How to Make Dining Room Chairs Taller?

How to Make Dining Room Chairs Taller?

I have added 11 DIY methods that help make the dining chairs taller so they look stunning in the room. In addition, the upholstered chairs give a luxurious and fabulous touch to your room.

How to Make Dining Room Chairs Taller? You can make dining room chairs taller by adding leg extenders, using wooden or metal wedges, and placing shims underneath their surface. You can also raise their height by changing their screw-in legs, adding cushions and casters. It will also be helpful to attach plastic cups and wooden raisers under the chair legs.

The dining room is a remarkable place for particular occasions, events and to celebrate festivals. 

Replace dining room chair legs

Many people want to increase the length of their dining room furniture for their comfort. So they change their original legs and replace them with desirable sizes.

It is one of the best and easy methods to raise them according to your choice.

You can remove the old legs and measure the length from the floor. Then, you must purchase new ones according to this size.

It is necessary to measure the appropriate size because you have to fix them at once and can’t remove them again and again.

Measure the width of the lower portion and the weight of the chair. Thin legs can’t bear the weight, and it must be appropriate according to its width to maintain balance.

It is necessary that if you have wooden furniture, then its new accessories must be of wooden material. 

 If you attach the metal legs to the wooden structure, then it will cause instability.

After removing them, secure the new ones with nuts and bolts by taking the help of a carpenter.

Use filled cushions

People want purchase seat cushions chair because they are cozy and also looks beautiful and unique in rooms.

The foam of these cushions loosens its strength after some time and causes a sagging and uncomforting situation.

Remove the old cushions and unstapled them. Now add highly filled foam cushions beneath the surface and then place original cushions on them.

It is necessary to place the same color beneath them because different shades look awkward. If you can’t find the same color, then add slipcovers on them to hide the mismatching.

Now the addition of extra foam makes them more firm, soft and relaxing. It also prevents sagging, and you can sit on them for a long time without getting tired.

Add casters to increase the height of chairs

There are varieties of furniture in the dining room, but it must be relaxing and moving with wooden or metal material.

You can increase their height by adding casters on the bottom side. They are heavy wheels that are available in the market and vary in length and size.

You have to select them according to the chair’s weight because you need high-strength casters for heavier ones.

They are also available in different heights you can select from them.

It also makes them moveable, but brakes in them increase the stability. You can install them by own at home.

Drill the holes in all the lower legs, but these holes must be shorter. There are two methods of their fixing; you can attach them with wooden glue. The other method is securing them with nuts and bolts with the help of a wrench.

Secure them tightly to increase their safety. The maximum cost required for this whole process is about $30 to $50.

Use wooden raisers for dining room chairs

Most people use wooden furniture for their dining room. But, sometimes all the chairs have not the same length, and it does not look good. So, people use some techniques and make all of them equal.

The use of wooden raisers is one of the easiest and simple methods to make them taller. They are present in different shapes and heights.

Select the desired length and then purchase their raisers from the market. You can also make them on order by carpenters according to your need.

When you have purchased them, then place them on the bottom of the legs. You can also drill holes on its bottom side and screw them with nuts.

You can also fix them by using wood glue on the lower side.

Use Plastic pads

Plastic pads and plastic cups are some of the other simple methods to increase their height.

They are more suitable for metal material because they reduce the friction between them and the floor surface.

They are gelled plastic extenders available in the market with different shapes, designs, and sizes.

Place them on the lower side and screw them with the help of nuts by making holes, or you can also use glue.

They raise the length some inches, which is almost 4 inches to 5 inches. They also protect them by stopping the entry of bugs and other insects into the wooden chair.

In the case of metal material, it protects the floor from scraps and reduces unnecessary noise. 

Use of leg extenders

Furniture leg extenders are also available in the market in a variety of shapes. They are also present in a variety of sizes and colors.

You can purchase them according to the appropriate height and matching color. It is made of metal, plastic, wooden, and marble material.

Fix these extenders on the lower side of the legs, and they also have screws with them. After placing, you can tighten them by moving in the clockwise direction.

They are also removable; you can remove them by moving in an anticlockwise direction when you do not need them.

You can select their width according to the chair’s dimensions to make them more stable and maintain their balance.

You can also paint them with the matching color of your furniture.

Use of shims for chairs

Shims are wedge-like materials that are used for supporting and leveling furniture. 

They are readily available in the market in metal, plastic, and wooden material. Mostly these are made of wood to protect the floor surface from uneven lines and scratches.

The plastic shims are also beneficial because you can fix them with the help of a carpenter.

You can slide them under your furniture, but they are not adjustable. Therefore, you need to readjust the shims when you change the position of your furniture.

It is beneficial if you place the chairs at one side after placing them and avoid unnecessary movement.

They slightly raise the height, and you can also cut the desirable shims at home.

Reupholstered the seats 

Remove the upholstery seats by detaching the stapler pins from them. Now, remove the old webbing straps if they are torn.

Tighten the webbing straps if they become loose because it can cause sagging and a decrease in the length of the chair.

You can also add an extra foam layer to the webbing. After adding foam, fix the foam by using the stapler pins to remain at their place.

Now attach the upholstery seats cover and also secure their position by using stapler pins.

It makes your seats more soft, compacted, and comfortable.

Change screw-in legs

Some dining room chairs have removable legs in them. You can remove them if you think that their height is not enough.

Mostly the removable legs are present in upholstered furniture. You can buy new ones according to the different sizes, shapes, and styles.

You must buy them according to the strength of the furniture. The legs’ color must be matched with the original one because mismatched legs give a bad look.

You can install the new one according to the preferable length.

You should also purchase the new one according to the chair’s width because it can cause instability.

Unscrew its old part and attach the new one to its place. Again, it will be helpful to tighten the nuts carefully to prevent any damage.

If you replace the bun foot leg with a narrow leg, it can cause shakiness and makes them insecure and unsafe for people.

The cost depends upon the quality, size, and brand of the product. The total maximum cost required for this whole procedure is $15 to $20.

Placement of long gas lift cylinders

Some people also place office chairs in their dining room for working purposes. You can increase their length by adding long cylinders.

The cylinders are present in them that are filled with gas. The purpose of these cylinders is to raise the height by positioning the lever.

They have compressed air that moves the piston upward, which directly makes them big. So you can raise the height at an appropriate level.

If the shorter cylinders are present on the bottom side, you can replace them with the larger ones.

Remove the old one by taping the base surface with a rubber mallet and unscrew them. After this, add the new one carefully at the right place and fasten them with nuts.

Now you can raise them higher with these long gas lift cylinders.

What is a suitable height for dining room chairs, and why is it important?

The appropriate height is essential for all chairs. They may be dining chairs, simple wooden, upholstered leather, and office chairs.

The suitable length for them ranges from 16 to 20 inches for their comfortability. 

It can also make you tired while sitting on them, and you can’t straighten your legs. The height is also important for office work so you can do your work with ease.

It is also important because when you place the dining chairs for dinner, some of them look shorter and some taller, and it does not look pleasant in front of the guest.

So, to fix this problem, you can adjust their height by different methods and tricks.

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