Is Acacia Wood Good For Dining Table?

Is Acacia Wood Good For Dining Table?

Many people like to have acacia wood dining tables in their homes. It is famous because it is a durable and long-term product. 

Is Acacia Wood Good For Dining Table? Acacia wood is good for dining tables due to its durability, attractive appearance, and easy maintenance. In addition, this lightweight and eco-friendly wood can hold more weight than other wooden materials.

A dining table should be attractive because it is where you serve the meal to your guests. It should be scratch free and shiny to impress the guests and enhance the look of your dining room. 

Attractive appearance

You should choose this type over all other types because of its attractive appearance. Its dark brown color gives a warm look and is soothing to the eyes.

Acacia wood has rich shades of honey gold color, which give a distinctive appearance. A dining table should be of good appearance because it is the central part of your house.

Good quality wood plays a significant role in enhancing its look. Its attractive look leaves a good impression on guests and helps to create a pleasant eating environment. In addition, its natural grain makes its surface smooth and scratch resistant.

More durable

It is the best choice for your home furniture due to its durability. However, some wood gets affected by climatic change and shows several signs.

They become wobbly, swallow and develop certain types of marks on their surface. The acacia wood is suitable because its structure remains unaffected during weather changes.

Its structure remains the same in every weather, which is a bonus point to select it. In addition, it has natural firmness, which is an ideal quality for furniture, and does not let it become porous with time.

You can further enhance the durability of its surface with the use of teal oil. It is best to keep its surface shiny and provide a protective covering to the table.

There is no match of this natural oil in all protective chemicals used for wooden furniture. In addition, it is a simple process to apply and needs less maintenance.

Get a standard-size bottle of teal oil to start the process. Clean its surface with the help of a damp cloth to get rid of all dirt particles. Wait for it to dry before applying the oil.

Take a clean paintbrush and pour some oil on its fibers. Apply it gently in the direction of its wood grains. Apply it on every portion of this dining table and leave it for about 20 to 40 minutes.

Remove the extra oil from its surface with a fine-edge scrapper. Let it dry naturally, and enjoy the new and shiny surface of the table. 

Easy maintenance

You can select acacia wood without a second thought due to its easy maintenance. You do not need to use expensive chemicals to clean its surface.

These chemical-based cleaners can damage its smooth surface and create cracks. In addition, it is challenging for many people to clean their dining tables because it takes a lot of time to remove all dirt particles to make them shiny.

It happens because you have to invest time not only in cleaning a large table, but its chairs need extra time to clean. Then, you need soapy water to make its surface shiny and smooth.

Take some lukewarm water in a tub and add 4 to 5 drops of liquid soap. Mix it well and leave for about 1 to 2 minutes. Take a small piece of cloth and dip it in this water.

Take it out and squeeze it well until the water stops dripping. Clean the table with this damp cloth and let it dry naturally.   

High weight-bearing capacity

Acacia wood is ideal for a dining table because it can carry more weight than other wooden materials.

In addition, it is unique for its strong material, which is why several manufacturers also use it to make boats.

It is 50 to 60% harder than oak, which is famous for its firmness. As a result, acacia wood can carry the weight of ceramic pots and dishes without affecting its structure.

Some furniture materials are hard, but they are also heavy. Its interesting quality is that it is lightweight despite being a harder material. It is the significant reason which makes it suitable for a dining table. 

Its firm structure makes it highly water resistant and does not create marks on water absorption. As a result, it can last more than a decade when you take care of its maintenance. 


It is a better option for a dining table because it is super affordable. There are some types of wooden furniture with good qualities, but they are expensive.

You want to get them due to their unique features, but they are out of your budget. Instead, you can select acacia wood when you want to get the best furniture on a low budget.

Its increased growth is the reason to make it affordable even with these excellent qualities. In addition, its trees regrow fast, and are a significant reason for their low cost.

They grow for about 2.5 to 3.5 feet in a year, which means they are present in abundance. When the manufacturers cut these trees, they regrow quickly. 


The best quality of this dining table is that it is highly eco-friendly. You will not find any other furniture with such nature-friendly qualities as the acacia wooden furniture.

Its harvesting does not impact the environment negatively due to fast growth, as many types of wood do. Instead, they can absorb carbon from the air; that’s why you can call them the reserves of carbon.

It is beneficial because you can harvest more than one product from this kind of tree. In addition, several manufacturers utilize their wood waste to make beneficial products.

This fast rate of absorbing carbon and releasing oxygen makes them reliable and sustainable. This quality helps to reduce the severe climate crisis, which is now a big problem in the modern world.

In short, they absorb greenhouse gases from your surrounding environment, which is beneficial for your life. 

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