Are Poly and Bark and Article the Same Company?

Are Poly and Bark and Article the Same Company?

Many people consider Poly and Bark and Article are working under the same company with different names.

Are Poly and Bark and Article the Same Company? Poly and Bark and Article are not the same companies, but they deal in furniture items and help decorate the rooms with beautiful designs and styles of sofas, tables, and beds. The Article is considered a better furniture company due to its international shipping facility, variety of stock, and brand recognition. Furthermore, it ensures quick shipping, scheduled delivery, and trendy furniture. However, both companies offer good customer support with the order tracking service.

All these companies try to grab more customers and build a brand reputation to survive in the market for long.

What is Poly and Bark?

It is a furniture and home decor brand that provides high-quality products to improve the room’s design. For different places, you can search for modern or mid-century furniture on their website.

It provides living room furniture, dining chairs, and different types of sofas to decorate the lounge or bedroom.

It operates in Moorpark, California, while the products are manufactured in different countries like Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Where is Article furniture manufactured?

The Article provides trendy furniture having beautiful designs to give an appealing look. It provides furniture, including sofas, tables, chairs, and other decor items.

It gives you multiple options at better prices with a free shipping facility. In addition, the products are made of high-quality material that ensures their durability.

Its warehouse is located in New Jersey and Los Angeles, while it manufactures the furniture in different countries.

Furthermore, they have searched for the finest manufacturing industries in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries to provide better products.

Are Poly and Bark and Article different names of the same company?

Both brands deal in versatile furniture and provide indoor and outdoor products.

You can enjoy purchasing well-priced and high-quality furniture items for your apartment. Many people consider these two companies the same, but there is a difference in their policies.

Moreover, both companies have different locations and get their products from other countries. So, not only are their names different, but these are different companies also.

What makes Article better than Poly and Bark?

The reviews or feedback of customers on the Article website indicates that it is better in terms of quality, variety, colors, and reputation.

Brand popularity 

It is more popular among people as they have an identity in many countries due to international customers.

Moreover, it has worked hard to build a positive image that helps people trust its product’s quality.

It works on quality maintenance, customer service, and delivery to make itself stand in the competition.

Scheduled delivery support 

The scheduled delivery program makes it better than Poly and Bark as they will inform when the product is ready to ship.

This scheduled delivery helps customers to get an idea of the expected delivery day. It will not surprise you as their team manages the time after asking about customer availability.

However, the smaller products have no scheduled deliveries because they are sent through courier service. You can keep a check on the order tracking to know about the arrival date.

Trendy designs 

You can get beautiful and trendy designs and they provide high-end furniture items that can remain intact for a long time.

It provides stylish furniture items, including sleek and soft sofas, beds and sideboards, tables, storage items, and much more.

You can get premium-quality products designed to last for a long time due to the use of high-quality material.

In-stock availability 

It seems frustrating to spend hours finding a suitable sofa that matches your requirements, but it is out of stock.

You can always get your favorite sofa that keeps its inventory full of products. The supply chain is managed so efficiently that you do not have to suffer from a shortage of raw material.

Multiple payment options 

It offers different methods of payment as compared to its competitor brand. For example, you can make payments through prepaid or debit cards and use gift cards to clear the dues.

Furthermore, you can use your account to pay the charges online. However, such options are not provided by other brands.

In addition, you can enjoy amazing discounts and offers to cut a few dollars off the product.

Variety of stock

It has a variety of stock which helps provide multiple options to the customers so that they do not have to make compromises on their choice.

You can get a sofa in desired color and fabric and add it to the living room that perfectly matches the interior design and color.

What are the similarities between Article and Poly and Bark?

There are many similarities in the policies and strategies of the Article and Poly and Bark. However, both have no services related to gift wrapping and in-store pickup facilities.

You have to select the products from their website and confirm the order to get it at your doorstep.

Moreover, they have order tracking support that helps you remain aware of your order’s processing and shipping.

These have position brand values and ethical supply chain that ensures their reliability and makes them legit brands.

Furthermore, they offer strong customer support as they consider the customers their assets and show a keen interest in answering their queries.

They offer free shipping policies and allow customers to return defective and broken products.

Which one is quick in delivery between Article and Poly and Bark? 

Both brands are trying their best to facilitate their customers as quickly as possible as they can understand the curiosity of receiving an ordered item.

However, the Article is more efficient than the other and delivers the product in a short duration. Furthermore, the delivery process depends on size and order type, as large and customized products take more time.

It offers a free delivery after you purchase more than $1000 and allows you to return the product if it does not make you feel satisfied.

Moreover, Poly and Bark is efficient but lesser than the previous one and offers a trial for a few days to check the comfort and quality of the material.

You can choose different delivery options through Article like contactless, in-room, or dis-assembled, with varying charges from $50 to $150.

Furthermore, it allows you to schedule the delivery time to avoid inconvenience so that you can reach your home before product delivery to receive it.

Poly and Bark offer 4 types of delivery, including the front door, entrance, premium, and white glove. In addition, they inform you about the expected delivery 24 hours before.

Do Poly and Bark have a better return policy than Article?

Both companies allow customers to return the products if they are not satisfied with the quality or if it does not match their requirement.

Poly and Bark offer more time for returning a defective or damaged item.

You can check the firmness and durability of the furniture for 2 to 3 months and return it if it does not suit you.

The Article gives you a time of one month to check the product. After that, you can keep it if it is comfortable; otherwise, return it in case of any defect within 30 days of delivery.

However, the product needs to be shipped back in its original package; otherwise, you have to pay fees for the repackaging, which is almost $45 to $50.

You can get all the charges back after a professional team of workers inspect the product.

Does Article and Poly and Bark offer international shipping? 

Both of these brands promise to deliver internationally and have gained more popularity among the customers, and it helps improve brand awareness.

Poly and Bark allow shipping of their products only in the U.S and require the address of an apartment instead of P.O. boxes.

However, it allows changing the shipping address before it is sent from the warehouse.

In contrast, Article offers international shipping to entertain customers who live outside the U.S. They charge almost $20 to $50 for shipping and offer different types of delivery options.

Furthermore, international customers have to pay additional charges that depend on the address or country.

What do reviews say? 

I surveyed 738 people to know about their reviews on Article and Poly and Bark. Out of 738 people, 504 people (68%) said the Article is better in providing high-quality furniture that remains comfortable even after years.

However, 132 people (18%) said Poly and Bark is better as it offers a long-term return offer and unlimited swatches for fabric.

While the remaining 102 people (14%) said, both brands have a good reputation due to their effective policies, high quality, and strong customer service.

The Article offers a wide stock of furniture that makes it easy to choose the favorite sofa or table for the living room that remains intact for a long duration.

“I have bought a sectional sofa for almost $2269 that is still comfortable and fluffy after 2 years and 3 months.”

Poly and Bark is known for its long-term policy that allows customers to check the efficacy of the furniture and get satisfied.

“I was afraid that whether they will get back a sleeper sofa after using it for 53 days, but luckily it was still eligible to be returned.”

Brand reputation determines the value of products, and both brands have struggled a lot to build such an identity among people.

“Not only their sofas are better in quality and affordable, but their customer service is strong enough that helped me to build trust in them.”

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