Where to Put Baskets in Living Room?

Where to Put Baskets in Living Room?

Many people place wooden baskets of different sizes and designs in their living rooms for decoration and storage. These give the rustic and old farmhouse-like appearance to your interior.

Where to Put Baskets in Living Room? You can place these baskets on the side of the TV, near sofas or beds, under the bookshelves, and hang them on the walls of your living room. In addition, it is also better to put them on top of dressers, near bathrooms, sides of study tables, kid’s playing areas, and on the coffee table. 

The placement of these baskets in the right place is necessary to make them fully functional and decorative pieces. The wrong adjustment cause hindrance in walking and also affect the overall appearance of the room.

Side of the TV

Large TV screens are the major accessories in your living room because you can spend your free time there while watching the news or shows.

You can decorate the surroundings of this focal point with wooden sticks and woven baskets that give an old farmhouse-like appearance.

Put baskets on the sides of the TV screen if these are shelves mounted to store the electronic accessories.

Moreover, you can also set them on the bottom sides if the screens are mounted directly on the walls. Furthermore, for wall-mounted screens, add them on the side and layer them with green plants.

You can put the TV remotes, covers, and other sound system accessories in them for their safety and better storage.

These things cannot get lost when you put them in their specific place and are easy to find.

Hang on the wall

You can hang them on the walls of the living rooms near the doors. People put essential things in them, like wallets and vehicle keys when they come home.

Use the set of 3 small baskets to hang on the wall for decoration. In addition, you can also put one large size with a round shape on the walls.

Hang them on the walls near the mirror to put your jewelry, hair brush, and hair bands while getting ready for the office and party.

Use the nails to hang them from the hook that is present on them. Do not add them to the walls behind the doors and furniture because it makes them useless.

Near sofas and bed

Many people add small beds in their living rooms for resting purposes. In addition, throw blankets, comforters, and cushions are present on beds and sofas to make them comfortable and cozy.

These accessories also enhance their beauty and make them look modern. Many people want to remove the extra cushions and throw blankets when they are on beds and sofas to sleep comfortably.

You can put the wooden baskets around your furniture to add extra cushions and blankets rather than throwing them on the floor.

These become dirty, and spots come on their surface when you put the cushions or blankets directly on the floor.

Some of them also have covers to make them safe for storage and free from dust.

Under bookshelves

People put the large wooden baskets under the shelves of the book corner. Placing them around the bookshelves is beneficial, so you cannot create a mess in your surroundings with books.

Add extra books from the table in them and organize your sitting area well. Arrange your books, notes, and files in them for a better appearance.

Moreover, you can also use it to store small and comfortable throw blankets.

You can take it out when you are feeling cold while studying your favorite books on a cozy night and not create a mess in your surroundings.

Many bookshelves do not have proper endings, and books fall from the sides. You can put these baskets on the shelves and add books for better storage.

Top of dressers

The placement of baskets on the top or sides of the dressers makes extra storage area. You can make them drawers if there are fewer drawers in the dressers.

Set them on the lower cabinet and use them for storing clothes and other things. You can add plants, makeup accessories, and perfumes to them when these are present on the top of the dressers.

People also use them to secure vehicle keys and TV remotes. In addition, most people adjust them on the top of dressers for decoration.

These are useful for storing cushions, pillows, and clothes when you add them to the sides of the dressers.

Near bathrooms

Many people have attached bathrooms to their living rooms for ease and comfort. You can put the wooden baskets near the door of the bathrooms.

Moreover, you can also hand them on the wall adjacent to the bathroom doors. People put their towels and clothes in them when going to the bathrooms.

You can put bathroom cleaning products in them for quick use. Using them for shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and oil placement is also a good idea.

With study tables

Some people create a small study area in their living room to read their favorite books and newspapers in their free time.

You can make this area more calmed and more relaxed by removing the mess from the surroundings.

You cannot feel relaxed while sitting there and reading books if there is a mess of books and cushions around you.

You cannot concentrate on books because the cluttering of things constantly disturbs your mind and your mood.

Add these baskets near the study area so you can clear the mess and put everything in them. Arrange your extra books and cushions in them to make an organized environment.

Playing area of kids

People create small playing areas in their living rooms, so their kids also spend time with them. Children make the room messy when playing with toys and other accessories.

Kids put their extra toys in these baskets so the interior does not look dirty and messy. In addition, it also makes the kids responsible that they have to clean their space after playing.

Moreover, the toys can also hurt you when your feet come on them during walking. Furthermore, expensive toys also break when you step on them.

Children also use it to store their reading, drawing and sketching books and colorful pens.

On coffee table

Coffee tables are present between the center of the sofas and other furniture to create the focal point.

Everyone loves to gather in the living room at the coffee table in the evening to enjoy tea or coffee.

Put the wooden baskets on the top of the table to add small pots filled with sugar. It also looks decorative, and you can have sugar on your table.

Moreover, many people also add them on the lower shelves of the coffee table to make it a storage area. Most of these small tables have shelves on their lower side for placement of decoration purposes.

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