Why are Baseboard Heater Covers So Expensive?

Why are Baseboard Heater Covers So Expensive?

It is challenging to buy a cover for a baseboard heater after looking into multiple types and designs. You probably want a perfect protective shield for the heater with better design and low cost, but you have to consider a long-term investment like furniture.

Why are Baseboard Heater Covers So Expensive? Baseboard heater covers are expensive due to their attractive design and high-quality material. Moreover, some of these covers require professional help for installation, which increases the overall cost from $82 to $293. In addition, the long panels are 6 to 8 feet long, are more expensive, and cost around $270. Their prices depend on the material; galvanized steel covers are more costly than plastic and wood. On average, these cost around $118 with a size of 4x46x7 and weighs 5 pounds.

Furthermore, these expensive ones can cost you more initially but offer you long-term benefits as the cheaper ones are more prone to damage.

21 Examples of Baseboard Heat covers with their cost, size, and weight

Name of heater covers


Dimensions (In inches)

Weight (in Pounds)

NeatHeat baseboard front


4 x 74 x 7


NeatHeat 4ft cover


4 x 50 x 7


EZ snap Galvanized cover


62 x 5 x 10


EZ snap standard height


54 x 12 x 7


Baseboarders Premium 2ft white cover


51 x 11 x 5


EZ snap White Baseboard heater cover


38 x 5 x 9


Baseboarders premium series


86 x 11 x 6


Baseboarders Elliptus galvanized cover


50 x 11 x 6


EZ snap baseboard cover with closed ends


50 x 4 x 10


PlastxUSA better cover


4 x 10 x 50


Baseboarders basic series slip-on cover


5 x 74 x 8


EZ snap 14 foot heater cover


90 x 12 x 6


EZ snap 11 foot heater cover


76 x 12 x 7


EZ snap 7 1/2 foot Galvanized close end


86 x 5 x 10


Baseboarders premium 4ft slip-on


51 x 11 x 6


NeatHeat 6ft Front cover


47 x 5 x 73


vidaXL heater cover


46 x 9 x 34


vidaXL wooden heater cover


50 x 12 x 7


Baseboarders Elliptus Galvanized slip-on


86 x 11 x 6


Baseboarders Elliptus 2 ft steel cover


38 x 11 x 6


Baseboarders Elliptus 3 ft with no accessory


38 x 11 x 6


How much does it cost to install a baseboard heater cover?

The baseboard heaters and covers are expensive, but they offer warmth and coziness in the room during winters when there is cold air and snow everywhere.

You have to pay almost $30 to $245 only for a heater, while these covers are available for $20 to $40.

These are not only the plastic sheets of varying lengths that make up the back and front side panels, but they also have some side and central plastic shields that join the two panels together.

You can choose a more expensive one when you prioritize getting a durable and appealing design.

Some are easy to install, and you can do it yourself, cutting off some of the total cost.

What factors determine the cost of baseboard heater cover?

Many factors directly impact the cost of these covers. When you want an inexpensive product, you have to compromise on any of these factors.

Type of material 

The selection of a type of material determines its cost. You can choose an expensive option or try a cheaper one according to your budget.

Different types of materials with varying durability and effectiveness are used to make the shields.

You can get a wooden or plastic protecting shield that provides a better shielding effect.

However, there is a risk of catching fire as wood and plastic can easily catch fire after being exposed to hot air for long hours.

In addition, the galvanized steel is a better choice because that is a highly durable material, but there is a risk of getting hand-burned as it remains hot for some time even if the system is not working.

Ease of installation

The price of installing a cover is also added to the overall cost. However, you do not require professional help to fix some of them.

However, installing dummy protectors requires skill and expertise, so you have to hire professional workers to fix them.

They charge a heavy amount for this task as you have to pay almost $35 to $48 for an hour. Moreover, it takes more time than simple sliding ones, which do not require such help.

Design and colors

The manufacturers can charge you extra money for adding intricate designs and appealing colors to the heater protectors. However, some are simple in design and available in only white or natural colors.

However, you can get a wide range of colors that match your room’s design and give an appealing combination.

Therefore, the beautiful, sleek, and stylish designs make them more expensive than the traditional and simple ones.

You have to pay some extra pennies to get something extraordinary to make your place aesthetically appealing.

Installation time

The total time taken for installing the covers determines the cost that the workers charge you.

The dummy covers are tough to install and require almost 20 to 30 minutes for each foot compared to galvanized steel, wooden, or slide-on plastic products require only half a minute.

You have to pay almost $22 to $43 for installing only one foot of dummy covers, while the plastic ones do not consume more time and cost you around $9 to $17 per foot.

Resistant to damage

The durable products provide better resistance to damage and can cost you more than those which cannot resist the impact of hot air and moisture.

Water can affect the quality of metal objects and cause corrosion on their surface, which decreases their longevity.

You have to replace the damaged ones quickly if you do not want to compromise on the looks of your room.

So, the manufacturers provide you with an option of corrosion-resistant covers that can cost you about $21 to $28, but they ensure durability.


Their dimensions including the length and width, affect their price. Many manufacturers charge you according to the length as you have to pay for every foot.

You have to measure the room’s length before purchasing as you have to determine the exact number of feet.

I have purchased two panels of 6 feet length, 2 caps, and 1 central coupler for almost $376 to add them to the two walls of my kitchen by arranging them in L-shape.

Furthermore, their price changes when you increase the demand for the length.

An ATLAS baseboard heater cover designed for a 2-foot length can cost you around $49.87, while the one having an 8-foot length is available at $252.39.

In the same way, a basic one of 3 and 6-foot length costs around $63.98 and $142.76.

Moreover, you can get one foot of basic and premium metal covers for $22.63 and $34.28 that do not contain any accessories like the caps.

Ability to retain heat

You need a product that can retain heat for a long time even after the system is not working and switched off.

It is essential to spend some extra pennies on the product that can save your electricity bill and provides you warmth for longer.

Plastic and wooden are inexpensive materials but cannot retain heat for a long time.

So, choosing the steel or galvanized steel covers is better to keep your room filled with hot air for 20 to 30 minutes after switching off the main system.

What type of baseboard heater covers are expensive? 

You can find different types of products that vary in design, material, colors, etc. 

However, the slide-on galvanized steel and plastic covers are available from $22 to $35. In addition, the less expensive products require professional installation and more time and effort to fix them.

They have to remove the old rusty shields, proper draining, clean them, and then fix a new one. In contrast, the expensive ones do not require skills, expertise, or installation tools.

Some of these seem less expensive, but they need more costly than others because the charges of professional workers are also added.

It is better to consider the time taken for installation and the workers’ efforts in addition to the cost before making a final decision.

How long can a baseboard heater cover last?

The longevity of a baseboard heater depends on care and maintenance. Moreover, your choice of the material determines their lifespan and how long they can work efficiently.

You can choose a rust resistance protector for the heater if you want to make a long-term investment.

Moreover, they do not need re-painting, and you have to make fewer efforts for maintenance.

So, the high-quality galvanized steel ones can work for an extended time and do not require frequent replacement.

Why would you add covers on baseboard heaters?

Baseboard heaters need cover to protect the pipe and metal surface from damage like dirt, corrosion, and chipping.

Moreover, it improves the aesthetic appearance of the heater and reduces the efforts to maintain it regularly. Some people place accessories to decorate around these heaters.

An attractive wooden or plastic protector with intricate designs acts as a highlighting object in the room interior and shows your aesthetic sense or taste in design.

In addition, it is a quick way of changing the interior of your room which can be expensive but a long-term investment.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 592 people who have baseboard heaters in their house to know about their choice of covers and the reasons for choosing them.

Out of 592 people, 374 people (63%) said they prefer to add steel frameworks as it helps them reduce the electricity bill and keep them warm for a longer duration after switching off the heaters.

However, 153 people (26%) said they prefer plastic products due to their beautiful designs and low rates, but they have to change them every winter.

While the remaining 65 people (11%) said they do not bother about what type of covers they are adding as their primary concern is the price, so they choose less expensive ones.

It is better to get a product that can help reduce electricity consumption and gives long-term benefits.

“I have installed a slide-on galvanized steel protector that cost me around $62 to $73 along with the caps and couplers. It keeps my room warm for almost half an hour after turning off the switch.”

Some appealing colors with an elegant mesh design and beautifully colored look attractive, but they do not ensure the efficiency and practicality of the product.

“A wooden cover on my heater looks impressive as a beautiful design on its surface, but I have to turn it on to enjoy the warmth.”

Probably, some cheap products having low cost fascinate you, but they are not durable, and you have to replace them frequently.

“I have installed a plastic protection over my heater 8 months before, but now it is damaged due to hot air warmth and losing its integrity.”

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