What Are the Parts of a Wooden Chair?

What Are the Parts of a Wooden Chair?

Here is the list of parts of the wooden chairs along with their functions. The style of the wooden chair is one of the essential factors when looking for the right design.

If you are purchasing a new piece, it is best to determine if you want this furniture to be modern or timeless. 

What Are the Parts of a Wooden Chair? A wooden chair has various parts that are its basic component. These parts include seats, stiles, rails, legs, spindle, apron, splats, and several others. There are varieties of wood that can use for its construction, like ash, oak, beech, birch, and various others. Various styles of wooden chairs with variable parts are available, and you can choose according to your requirements.

All of us have furniture that we probably do not care for anymore. However, it is essential to find a piece that will be timeless and can lead to future generations. 

We all love chairs. They are a vital part of most households, and we use them for sitting, relaxing, reading books, watching TV or movies, and even for sleeping sometimes. However, there are fundamental parts of a wooden chair that are cool to know.

Front and back legs of a wooden chair

Both rear and front legs support it and elevate it from the ground. 

To fit the rear leg into the chair need more pressure to bend it.

These also support the seat and are essential for the aesthetic look and functionality. These are available in different styles according to the modern era.

Cabriole legs have beautiful specifications like foot, ankle curving inward, and knee curving outward. Queen Anne furniture is an example of it.

Saber legs are like a curved sword having a linear thick concave shape, and another version is also available like round and square.

Marlborough leg is plain, straight, square, and has intricate carvings. These can be footless or block foot but look elegant in both conditions.

Arm or armless

Armchair designing and construction is a difficult task than the armless wooden chair. These look attractive and more comfortable. It can connect the bottom of the seat to the base.


Stile is the extension of a back leg and has a vertical position. Upper and cross rails usually support and tie this portion.


It is a wooden panel or front bracing part, which is present in some chairs at a right angle, or some have no and have a direct connection with front legs and seats. 

It can use for various purposes like decoration to enhance visibility, support to the seat, and structural strength.


Wooden chair back sturdiness can achieve by the number of the spindle that joint into these seats. It gives structural integrity and joins the legs together. 


The ear is present above the top rail on each side of it which is usually a tip of a stile.


The seat is the portion where you sit that can be upholstered or not according to the demand and style.

Cushion to the seat gives a comfortable environment.

Top & cross rail

Both top or upper and cross rails are the essential components of the stiles because that portion is responsible fix these. In addition, these play a supportive role for its back.

The number of cross rails can vary from one style to another.


The back of the chair is best for comfort. It consists of various components like top and cross rail, stiles of both sides and ear. It further extends to the rear legs.

Vertical or horizontal Splats

Splat can be vertical or horizontal that support the back of the chair.

Cross stretcher underneath the seat

Cross stretcher present underneath the chair seats that support the spindle.


In-office chairs, casters are the wheels that are the essential component of your furniture.

These are small wheels that help its movement while you want. These connect to the bottom part of the chair legs.

 Joint parts

These are important for durability and its appearance. There are different methods available that apply for joining areas.

 It includes mortise and tenon having sockets and projection, so both of these fit to make joints. It can join legs to the seat and fix its frame. 

The dowel joint is suitable for the rungs and arms fixing to the seat. It has wooden pins that adjust into the drilled holes. 

Pieces of its seats can fit by the tongue and groove joints. Corner-blocked joints enhance strength and sturdiness. You can use it for the underside of each corner.

Wood types used for wooden chairs

Wood furniture is popular because it has a wide variety of uses, from the living room to the bedroom. However, these are not different from other pieces of furniture.

 They come in a large variety of styles and types. However, there are some types that you should prefer while buying these.


These are suitable for bentwood chairs that have a valuable characteristic. After its finishing, it gives an aesthetic look to your furniture, like hardness, durability, and contrasting color.


These are suitable for the curved parts of furniture. In addition, it comes with various characteristics, including greater strength, hardness, and various others.


It is suitable for furniture like structural and exposed parts. It also has various features, like durability, good strength, and tiny pores.

Maple and oak wood

Maple and oak have almost similar properties but are suitable for different purposes.

For example, maple is best for the benchtops, but another is suitable for solid wood furniture and paneling.

Cedar and pine

Cedar and pines are suitable for outdoor, high-quality, and unfinished furniture.

Different styles of the wooden chairs

Wooden chair parts come in various styles, including traditional, contemporary, Scandinavian, American vintage, industrial, and more. 

Wooden folding chair

It is straight in appearance, and you can fold it after using it. When you are searching for that chair or buy it, figure out its sturdiness. This factor is best to determine the longevity of your furniture. 

Rungs or supports like legs have less chance of breakage if they should protrude completely by the seats to the underside of seating. 

Its back sturdiness can achieve by the number of the spindle that joins into these seats.

Wood office chair

The office chair has a tilting function through which you can adjust its size according to your comfort. With the clockwise and anticlockwise knob turn, you can increase or decrease the tension. 

In this way, these are small in size, dual-wheel casters which pre-installed, have a base, and thin leather cushion seats. These are popular with some high-end retailers because they are eco-friendly choices.

 You can say that these chairs are the best chair material due to their strength and durability, making them suitable for office use.

Traditional Queen Anne chair

It is a type of traditional wooden chair, and it can categorize according to the materials. 

 Therefore, knowing your needs and selecting the suitable product that complements your style is essential when buying it. 

These have curved legs, vertical slats, and curved details. These can be available with armless or arms that have a high-quality finish.

These absorb more weight when you sit down and spread it throughout their surface area, and upholstered chairs are generally more comfortable than those with a metal or plastic frame.

Ladderback wooden chair

A Ladderback chair is also a type of traditional thing. 

Its name indicates these have symmetrical horizontal hardwood slats that cover their back. Due to its exposed and relaxed styles, you can use this for dining purposes. 

These are preferable for the dining areas that give versatility, durability, and good strength.

Windsor wooden chair

Windsor chair has a close resemblance to the mission style. As a result, it is one of the essential pieces of furniture in any room. 

It’s used not only for sitting during regular activities like watching TV or reading books but also as furniture that visually anchors rooms and creates a new environment.

These have vertical spindles and distinctive curved backs. These spindles are thin at the top and bottom portion of the back support but thick from the middle. 

These also have angular styling and spindle legs that perfectly fit into modern design. In addition, its legs tips have vinyl or rubber material that protects the floor and avoids damage.

The chair legs will become more sturdy due to rungs and stretcher bars. These are suitable for the dining rooms, casual décor style, and cottage décor.

Mission style chairs

Mission style chair’s staining enhances the wood characteristics, adds beautiful color and cozy appearance. Moreover, the back of it has vertical slats with a symmetrical shape and straight edges. Such style fills the modern and traditional styling gap. 

Make sure that the staining of it is appropriate that increase it is quality. It’s front and rear legs are a combination of the old and new style categories. 

You can use it for the dining purpose, home décor and solely as a study chair and its better sturdiness give comfortable support to your back. 

Modern wooden chair

It is difficult to explain its styling in detail, but its overview also gives a pleasant image in your mind. Solid hardwood use for its construction can be bentwood or curve.

It provides an organic feel and has fine wood grain. All other steps, like finishing, polishing, and staining, give the best look to your furniture when sanding or wood grain is adequate and cover all the traces of roughness. 

So the manufacture for designing the modern wooden chair put more focus on this step. It is the ideal complement to your dining room and living room because of its sleek and advanced design.

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