Why Are Peacock Chairs So Expensive?

Why Are Peacock Chairs So Expensive?

Interior designers choose peacock chairs as a statement piece that looks elegant indoors, but the antique things are out of budget always.

Why Are Peacock Chairs So Expensive? Peacock chairs are so expensive because they are highly durable, handmade, multifunctional, and a costly raw material is used in their construction. A peacock chair can cost between $350 to $1,000 due to rattan material. The weaving process of rattan on the wooden frame in an intricate manner requires excellent skills and time. It can hold 230 to 250 pounds effectively, and you can easily move it due to its less weight. These chairs look appealing in living rooms because they are luxurious and comfortable.

The curves in the chairs and the elaborative shape give a dramatic look. Photographers prefer to add this seating platform in a photo booth because the tall and broad back creates a frame behind the subject.

What are Peacock Chairs?

Peacock chairs are the traditional furniture that is trending in the modern era. These are made from rattan material woven intricately by employing the wicker technique.

Moreover, the designers also use oak, paper cord, ash, bamboo, and cane stalks to design this furniture.

You can get these in various colors like pastel and coral shades, and some multi-colors are also available.

The estimated price of these luxurious chairs is from $350 to $1,000. Furthermore, it can be 30 inches deep and 60 inches in height. Therefore, you have to pay a considerable amount for these elegant chairs.

Why are peacock chairs expensive? 

Peacock chairs look graceful and give a sophisticated look to a living room or a dining room. There are some reasons for its low cost-effectiveness, like the time-taking process of weaving.

Use of expensive material 

You have to pay an extra amount for these because they are not affordable for everyone.

The reason behind the high rates is that the material is costly, and weaving is also time-consuming.

However, you can use bamboo, cane stalk, and rattan palm vines for designing and weaving. It is highly durable that does not fade for several years.

Intricate weaving 

Wicker is a method of weaving the rattan vines in an intricate manner that gives an elegant appearance to this furniture. The weaving method is similar to basket weaving but requires more effort.

The wicker process involves weaving the strips that are wet around the wooden frame. It is a challenging task and requires great skill to do it efficiently.

The use of modern aluminum frames and synthetic materials makes them highly-priced than traditional frames and natural weaving materials like rattan.

Handmade chair

These chairs are a handmade product that requires skills and effort. Therefore, it is a time-taking process to prepare this furniture through the crisscross movement of the rattan material.

You can get customized furniture that suits your taste and requirement. Some of these are simple and decent in appearance, but few of them look more elegant due to their fantastic design.

Its cost depends on its design, and a beautiful custom design can cost you more than the simpler ones.

Sturdy chair

These chairs remain sturdy for an extended period if you maintain them properly. In addition, regular cleaning of dust can make them last longer.

Its color does not fade with time if you avoid exposure to sun and water. Moreover, these are resistant to cracking and remain functional for a long time.

Multifunctional product 

This rattan wood furniture is a multifunctional product that has been in use for a long time. It never gets out of fashion due to its multi-functionality and remains an essential piece of furniture in a house.

People buy these expensive chairs to place it in a living room so that they can enjoy family time by sitting on this comfortable chair.

In addition, you can eat your dinner by sitting on these chairs that give a royal feel. You can place it indoors at any place; it is also suitable for outdoor uses.

You can place it on your lawn, but keep it under a shade so that sun rays do not affect its quality.

You have to take extra care and clean them regularly because the dust can accumulate in the small space.

Not only do householders prefer to place it in the corners of their house, but it is a choice of restaurants and many seaside resorts.

Availability of multiple colors

Many colors are available that allow you to choose according to your choice. The unpainted gives a natural wood tone, but you can also select some painted ones to add glamour to your lounge.

Some of these are available in white color that also looks enchanting. Furthermore, coral and pastel colors are also trending in this modern time.

Many people prefer the natural tone of the wood, but some different colors like green, blue, and multi-colors are also present. The colorful furniture can grab the visitors’ attention and give a luxurious look to your living room.

Light in weight 

These are light in weight because the rattan material is not heavy. In addition, frames like wood and aluminum frames are also lightweight.

It is an easy task to transfer this lighter furniture to different locations inside a house. For example, you can easily take them to your living room from the dining room.

Better weight holding capacity

These chairs can hold maximum weight, making them one of the toughest pieces of furniture.

Its maximum weight holding capacity is around 235 to 245 pounds. You can sit without fear of its breakage due to better holding capacity.

What are peacock chairs used for?

Peacock chairs have many benefits due to their structure and appearance. You can add this furniture as a single chair in the living room or choose a complete set for the dining area.

Supportive structure 

Their structure is supportive of the backbone. You can sit in a straight position on this furniture.

The back area of the chair is wide and tall, which allows you to place your head and back on it.

In addition, it contains an armrest that provides a surface to keep your arms in a resting position.

Perfect prop for photo booth

Many filmmakers and celebrities use it as a prop in the photo booth. It adds a background to your body, and there is no need to add filters in the background.

Celebrities use them for photography, but now you can see them in almost every home.

Sophisticated look

It provides a vintage look to the place and gives a throwback vibe, and the people can feel the luxurious effect that gives a royal feel.

In addition, it provides an antique look to the living rooms. Finally, it adds a strong character to the room, so you can add these to your home to give a dignified look.

Where do peacock chairs come from? 

These chairs originated in East Asia, but some people show controversy and claim that they originated in the Philippines for the first time.

After that, Europe and many other countries have added this glamorous furniture to their parties and rooms. It was famous in the 1960s and 1970s.

The celebrities were using these as a photographic prop. In addition, it was present in many movies to give a royal appearance to the halls and rooms.

How can you add style to peacock chairs?

There are many ways to decorate a chair to look more elegant and appealing to the eyes. These look sophisticated, but you can make them cozy by adding a soft cushion to the seat.

You can add a rug on its sides or back to give it an appealing look. In addition, the rugs of wool material can provide a soft touch to your seating.

You have a choice to add many layers of rugs or a single-layer rug. Furthermore, the presence of green plants with colorful flowers gives a soothing smell that can keep your food fresh.

You can add mirrors on its back wall that can add more style to these chairs. So, you can add some more elements to make them more attractive to the eyes.

Are peacock chairs waterproof? 

These are made of rattan wood that can get wet due to moisture and rain. The presence of water droplets on a wooden frame can affect its durability.

It is better to keep them under a shade to avoid direct contact with water. These are not resistant to water damage, indicating that this wooden furniture is not waterproof.

Moreover, you should avoid placing this luxurious furniture under direct sunlight and rain.

Continuous exposure to sun rays and water can affect their quality, and you cannot use them for a long time.

Are peacock chairs comfortable?

Peacock chairs are comfortable to sit on due to their support structure. They have a broad back that can support the backbone, and you can relax on it.

Moreover, these provide an armrest to place your arms resting on them. Finally, the backside of the chair is of good height that is more than your height to put your head comfortably on it.

So, they provide a comfortable and cozy seating area. The seating area is not hard to sit in because it is a woven part with some flexibility.

You can make them more comfortable by placing a cushion, blanket, or a rug on the back.

This wooden furniture does not displace from its place and maintains a firm grip on the floor.

Accordingly, you can sit on the chair without fear of slipping because some designs have a round bottom that does not allow extra movement.

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