How to Clean Faux Sherpa Chair?

How to Clean Faux Sherpa Chair?

Many people find it challenging to clean faux sherpa chairs. These chairs can get dusty with time, or some stains can appear on the wooly fabric.

How to Clean Faux Sherpa Chair? You can clean the Faux Sherpa chair using a mixture of detergent and water. Clean its fabric with rollers and brushes to remove dirt and apply a detergent solution. Then, scrub the chair fabric gently and remove the solution by using a sponge. Apply conditioner, and fluff the fabric using hands or brush. Moreover, you can also use detangling oil and make the chair shiny and smooth.

Dirty chairs seem unattractive and uncomfortable to sit on it. Therefore, it is better to clean the chairs regularly to give them an appealing look.

What is Faux Sherpa Chair?

A Faux Sherpa chair is made of a soft fabric that is a blend of polyester and cotton material.

The fabric looks like a woolen cloth from one side, while a smooth knit shell is present on the other side. It gives a warm and pleasant feeling while sitting due to its softness.

The food particles, grime, and sweat can enter the porous fabric and give the furniture a rough and dirty look.

So, it is good furniture when you want to use it less frequently because it can get dusty, rough, and lose shine with continuous usage.

How do you clean a faux Sherpa chair? 

There are two methods for cleaning these chairs; using detergents and detangling oil. These cleaning protocols can make your furniture last longer and shinier.

Use Detergent solution 

A detergent method involves the use of detergents and conditioners. In addition, you need a toothbrush, dry cloth, and sponge.

Remove dust 

First, remove dust from the surface using a clean, dry cloth. You can also use a brush to remove the dirt present between the fur of the Sherpa chair.

In addition, Lint rollers are also suitable for removing dirt particles.

Clean the surface 

It is better to clean the surface by using a damp cloth on this furniture. It removes the lighter stains of dirt, which can become challenging.

Prepare cleaning mixture 

After preparing the surface for cleaning, you have to mix the detergent in a small quantity of cold water. Then, add almost 1 full scoop of detergent to the water and mix them thoroughly.

When these two ingredients mix and appear in a solution form, apply to the fabric. Moreover, Use a toothbrush for applying a mixture for a fine application.

Scrub the mixture 

After applying the detergent mixture, you can scrub the fabric with gentle hands. However, harsh cleaning can damage the quality of this soft fabric.

Scrub it for almost 10 to 20 minutes slowly and cover the whole surface with this mixture. Use this detergent solution for 10 minutes.

Wipe out the solution

After scrubbing, you have to remove the solution from the fabric by using a sponge or a wet cloth after dipping it in water. Move the cloth in a back and forth motion gently and get all the solution out of the fabric.

Furthermore, you can spray water on it when the cloth is not enough to wash away the solution.

You have to take care of this washing step and avoid spraying a lot of water on it because it can damage the fabric.

Then, squeeze out the excess water from this fluffy furniture by pressing the surface with your hand. Try to squeeze it with great force so that water comes out of it.

Spray a conditioner 

A conditioner can improve the quality and looks of faux Sherpa material and gives a shine to it.

Mix conditioner in water in a ratio of 1:9 and dissolve one portion of conditioner in two parts of water.

It is better to put this solution into a spray bottle and spray it on the chair. Do not overspray the solution in one area, and keep your hand moving in all directions to avoid overlapping.


Air drying is one of the best methods to dry these smooth seating platforms.

 You can use a blow dryer to provide air to the fabric so that air enters between the soft layers easily. Then, keep it in the air and let it dry for a day.

Fluffing and Brushing 

Fluff the chair and allow air to pass through the fabric. It is better to use your hand for the fluffing process; otherwise, you can also use a brush to separate the faux fur.

Furthermore, it is essential to fluff the fabric to regain its softness and fluffiness.

Use detangling solution 

The second method of cleaning these chairs is to use a detangling solution that can also help keep this furniture soft and smooth for a longer time.

First, you need to remove the dirt and grime present in the fabric by using a soft duster and making the surface dust-free.

Then, use hair detangling oil and apply it all over its surface. After that, use a blow dryer that throws cool air on the fabric by setting it in slow mode.

Use a pet brush and brush the fabric softly to detangle the faux fur. This method gives a shine by removing dirt.

Furthermore, you can regularly use hair mist to clean the Sherpa chairs. It can fix the problem of shaggy faux fur and provides a smooth and cozy place to sit again.

Things to consider when cleaning a faux Sherpa chair

There are a few things that you need to consider while cleaning a faux Sherpa chair. It is better to avoid softeners and bleach solutions on the surface of the fluffy furniture to remove stains.

Bleach solution can result in de-coloration of the fabric after some time when you frequently use it to clean the chair. You should not use softeners because they can leave stains on the fabric.

Over-washing is also not suitable for these types of fabric because a lot of water and frequent washing can damage the fur.

Furthermore, it is better to test the solution on a small area before applying it to the whole surface. Finally, read the guide’s instructions and read the codes carefully.

You will find almost all the faux Sherpa chairs with the ‘S’ code, which means you can wash the seating with solvent.

In addition, do not spray the conditioner until you squeeze out water from the fabric completely.

How do you get stains out of the faux Sherpa chair? 

Stains can appear on the chair when you eat on it and play with your pets. Stains of food, juice, and inks are common to see on this furniture.

Using a vinegar solution, you can get these stains out of a chair. Please do not use pure vinegar for cleaning; instead, mix it in water and apply it to the stain. Then, rub it gently with a soft hand movement.

Moreover, avoid rubbing in case of ink stains because they can smear. You can also you a mixture of liquid soap and cold water to remove the stains.

How often to clean a faux Sherpa chair? 

Sherpa chairs can quickly get stains when using them frequently for eating, reading, and playing. It is expensive furniture, so it is better to clean them every 3 to 6 months to make them look good.

Do not allow stains to become challenging, and remove them immediately. It will cost you $15 to 20$, which is an investment for 3 to 4 cleaning applications.

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