can resist buying a product from the Natuzzi collection of sofas, tables, beds, and chairs due to its appealing designs and luxurious looks.

Its aesthetic finishing and minor details give a sophisticated touch to products and show the efforts of craftsmen for the artisanal look.

Furthermore, it designs products for the high-end market, so its compelling designs, vibrant looks, and luxurious feel attract visitors.

Highly durable

Natuzzi Italia products are more expensive than those available in Natuzzi Edition but are high quality and durable. For example, their sofas have an average lifespan of almost 10 to 15 years.

However, it can retain its structure and fluffiness for more than 16 to 18 years if you take care of its maintenance. Accumulation of dirt and rough usage can decrease the lifespan.

One of my friends bought an Autuzia sectional for almost $6200 at discounted price that is still bouncy, fluffy, and intact after 7 years.

Options for customization

It aims to bring comfort to your life and offers customized products that can easily fit inside the provided space and match the interior.

Moreover, you can order a customized product when looking for a 3-person sofa unavailable in its inventory.

Customization gives an edge to customers who want to reduce the overall price of the product by bringing modifications to the desired product’s size, shape, and material.

How to get Natuzzi furniture at a low cost?

You can get Natuzzi furniture at a low cost by searching for your favorite items in the Natuzzi Editions because it is less expensive than the Natuzzi Italia.

There will be a difference in raw materials and resistance to natural wear and tear, but it is not a bad decision because it tries to maintain the quality of products that can sustain longer.

Look for furniture at stores providing second-hand Natuzzi items at low cost. Sometimes, these used items are good in condition and cost you half the original price.

It offers incredible discounts on factory-made products many times a year, providing an opportunity for those who cannot afford costly items.

Accordingly, you can keep your eye on the discounts and promotion codes to get a few percent off on the product’s original price.

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