Are Platform Beds Bad For Your Back?

Are Platform Beds Bad For Your Back?

Most people like the platform beds because they are budget-friendly and usable without box springs. These are easy to assemble and give a modern appearance to your room.

Are Platform Beds Bad For Your Back? Platform beds are not bad for your back because they contain a sturdy flat surface or slatted frame instead of box springs. The slatted frames and firm flat surfaces support the mattress and provide a good sleeping posture. These are good because of their compatibility with all types of foams, provide better air circulation, lowered end with more stability, and better pressure distribution.

Prefer to purchase the slatted platform bed for your room because of its air circulation property. The type of sturdy structures and air circulation maximizes their longevity and saves money on frequent replacement.

What are platform beds?

It is the type of furniture that usually does not have a headboard and footboard. Instead, it contains a flat surface for mattress placement instead of box springs.

You do not need to purchase the extra box spring with them to support the heavy mattress. These are cost-effective solutions but heavy in weight, making their movement difficult.

Everyone can easily afford them, and these are best for small rooms. It gives a unique and versatile appearance to your interior.

Commonly three types are present in the market, including slatted, metal, and flat surfaces. The slatted ones have bars attached to the frame instead of the single flat frame.

The metal type contains interconnected metal bars along with side rails. In addition, the flat surface includes a single frame with a flat surface made up of wooden or laminate material.

The flat type contains a firm surface and does not have any slats.

Is platform bed bad for your back?

These beds are good for your back and maintain your posture during sleeping. In addition, the firm surface is good for comfortable sleeping and without getting tired.

It is suitable for people who usually complain about back pain after waking up. However, some people do not prefer to select them because of their hard and firm surface.

They like a soft and comfortable place for sleeping. However, it is not suitable for those who want a soft and cozy mattress for sleeping. These people cannot feel comfortable on them because of their hard and flat surfaces.

Moreover, it is the best option for people of age less than 25 years old.

How are platform beds good for your back? 

Everyone wants to purchase high-quality beds for comfortable sleep at night. Therefore, you can select those which are present in the market with various designs and styles.

Support the mattress

The hard and firm surface of slatted and non-slatted platform beds support your mattress.

You can put the heavy types on them because the slats and rigid frame are durable and can hold heavier weight easily.

In addition, it is indirectly comforting your back by supporting the mattress. You can feel back pain and tiredness when the mattress is sliding, sinking, or sagging from one side.

The weight distribution is the same on all sides, which reduces the sagging issue. It is also helpful to maintain the sleeping posture and provide comfortable sleeping.

Better airflow

The airflow is also necessary to maintain the temperature on the mattress. Temperature maintenance is necessary during hot days because of drastic climatic conditions.

You can feel hot while sleeping on a bed with poor air circulation. In addition, you can feel the warmness on your back which can disturb you during sleeping.

The platform beds with slatted frames are suitable for keeping your back cool during summer because of proper air circulation.

It also maximizes the durability of the mattress while ensuring good air circulation.

Suitable for overweight people 

Overweight people need comfortable and durable furniture because of their more load. The platform type is durable, and you can use it easily.

You cannot hear any cracking or squeaking noise in the frame while getting up.

It is the best option for overweight and healthy people because of its lower height. In addition, these are closer to the ground, so it becomes easy for these people to get up without hurting their backs.

You have to put more effort into getting up from the beds that have more height because these are not closer to the ground.

These are also best for you if you have children in your home to reduce the risk of injury during playing.

More stability

The things closer to the ground surface or floor are more stable according to the center of gravity rule.

The height of this furniture from the floors is about 15 inches to 18 inches, and you cannot feel any difficulty getting up in the morning.

The more stability also maximizes their durability and decreases the chances of their breakage. The low stability can support the mattress and indirectly make a firm surface for your back.

Compatible with all kinds of mattresses 

It can support your back by putting every type of mattress on its slatted or non-slatted frames.

Most people with back pain issues prefer to use the memory foam mattress because of its durability and firm surface.

You can directly place them on platform beds because of their sturdy structures, like box springs.

You can use every style, design, and weight of mattress that is comfortable for you and provide a good sleeping posture.

Better Pressure distribution

The firm and flat types provide better pressure distribution, making you feel comfortable sleeping on them. However, it aggravates the pressure point of the body for better blood circulation.

You can feel relaxed during the night because of your good sleeping posture. As a result, you can enjoy the night’s sleep with better blood circulation, and it also reduces the issue of back pain.

People do not feel tired or in pain when they get up in the morning.

Things to consider while selecting platform beds

This furniture is available in various designs and styles in the market, and you can select them according to your budget.

It is necessary to check the slats while making a purchase. Most manufacturers convince you to add the box springs because of the less slated structure.

Select the one that has proper slats to support the mattress. In addition, the manufacturing material is also different, including metal and wood.

Metal types are best because of their less weight and easy maintenance. Wooden types are costly, and you have to spend more money on maintenance.

Wooden ones are also less durable and break when you put heavy weight on them.

Why are platform beds so low?

Platform beds are low and close to the ground, which can increase stability. In addition, the lowered frame prevents the mattress from sinking and sliding.

These are 15 inches to 18 inches above the ground. These are slow because you do not need to place box springs in their frame to support the mattress.

These are already equipped with slatted frames or firm flat surfaces holding heavy memory foam mattresses.

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