What Are Fixtures in a Bathroom?

What Are Fixtures in a Bathroom?

People add various accessories in the bathroom, some of which are permanently attached with screws and cement that you cannot remove. You can only detach them for repairing purposes.

What Are Fixtures in a Bathroom? Things that are permanently attached to your bathroom and not easy to remove are known as bathroom fixtures. These are also known as plumbing fixtures, which include taps, bathtubs, faucets, water heaters, doors, sinks, toilets, wall cabinets, shelves, showers, lights, and tissue holders.

Knowing about these fixtures is necessary to check these things before purchasing the new house. 

What is the meaning of fixtures in bathrooms?

The fixtures are the things that are permanently attached to your bathrooms, and you cannot remove them.

You cannot take them with you while selling your home. In addition, these are pre-installed when you purchase a new home, and you do not have to buy them from the market.

However, you can only detach these parts in case of a manufacturing issue.

What are plumbing fixtures in bathrooms?

The plumbing fixtures are the major part of bathrooms and are necessary for water supply.

These include all the components, including taps, sinks, valves, and pipes necessary for water supply.

You cannot remove these from your home while selling the house. Moreover, the water supply is already present in the whole house when you purchase them.

What are the names of fixtures in the bathroom?

I have added the names of 10 accessories that are considered fixtures in bathrooms.


The faucets are the major part, and your washroom is incomplete without them. These are present in various materials, including ceramic, brass, metal, and marble.

The different styles of taps are also available in the market, and you can purchase them according to your choice.

Many people install stylish and modern faucets in their homes during construction to grab the attention of buyers.

The primary function of taps is to control water flow in the sink. The center set faucets are commonly used in hour homes to regulate the flow of hot and cold water.


Sinks are present for hand washing and tooth brushing purposes. These are connected with faucets that supply the water and drainage system for water outflow.

Sinks are a focal point and add beauty and design. These are present in various sizes and shapes in the hardware stores.

You can select their shape and size according to the design and space of your washroom. These are also present in various materials, and ceramic is the best.


Toilets flush the wastage into the main sewerage system.

You can only change them in case of cracks and damages that occur due to their longevity.

People mostly use closed couple toilets in their homes because these are attached to floors and also save space.

The other type is wall-hanging toilets which require more space for their installation.


The addition of bathtubs in your bathrooms gives a luxurious and modern appearance. It is not a necessary component, but people install them for a stylish look.

It is helpful for bathing purposes when you have young children in your home. It is a safe place for bathing, and children feel calm and soothed while sitting in them.

In addition, it is also beneficial in the winter seasons because of keeping the water warm. You can select their shape and size according to the present space.

Water heater

Water heaters are a good addition and useful accessory during winter seasons. In addition, it is helpful to provide warm water during cold weather.

The water heater is connected with a tank, water supply valves, and taps to supply warm water while taking a bath and washing hands.

You can also turn them off when you do not need them, especially in the summer season. For example, you can cut off their supply in the summer season because you do not require warm water for bathing purposes.

Cabinets and shelves

Cabinets and shelves are present in bathrooms to increase the storage space. The cabinets are made of wooden or glass material and wall-mounted.

You can store your accessories like toothbrushes, shampoos, and conditioners at this place which is hygienic and clean.

You cannot remove these cabinets from walls because they can produce wear and tear. The small shelves with multiple cabins are also present to place various accessories.

These shelves are permanently attached with valves by cement and are detachable.


Showers help bathe purpose and also save the extra flow of water. It can also help save extra gallons of water through a limited supply.

It is in different materials, including brass and metal, and comes under different price tags.

The sieves are present on the shower head to minimize the extra water flow and give a soothing effect while taking a bath.

These are also present in markets with various types, including wall-mounted and freestanding. The freestanding is also helpful for cleaning the floor.


Lights are present in hardware stores with various designs, types, and intensities of lights. You can purchase them according to your theme and design.

These are in the form of vanity lights, overhead lights, and spotlights.

In addition, it also decreases color saturation and decreases warmness. These are of less intensity and make the interior cool and calming.


The bathroom doors are also considered fixtures because you are not removing them while leaving your home.

You can only remove and replace them in case of any damage and wear and tear. It is attached with hinges and cement to maintain the privacy of people.

The doors are made of wooden material and are present in various designs and colors. Moreover, you can also match their paint with the color of the interior for a charming look.

Tissue holders

The tissue holders of different styles are present in bathrooms for decoration purposes. Many stylish holders are also present to enhance the beauty and make them the center of attraction.

You can add tissue rolls to these holders for cleaning purposes. The tissue papers also remain safe in these accessories and free from humidity and exposure to water.

What are the things to consider while purchasing bathroom fixtures?

You have to consider the different points while purchasing fixtures for your bathrooms. It is necessary to consider these points because these things are not removable and permanently attached.


You have to consider the design of your interior in your mind before purchasing different accessories. Select the suitable design after identifying the adequate space in your place.

Now you can see different accessories in the market according to this design. You can also select everything with the same layout and color to give the appropriate theme and cool appearance.

You should also select the color theme and material in your mind according to your selected design.


It is necessary to see your reasonable budget before purchasing fixtures for your bathrooms. You must select the main and essential things on a priority basis and then come to unnecessary things.

These unnecessary things mean you can spend extra money to buy the accessories that give a luxurious appearance to the whole interior.

You have to wisely select the designs that are not too costly and look decent and unique.

Check functionality

You must appropriately check the functionality of different accessories before purchasing them.

You should check their function to identify whether these are useful or not. The functionality checking also allows you to spend money on the right thing.

What are the things that are not considered fixtures in bathrooms?

The following things are not considered fixtures in bathrooms and are known as fittings.

These are fittings because you can remove them and take them from one place to another while selling your house.

You can also attach them to other places in your homes because these are not fixed at their specific position.


A mirror is also helpful to give a broad appearance to the whole interior.

Many people use long wall mirrors to enhance their attractiveness and increase space.

It is also beneficial to use small round mirrors and place them on wall cabinets and shelves to present water droplets.

Soap dispensers

The soap dispensers are not attached with cement or glue.

You can remove them and attach the new ones according to your choice. These help keep the soap from melting due to continuous exposure to water.

Moreover, it is also a safe and hygienic place for soap placement rather than floors.

Towel rack

The towel racks are the long removable stands in bathrooms to hang the towels. You can also remove this rod to change its direction.

In addition, these are detachable, and you can paint them according to your need. You can also remove these racks and install the new ones without damaging the painted wall.

How to keep the bathroom fixtures clean?

You can use soft cloths for cleaning plumbing fixtures. However, avoid t use abrasive cloth because it can leave marks and scratches on ceramic and metal surfaces.

You can also clean the shower with old brushes for an adequate water flow.

Clear the corrosion from the metal surface by rubbing the surface with lemon.

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