Can you put a washer and dryer in a bedroom closet?

Can you put a washer and dryer in a bedroom closet?

The washer and dryer can save you time if you keep them in a place that is accessible to everyone. The bedroom is not a place because you cannot keep it open for everyone.

Can you put a washer and dryer in a bedroom closet? You should not put a washer and dryer in a bedroom because it can disturb your privacy, creates a mess, and cause noise. Moreover, the bedroom closet is not suitable for the vented dryer as the moisture can cause mold and attract bugs.

You should make sure that the area fulfills the criteria required for their placement. In addition, the size of that space should be sufficient.

Why you should not put a washer and dryer in a bedroom closet?

The washer and dryer are essential appliances to keep at home. It is primarily used in homes with big families where every family member washes their clothes daily.

It is essential if you keep both at home because you cannot afford to go to laundry shops daily and spend money on washing clothes.

The closet is a suitable option to put them in when your house does not have a space for a separate laundry room. 

Disturbs privacy

The small homes adjust the washer and dryer in the closet, which can be anywhere in their house. It only needs to be large enough to accommodate them.

Furthermore, it is not wise to think that you can put them in your bedroom closet if you have seen them in a closet on the internet.

It is possible to put them in a closet you have in your house. However, you cannot put it in your closet because it will disturb your privacy.

Every member of the family needs to use them to wash their clothes. It is not possible for them to use it if you put it in your bedroom.

You want to sleep, but others need to wash their clothes, and they will have to wait for you to wake up. 

Creates mess

The washer and dryer create a mess in the bedroom. In addition, it can cause water leakage when it squeezes the water out of wet clothes.

Furthermore, water drips on the floor from the clothes when you shift them from the washer to the dryer. Therefore, there can be a lot of water that can damage the floor of your bedroom.

You do not want this mess and standing water in your personal space. Moreover, the pile of unwashed clothes can smell quite bad due to sweat and dirt.

Nobody wants to stay at that place where this kind of smell is lingering. The smell of sweat can stay for a long time in a closed room.

In addition, the pungent smell of detergent and washing powder can be irritating.  

Not suitable for dryer

The dryer needs a vent for proper and effective working. The vent is used to take out the moisture from the wet clothes and allows the air to come inside it to dry the clothes.

The appliance needs a place where you can adjust the vented dryer. The hose for it requires a well-ventilated place.

The wall in which the vent is installed needs to have an approach of the outer air. 

The walls of the bedrooms are not connected to the outside wall of the house usually. Furthermore, the closet in that closed space is not suitable for them. 


These appliances create a loud noise when they are working. In addition, the motor kind of noise can be very irritating if you put these in your bedroom closet.

Furthermore, the noise starts from the start and ends when the machine stops. Therefore, it is challenging to manage if someone from your house has set the washer on a 1-hour timer.

You cannot rest or sleep in the presence of this noise. You cannot even study as it can disturb your concentration, and you will not be able to focus.

Attract bugs

It is possible that bugs can make a nest in the area where you have made a hole for the vent. It is not beneficial if bugs find a passage to your bedroom.

Moreover, dirty clothes can also attract bugs if they have stains from spilled food. The spilled food can is an open invitation for bugs and ants to attack.

The presence of these types of insects can be harmful to you and can also bite you. You do not want an army of these in your place where you sleep and spend most of your time.  

Growth of molds

The dryer and washer need proper ventilation for them to operate. Moisture can build up in the bedroom closet if the space does not have adequate airflow.

The moisture can seep into the walls of the room and cause molds to accommodate your bedroom. It can damage them deeply and can be a threat to the overall structure of the home.

The mold can damage the appliances as well and affects their functioning. You do not want to ruin your appliances and the walls of your house.

Where to put a washer and a dryer in your home?

There are other places in your home that are suitable for putting a washer and dryer. They cannot disturb your privacy, and the noise cannot disturb you.

Furthermore, these places already have a system that supports them and can help with proper functioning. 


The kitchen has a water and vent system, which makes it a perfect place for a washer and dryer.

You can put them inside the cabinet under the sink side by side. In addition, you can put them in the tall closet near the sink stacked over each other.

You can maximize the storage by putting shelves above them to store the detergents and other related items.

Laundry room

You should utilize a spare room or a part of your house to turn it into a laundry room. You should go for it if this place fulfills all the needed requirements of the laundry area.

Moreover, having a proper place for them can free you of many problems as fear of water leakage.

Furthermore, the washer and dryer need plenty of space to accommodate baskets to put clothes of different colors separately.

Hallway closet

I have seen a lot of apartments that have a closet in the hallway, and it is used to put a washer and dryer in it.

It is also used to place other cleaning items such as vacuum cleaners, brooms, and other similar things. This closet is specifically built for this purpose as it is big and has storage shelves.

You can customize this area with the help of changing the old and discolored doors. You can paint them or use a sliding door.


The most suitable place to put a washer and dryer is your bathroom because it has all the necessary things for them.

You do not have to insert any water system from scratch. You only need to adjust them to the already existing system.

You can place them under the sink if you have a spacious washroom. Then, you can put the clothes in them to wash and take a shower.

Things to consider when selecting a location for a washer and dryer

Check these things when selecting a location for them, as they need a proper area and water supply system.

First, you should measure the area you are considering for their placement. Furthermore, it is essential that you make a proper plan for whether you can have a water supply at that place or not.

You should ensure that the place has proper ventilation, a space for a pipe to waste dirty water, and an electrical connection.

Moreover, it is better to dedicate an area of a few feet in front of these machines as you need a space to put a basket and tub for clothes to put after washing them.

These machines come in two types of forms such as top load and front load. The top load washer and dryer need to place together.

You cannot stack them because their opening lid is on the top, whereas the front load has doors at the front. Also, it is better not to place these in your bedroom closet.

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