Common Problems with IKEA Friheten Sofa Bed

Common Problems with IKEA Friheten Sofa Bed

IKEA furniture is famous in America due to its affordable price range and high quality. The Friheten sofa bed of this company is ideal for small apartments because you can also use it as a bed.

Common Problems with IKEA Friheten Sofa Beds include less storage space, poor quality structure, no slipcovers, and less comfortable. The chaise lid starts to slip when someone sits on them. These couches easily catch dirt because of their fabric and are difficult to transport because of their different parts and heavy sectionals. The frames also have more chances of breakage, and seats become saggy after some time. 

You should know about the problems with IKEA sofa beds before purchasing them to make the right decision. 

Absence of slipcovers

These types of couches come into the market without slipcovers. People want to cover the upholstery with these covers to protect them from dust and debris.

In addition, the addition of slipcovers also gives a cool and charming appearance. You can use light color covers to provide a fantastic look in the summer.

You have to purchase their covers separately from the market, which is costly. You also have to spend your time finding these accessories.

Many people use them as it is, which can decrease the longevity of their upholstery. The accidental spillage of drinks while watching movies can damage its foam.

Moreover, the exposure to body oils and humidity also produce a smell in their upholstery. Therefore, you have to clean them frequently.

You can fix this issue in IKEA Friheten Sofa Beds by measuring their dimensions and purchasing the covers. Then, you can select the color and fabric according to your choice.

The use of slipcovers can reduce the cleaning and repairing costs.

Difficult to transport

The sectional sleeper sofa is difficult to transport from one place to another. In addition, it becomes difficult for you when you want to change location.

When you order new sofas for your homes, these are difficult to transport because of their multiple parts.

The parts are also larger you have to call your friends for their transport at the specified location. The use of extra vehicles increases your transportation cost.

You have to give extra money to the drivers and fuel, which is not economical. It is also a problematic situation when you want to change your home.

You must take your home accessories, including furniture, with you. The shifting of these sofa beds is a challenging process.

It contains three sectionals, and you must take help from your friends. Only a single person cannot do this process because it will take longer.

You can call a large vehicle for transportation so it can take all of the parts in a single time and save your fuel and transportation cost.

Heavy sectionals

The sections of these sleeper couches are heavy and cause difficulty in shifting. You need more energy to drag them from one room to another.

You can get bored by seeing the same furniture arrangement in your living room for a longer time. You want to change the directions of different furniture to give it a new look.

In addition, many people want to shift this furniture to their guest room for ease and comfort, so you do not need to put a separate bed and sofa.

You have to spend more energy on their dragging from one room to another. Sometimes it can also damage your carpet during the dragging process.

The dragging of heavy sectionals produces wear and tear in floor rugs, and you must change them.

You need a maximum of two persons for their shifting from one room to another. You can make the shifting process easy by placing plastic pads on the lower side of their legs.

It can make transportation easy and quick, and you have to put less effort and energy.

Less comfortable

Many complain that these Friheten sofa beds are less comfortable than simple sofas in their living rooms.

You have to spend more money to purchase these modern and multifunctional couches, but these are less comfortable and make people tire.

The upper surface is firm and hard to give them a furnishing appearance, but you cannot sit there for a longer time.

It is not reliable and suitable for daily usage because of its hard surface. In addition, the seats are hard and can make you tiring while sitting there for several hours.

In addition, it is not good for older people and young children because of their less comfortable features.

The firmness of their seats is due to less padding, making them hard and uncomfortable for routine use.

You should avoid placing them in your guest rooms because guests are tired and want some comfortable place to take a rest.

You can fix the issue by using throws of soft fabric, including wool and linen, to make it soft, cozy, and comfortable.

Easily catch dust

The fabric of Friheten sofa beds is not good and quickly catches dust after some time. It is made up of purely polyester fabric, which becomes dirty.

It is durable and long last but not effective for dust resistance. You have to remove the dust from the surface daily, which is hectic for job-oriented people.

Many of my friends using these couches complain that the dust comes on their upholstery in the morning, which irritates them.

The presence of dust and dirt on couches gives them an awkward appearance. You have to vacuum their upholstery regularly to clear the dust.

The company does not give slipcovers with them, which can decrease the entry of dust on their sides. The dust also comes when you forget to close the doors and windows at night.

The blowing air at night makes them dirty and less presentable in the morning. You can fix the issue by purchasing cotton slipcovers from the market and placing them on your couches.

The use of slipcovers makes them less susceptible to dust and increases the shine and life of their upholstery.

Sagging of seats

The seat sagging is also a common problem in these IKEA sofa beds, making them uncomfortable.

The seats start to sag after daily use for several years, and people do not like to sit on them. You can feel firmness and hardness while sitting on these saggy seats.

It can also make you tiring and uncomfortable when your want to take the evening nap and read the newspaper there.

The sagging of side cushions is the most prominent issue in IKEA couches. The problem occurs due to low-quality foam during manufacturing and less padding under seats.

You can resolve the issue by adding new cushions with high-quality foam and extra padding on the frame.

You can also use hard boards under cushions to prevent the sagging issue.

Low-quality sofa frame

The frame of these sofa beds is not long-lasting and is at more risk of breakage. The structure starts to break due to consecutive use of more than 3 years.

It is made of low-quality wooden or metal material, which has less longevity and strength.

The frame also breaks when your children start to jump on couches while playing. The jumping can increase the chances of their breakage from the middle site.

In addition, the frame also breaks due to more use and adding excessive weight to its surface. The wear and tear also produce in them while shifting from one flat to another and from one room to another.

You can increase the frame’s longevity by adding the plywood hardboard under the cushions to provide extra support and firmness.

Slipping of chaise lid

These types of couches have two functional components. One of them is a sectional that extends outward and forms a sofa bed.

The other one is a chaise that extends to provide the storage space for placing different items.

When you use them for a longer time, the chaise lid starts to slip and cover the storage compartment. The issue commonly occurs when someone sits on them.

You can resolve the problem by adding metal brackets over the connecting brackets to prevent them from slipping.

Less storage area

These sleeper beds also come up with the option of storage space to attract customers and increase sales.

People who want extra storage space purchase them, but it does not have enough area for the placement of different accessories.

It only contains a thin layer suitable for placing blankets, comforters, and cushions.

You cannot add extra things to their storage area for your comfort. Most people also become annoyed after purchasing them.

You should check the storage area in the market before purchasing the new furniture for your home because some companies do not give replacement options.

Difficult to replace upholstery

These sleeper sectional sofas are upholstered genuinely and originally. You do not have any option to replace their upholstery.

You have to change them to give your interior and whole couches a new appearance. In addition, it is also necessary to replace them in case of any damage and wear and tear.

People also want to add new ones because you can get bored after seeing the same thing for a longer time.

Moreover, the upper surface of sofas also becomes yellowish due to body oils and accidental spillage of different things.

You can change the whole upholstery in this situation to provide a new and furnished appearance. IKEA Friheten sofa beds upholstery is original and difficult to replace.

You need some experts to do this procedure and have to take the couches to their service centers.

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