What Color Curtains Go with Off White Walls?

What Color Curtains Go with Off White Walls?

Every color, whether in a darker or lighter tone, can go well with pure white and even off-white. Some people prefer lighter tone blinders, especially in summers, as lighter colors reflect away sunlight by keeping the room cool.

What Color Curtains Go with Off White Walls? According to our experience, darker and few lighter tones curtains go well with the off white walls. In addition, the darker tones include chocolate brown, marron, olive green, deep blue, and purple. Furthermore, the lighter shades include beige, ice blue, baby pink, and lemon yellow. Moreover, you can also add some different style curtains in your rooms like window scarf, double panels, and single panels. Finally, you can also place some multicolored decorations along with lighter tone walls to make it more appealing.

You have to choose some contrasting colors for your homes so that they can give some aesthetic and elegant touch.

Should I choose dark or light-colored curtains for an off white wall?

Many people prefer vibrant shade curtains with walls in lighter colors like ivory to rusty tones.

Moreover, some people love decorating their living place with lighter tone curtains and white or off-white walls.

Furthermore, it can give boring vibes to your room if you use lighter shade blinders.

So, you can choose a curtain which is a mixture of dull and dark colors like turquoise and white, to keep a balance.

Darker shade curtains are suitable for off white walls

Some people prefer darker shade blinders in their bedrooms and even drawing rooms because lighter tones can give a dull look to your place.

Deep blue

The curtains in darker shades of blue like navy blue and off-white walls can never go out of fashion.

This combination gives your room a royal and classy look if you also add some white or golden decorations to your interior.

Furthermore, you can also add white floor runners and a large planter to balance the lighter and darker tones of the room.

Choosing white furniture with creamy white walls and a denim blue curtain can be a great idea as it can give your room a wider and brighter look.


You can pair maroon with lighter tone walls like beige or creamy white.

Moreover, some white or rusty furnishings can neutralize the maroon undertones so elegantly and give your room a classy look.

Double shaded curtains like rosewood and creamy white can be the best pair with lighter tone wallpapers.

Furthermore, burgundy draping enhances the lighter tones of the room by giving some bold touches to your place.

Olive green

Olive green and creamy white are my favorite combination that you can consider while decorating your living rooms.

This beautiful combination gives a warm and relaxing natural feel.

Moreover, you can also build white cabinets to this theme and put some fake plants in your room to create nature aesthetics.

In addition, it can be refreshing and soothing while watching TV in a green-themed room.

Chocolate brown

Darker brown drapes can be beautifully paired with creamy white furnishings and walls.

Moreover, peanut brown and creamy velvet curtains can make the best pair with lighter tone walls.

In addition, you can also add tan or creamy velvet couch or floor runners to give your room a refined and cozy look.

Furthermore, you can also put some candle stands and lampshades for a classy and retro makeover.


I like to decorate my living room interior in different shades of purple along with lighter shade walls.

Moreover, you can pair mixed shades like mauve and creamy textured curtains with white or ivory wallpapers.

In addition, you can also add some other light or dark purple furnishings like cushions, floor runners, and vases.

These all decorations enhance your room’s makeover and give it a simpler yet modern look.

Are Light color curtains suitable for off white walls?

Some people want their rooms to look brighter. They prefer to buy lighter shade curtains from ivory to beige.


You can choose beige or ivory shade curtains to decorate your living space as these lighter tones can give your room a spacious and brighter look.

Some people love decorating their hallway windows with lighter tone drapes so they cannot absorb so much light from the windows and keep the place cool.

Baby pink

Baby pink or other shades of pink can be a good option for decorating your room.

Baby pink or rose pink are fantastic shades that make your room look elegant and appealing, along with lighter wallpapers.

Moreover, you can choose different patterns or designs in drapes like dotted or frilled patterns give your room a soft and classic look.


A white and grey palette is always a great idea while decorating your home interior, as these two colors can go well.

Moreover, you can choose different shades of grey like charcoal grey or lighter grey in your blinders or shades to give your off-white walls an elegant touch.

Furthermore, you can also add some other greyish tones to your room by putting some decoration pieces in this shade.

Ice blue

Ice blue or marine blue can also be a good idea when choosing a color palette for decorating your offices or children’s room.

In addition, boys mostly like blue, so many people prefer blue furnishings to decorate their children’s rooms, especially for boys.

Moreover, ice blue or lighter shades of blue can give your room cool and calming vibes, especially on hot summer days.

What color of decoration items go with off white walls?

You can add multicolored decorations pieces and other furnishings to your living place to give your room a better look.


Some people love putting dark brown floor runners on the off-white floor and creamy wallpapers.

Moreover, many people like lighter shades of furniture like bookshelves, cabinets, and side tables.


You can also add decorations like black artworks, lampshades, and vases to give your room a minimalist look.

Moreover, you can choose two shades for decorating your rooms, black and white, to keep it simple and elegant.


Many people love darker shades that pop up in their room’s aesthetics, like different darker tones of red in furnishings and decoration pieces.

Moreover, some people want red velvet couches along with red curtains and different styles of rugs along with creamy wallpapers.

In addition, the red color adds some bold touches to your dull tones and gives you some warm and cozy vibes.

Do the same color curtains and walls go with each other?

If you are following a minimalist approach, you can go with the same color curtains as your walls.

You can add off-white curtains in a room having creamy walls as it gives your room a wider and more spacious look.

Furthermore, some people do not like the same color curtains and walls as they find this lighter theme dull.

Moreover, you can also add some darker shade furnishings like black rugs, artworks, and lamp stands to balance the lighter tones.

In addition, you can also add some decorations in warmer shades of different colors like red, green, blue, peach, and brown, according to your taste.

What curtain styles look good with off white walls?

You can choose curtains of different shades and textures for a white and off-white backdrop.

Moreover, you can pair raw silk curtains in a mauve color along with pure silk cushions that give your room a chic and elegant look.

In addition, you can also add yellow double panel drapes along with white voile for a subtle and fresh look.

Furthermore, you can choose chocolate brown velvet curtains in window scarf style and an ivory backdrop that makes a chocolaty combination.

You can also add rusty shades along with creamy or beige wallpapers and other furnishings.

Moreover, you can also hand white curtains along with a yellow dotted pattern single drape in the center of the window that gives your room a spring feels.

A combination of navy blue, creamy white wallpapers, and white wooden furniture gives your room a royal look.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 735 people to ask people about their experiences and their choices regarding color choices and styles of curtains for off-white backgrounds.

Out of 735 people, 285 people (39%) said that they love to decorate their rooms with warmer shade curtains as it gives them warm and cozy vibes.

However, 273 people (37%) said they like minimalistic themes like lighter shade blinders for their home offices and drawing rooms.

While the remaining 177 people (24%) said, they always prefer to hire interior decorators to decorate their home interior.

You can hang lighter shade curtains or drapes in your rooms having white or off-white walls.

“I decorated my living room a month ago, and I kept the walls of my rooms in an off-white tone because I love lighter colors. I also added yellow curtains and single panel white voile that gives me spring season vibes.”

You can add warmer tone curtains in your living place or home offices as it gives you a cozy and comfortable vibe.

“My bedroom walls are covered with creamy white wallpapers, and I recently added a dark purple single panel curtain in my room that is in velvet fabric. My friends love this darker and lighter combination of my room.”

You can also use multicolored curtains or drapes to make your look aesthetic and appealing.

“I hired interior decorators for my living room and chose window scarf curtains in the navy blue shade with golden laces covering my windows and off-white walls of the place. This interior gives me royal and classy vibes.”

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