Why Are Wooden Chairs So Uncomfortable?

Why Are Wooden Chairs So Uncomfortable?

Many people complain that wooden chairs are uncomfortable. Therefore, I have added 11 common reasons behind discomfort caused by the chairs so you can determine the cause.

Why Are Wooden Chairs So Uncomfortable? Usually, wooden chairs are hard and uncomfortable because they lack padded cushions and have improper shape and structure. The slatted backrest is not relaxing and hurts when you remain seated for a long time. In addition, a too high, too low legs and too deep seat without armrests never allows you to sit comfortably.

Wood is the most durable and reliable material used to make home furniture and is the first preference of everyone because of its high quality. 

These chairs are present in almost every household in the USA as a symbol of traditional furniture used for several decades.

In old times makers made them in simple design, but you can find them in thousands of styles and innovative designs nowadays.

Modern or old, they do not offer relaxed sitting because of the flat and hard manufacturing style, compared to the upholstered, leather, or recliner seats.

For these reasons, manufacturers started to use other materials like steel and plastic from the 20th century for better comfort and termed them ergonomically built.

Several reasons decrease the comfort level of wooden chairs and make you discard them, but you can repair and correct these issues with some clever techniques. 

However, you need to identify the reason first because there can be 2 to 3 issues at a time.

I have wooden dining table chairs that I use for office work. Unfortunately, I can not sit on them for more than an hour, or it starts pain in my spine and neck.

Wooden chairs do not have padding

Usually, these soft paddings are foam or mattresses packed in a cushion or attached to the seat, which makers started to add for soft and firm support.

Traditional chairs do not come with this padding or cushioned sitting area, but there is a single plank or piece which is not upholstered.

The wood is a hard material, and sitting directly on the bare surface hurts because there is nothing to provide softness and fluffiness.

The manufacturers cut a huge piece into the desired size of the seat and attached them to the legs and backrests.

On the other hand, some have 2 to 3 separate slabs attached and then to the legs, giving an additional discomfort source through the joining sites.

Altogether, they offer an uneasy sitting and pain in the hip, typically when utilizing for a longer time. You can add padded seats to your chair.

Its improper structure and shape is not comfortable

In my view, the proper structure and shape of the furniture play a vital role in determining its comfort level.

There were only a slat backrest, narrow armrests, and fewer wider seats in these chairs in old times without an additional design.

In contrast, you will see them in rounded backs, extended seats and huge legs, and a lot more different styles.

The idea was to make them according to the fashion and latest trends, but some designs are extremely uncomfortable and unbearable.  

I once saw a round-back chair in a store and found it unique, but I could not stay on it for 10 minutes because of the backrest shape.

The problem is not with the design but the sitting posture and position it determines due to its structure and shape.

Your spine and neck begin to hurt when you sit at an awkward angle, such as in tilting or outward position and most modern styles offer this type of sitting.

In addition, you do not get any lumbar support for the lower back, and your head can not rest on the back, which is extremely painful and discomforting.

Wooden Chairs have very low or high legs

It is better to sit in a way where your legs touch the ground properly, and they should hang or lay on the floor.

It means that a chair having an average leg length ranges between 15 to 20 inches. This length is suitable for average height people.

You can not rest comfortably on a seat if it is too high or too low than the preferable size because in both cases, your legs will not stay in the correct position. 

Many people use high coffee and desk chairs because they look more trendy and probably have high tables, so they need such furniture.

Their legs hang in these because they can not reach the floor, and this position disturbs blood circulation, leading to severe pains and discomfort.

These stools and seats are much harmful, and I recommend you not go for the fashion by compromising your health.

A slat back

This style is common, and I guess every one of you has used one of such seats in your parent’s home.

A slat back means the makers make the backrest using wooden slats of around 17 to 20 inches and nail them horizontally into the frame.

There are around 5 to 6 slats at a distance of 2 to 3 inches, and you can feel them while sitting.

It is a traditional style that looks classic, but the problem arises when it starts rubbing on the person’s back.

I also have one such seat in my home, and I can not sit on it until I place 1 or 2 cushions or pillows on the backrest because it is much irritating without these.

The armrests are too narrow

The armrests are the areas where you rest your arms or hand while sitting on any sofa, couch, or seat.

Usually, a typical wooden chair has narrow armrests which can be straight and angled depending upon the design.

You can not even place your complete arm on them because they are much thin and small and look suitable for only children.

They are not only disturbing and irritating for your arms but their sides and edges hurt from lateral sides as well.

On the other hand, some brands make the armrest wider for better comfort, but I do not feel them relaxing.

You can rest arm easily on these wide areas but can not rest on the seat properly as you are lest with less inner sitting space.

Its seat is too deep

A chair’s average seat depth ranges between 17 to 19 inches and is suitable for an average thigh length of people.

The reason behind this is again the correct sitting posture, and this depth is suitable for a person to sit upright at an angle of 90 degrees.

However, some modern-style chairs are too deep and shallow and feel like the person is sinking and drowning.

It means your legs raise from the floor when you try to rest your back on the backrest of such furniture.

Your mid-calve will rest on the edge of the seat, which is an additional discomforting issue with these.

Moreover, some of them lack full-back, and there is only a half slat-frame on the upper part of the backrest while the lower part lacks any support.

Not balanced properly

The balance between the chair’s legs is essential for support, and the local shops may have neglected this consideration.

Always check and examine carefully before purchasing any furniture because every retailer does not offer a warranty on their product, and you will suffer loss.

This unbalanced seat is nothing than a headache, and you have to place different things under shorter legs to get the right balance.

However, some makers add additional caps on the ends of the legs to prevent them from scratching the floor or the rugs, which can be the reason behind the imbalance.

Moreover, it can occur when you place it on a bumpy surface, such as in your garden or terrace, which means the problem is with the floor and not the chair.

Use of low-quality wood

Quality is a major concern, and keep in mind that the more you pay for the quality, the more durable and best product you get.

However, the problem is the expense for which people shift to lesser quality furniture, but I prefer one-time investment than multiple times repair and maintenance.

The cheaper material starts to deteriorate soon and make the surface rough and pinching because it is not the original wood.

The makers use staining and finishing procedures on the low-quality material to make it look original, but its weight and knock-sound can help you recognize it.

This type of furniture has indefinite edges and corners, and you can not relax on them, and they are a complete loss.

Wooden chairs in the wrong location

Sometimes the problem is not in the chair, and it is good in every aspect.

It sounds weird how the placement affects comfort, but the reason behind is easy to understand.

You can not sit when you place a chair in a narrow place such as, at a corner, between big furniture, on a height or low surface because they are congested areas.

You can not straighten your legs, rest your arms or make yourself relax on them, which leads to discomfort.

Sometimes, you are using the wrong chair for a different purpose, like using a dining seat for office work which is not suitable with the desk height and dimensions.

Consequently, it is necessary to identify the purpose of purchasing a piece of furniture and use it only for that task unless it is a multi-purpose item.

Folding wooden chairs

The folding wooden chairs are unique and more useable than the traditional ones because you can take them anywhere with you, such as picnics and traveling.

They are wide enough to accommodate a healthy person but are only suitable for a small seating period.

It means that you can not sit on them for a long time, because the style is not relaxing.

These do not have a plain, single-piece seat, and there are 6 to 7 wooden slats attached to the legs to create a sitting area.

It is the same as the slatted backrest, and you can get an idea of how irritating it is when it continuously rubs on your body.

I have never used such chairs, but I can tell you that you can not stay on them for more than 2 hours because of the slats.

The absence of armrests or wrong height backrest

Think of the old-time, typically your childhood, and you will remember the traditional chairs with no armrests.

They come with a dining table and provide discomfort, but you have to stay on them for the meal times only, so there is no big issue in the absence of armrests.

Moreover, some have smaller backrests that reach up to 8 to 10 inches and are not supportive.

Usually, the backrest height should range between 14 to 16 inches to supports the lumbar region without contracting with the shoulders.

Both smaller and larger heights are uncomfortable and can cause pains and muscle fatigue, so you should avoid these.


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