What To Do With Old Bean Bag Chairs?

What To Do With Old Bean Bag Chairs?

Old bean bag chairs look bad and people think to dispose of or get rid of them. These add a comfy look to your place, and you can move them anywhere.

What To Do With Old Bean Bag Chairs? You can use old bean bag chairs by changing their look and adding life to them. You can reuse its filling or fabric to make new chairs from them and even toys for your kids. Moreover, you can prepare cozy beds for your pets to provide a good sleeping place. You can also make swings seat with its fabric and use its filling in hanging chairs. In addition, you can make different pillows, poufs for sitting, and even mattresses to place on the floor. You can also gift, donate and sell it to anyone in need. Similarly, you can dispose of your old bean bag chair by giving it to the recycling center. 

It adds a trendy look to your interior, and you can relax on them. But over time, it starts to wear out, and the inner filling starts to spill out from it.

Add life to an old bean bag chair

Old chairs look dull, and you can change the look by adding life to them.

You can change the type of fabric if it looks old or in bad shape. For example, changing the outer covering gives a new look to them, and you do not have to buy a new one.

The flat-shaped bags are filled with new beans to transform into a new chair.

Moreover, you can change the color and add a bright touch to them. You can use funky or bold color fabrics to make them attractive.

Some people prefer to add blue and yellow color fabric to their chairs to create a different look. You can also use printed covers and place them in your living room.

Furthermore, you can put different pillows or throws on them to create a relaxing zone. You can also use covers to change the look or make them less boring.

Reusing the old bean bag filling or fabric

You can reuse its filling or fabric by putting them in different things and enjoy the benefits. You can use the filling in the new chair by changing the fabric and placing it in your living room or bedroom.

Many people prefer to use its filling in their planter pots or place them in the garden.

You can also make bean bag football for the playroom, and it is a fun-loving activity for them.

You can also use its fabric as play tents for the kids and also use them for camping.

Some people prefer to use the bean filling in their punching bags and reduce their stress by hitting them.

You can also make sofas for your infants to help them sit as they support the back. The bean-filling sofas for kids provide back support while reading a storybook.

You can also make a small bed for your babies and attach a belt on the fabric to keep them safe.

You can also make different toys with their filling and shape them into your desired characters. The bean bag toys last longer, and you do not have to pay extra money to go for the new ones.

Many people use this filling in arts and crafts to utilize their creative skills. For example, you can cut its fabric into smaller parts and make rugs from your home.

Some people prefer to use its filling in the packaging material to protect their fragile products.

Dispose of bean bag chair

Sometimes, there is irreplaceable damage to your old chair, and you have to dispose of them.

Do not throw them away as it is not environment-friendly and pollute the surrounding.

There are a lot of companies that are working for the proper disposal of the furniture. However, you cannot do this alone and need another person at your disposal.

You can remove their outer fabric and put its filling in sacs for their proper disposal.

There are scrapyards or places for their disposal and do not throw them in the garbage.

You have to follow all the rules for its disposal and handover it over to any recycling center.

Use it for pets bedding 

Another way to reuse your old furniture in your home is to make a comfy bed for your pets.

For this, you can make a separate bed for them so that they rest on it and do not come over the mattress.

They love to sit on the super soft and cozy bean bags bedding as they do not like disturbance. Moreover, you can make a soft pillow for their place so that they relax on it.

In this way, you can give them a separate bed to create a comfortable place for pets.

I also reuse my bean bag and transform it into my pet’s bedding to provide a comfy corner.

Make kids swing with its fabric

Kids like to swing and enjoy it as it is a fun-loving activity. However, many people do not send their kids to the park, and you can make a swing in your home for them.

You can use its fabric on your kid’s swinging seat if it is in good condition.

It is the simplest way to utilize your old fabric and transform it into a swing fabric for kids. You can fix the swing on your porch or even in the kid’s room so that they enjoy it at home.

Moreover, you can also make a hanging chair with the fabric and even fill beans in them for a comfy look.


You can also donate your bean bag chair and gift it to a good cause. There are a lot of societies that need donations, and you can give the old furniture to them.

Moreover, you can feed a poor person and give a charity.

It is better to gift this to your friend or neighbor if its condition is good.

I also donated my old chairs to charity as they are not used at home.

Sell old chairs

You can also sell it to others if you do not feel like reusing it in your home. However, it is better to sell it instead of putting it in the storeroom without using it or giving it to others.

You can update their details online and upload the picture for sale. Moreover, you can go to the market and sell your chair to the salesman.

You also give an add a link on any website and also sell it to the old furniture buying companies.

My neighbor also sells the old furniture and buys new bean chairs for changing the interior.

Transform it into poufs

Poufs can be used as footstools and allow a flexible sitting place for rooms that are tight on space.

You can transform these into poufs, and they give a trendy look to your place.

You can transform them into round or square-shaped depending upon your choice. For example, you can place round shape poufs on a corner study sofa and rest your legs on them.

Moreover, you can place different things on them and use them as a sitting place.

You can also move and place them with any furniture to add a different look to your interior.

The kids can also sit on the poufs and enjoy their favorite cartoons or snacks.

Use its fillings for the pillows

You can use the chair filling and put it in different shape pillows.

You can also use new fabric and put the bean filling in the round shape of pillows.

These pillows look good and provide you with comfortable support while sitting. However, many people prefer to put them on an ottoman sofa or couch to give a unique look.

You can also make round-shaped neck pillows that look super comfy and helps in alleviating neck pain.

You can also use it while traveling on long routes, and it supports your neck.

You can also use it on square-shaped pillows and put them on your sofas.

ou can also put them in your kid’s room, and they will love them. You can also place the filling in baby pillows and place them on both sides to make them safe.

Transform it into a mattress

You can transform it into a mattress and cover it with beautiful covers.

You have to remove the old fabric from it, use it as a mattress, and add different color fabrics to make them attractive.

You can lay the mattress on your floor and place it in your living room. Then, you can watch a movie by lying on them and move them easily anywhere.

Your kids love to play on these bean bag mattresses and sleep on them. Moreover, some people like to do meditation by sitting on them and relaxing.

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