Should I Put Recessed Lighting in Dining Room?

Should I Put Recessed Lighting in Dining Room?

Recessed lights play the role of accent, ambient, and task lights. They are essential in increasing the effectiveness of other lights.

Should I Put Recessed Lighting in Dining Room? You can put recessed lighting in the dining room because they provide a sense of warmth, makes the room look bigger, and gives a spotlight effect. Furthermore, they require less maintenance and are suitable for a minimalistic look.

However, they can be expensive if you install more in a big room as the only source of brightness.

Why should you put recessed lighting in the dining room?

The right kind of lights can make a big impact on the way you feel about a room. It can change the whole look of a space when you change the lights in the aspect of brightening or dimming them.

The recess lights have changed how people used to put lights in their homes.

Provide a sense of warmth

Candlelight dinners fascinate everyone because the orangey-blue flame of candles creates a cozy, comfortable, and warm atmosphere.

The recessed lighting does the same when placed over the dining table. You can control their brightness and adjust them according to your mood.

In addition, it feels relaxing and cozy to have dinner with your family under the dim yet illuminating light of recessed lighting.

Moreover, the orange and red hue automatically provides a feeling of calm and warmth. It makes you feel free of your worries to enjoy your food and family dinner.

Make the room look bigger

They make a room look bigger through a technique called wall washed. A wall-washed technique is used to make a room appear large with the help of focusing lights on the wall.

In addition, they will make the wall brighter and illuminate in lights. You have to know the placement and distance of lights from the wall.

The distance between recessed lights themselves impacts the effect of wall washed to create the illusion of a big room.

You require wall-washed trim, which reflects the light in a specific direction, and a light scoop called an eyelid. 

The scoop or eyelid will cover half the bulb to throw the light on the wall. You can make your dining room look bigger with this technique.

Not visible frame

The rim of the recessed lights is not visible in the ceiling. You do not have to worry about those ruining the design of your false ceiling.

Moreover, they are available in shades matching the paint of your ceiling. As a result, they look seamless and blend into the roof.

You will only see the lights showering from the ceiling. In addition, they are not noticeable even when they are not switched on.

It is a better feature because the rims of some lights are dark that they are visible and look weird. 

Spotlight effect

The unique feature of the recessed light is that they create a spotlight effect. Therefore, they efficiently highlight a dining room’s beautiful features.

They let the art piece have your attention because of the spotlight effect. These are present in standing shelve cabinets to illuminate decorative pieces.

They are also installed over the bookshelves to enhance the features and showcase the expensive collection of books.

In the dining room, you have them above your dining table to create a focal point to have the attention on the garnishing of the dishes.

The spotlight effect creates a soft and quiet atmosphere. You can have this effect on your dining table.

Less maintenance

The beneficial aspect of recessed lights is that they do not require maintenance. They have long run times and do not need much voltage.

Furthermore, these lights are used frequently and for a long time. They are even left switched on at night when you all go to bed to sleep.

In addition, they do not get damaged despite all this extra run time. You should keep them clean and dust-free to decrease the chances of damage.

Furthermore, you should ensure their proper installation, and you will never have to face any maintenance issues.

Minimal look

They are for you if you are into minimalistic styling because they make the atmosphere subtle and soft.

Moreover, they cancel out the harsh details of the dining room. They can balance the dark-colored dining table with the soft lighting.

You can change the color of the light with the help of Bluetooth and a dimmer switch. However, it is better to adjust them according to the requirement of the room.

They can also act like reading lights when you sit under one and switch the other.

How to place recessed lights in the dining room?

The specific distances and measurements are required to install the lights to have a spotlight and wall-washed effect.

In addition, you should install them 3 feet away from the wall, which is the mounting distance to have wall washed effect to make a room look bigger.

Moreover, you should install them 5 feet away from each other, which is a spacing distance if you want a blanket of lights to cover the whole dining room.

Furthermore, there is also the overlapping effect, which is extra helpful with the fixture lights.

The overlapping effect looks good over the area of the dining table to have an array of lights fall on the table. In addition, the circular rings of lights falling over the table create an ambient light effect. 

The fixture light helps to create the overlapping effect because the recessed light will strike with it and spread the light all over the table.

Moreover, you require two recessed lights to put with fixture lamps between them if the table is 48 inches long. Follow this idea for your table as well. 

Things to consider when putting recessed lighting in the dining room

You need to consider a few things when adding recessed lights in the dining room. They require proper wiring and installation techniques.

In addition, you should consider that they are famous for the spotlight effect and do not go beyond their specified limit.

They are not enough to brighten up the whole room in a few numbers. You will have to install a few more to get a good and clear visual capacity in the room.

Furthermore, they will be expensive if you require more, and their installation is also costly. However, you can install them for decorative purposes and to uplift the style of your space.

They can also be quite dangerous if the wiring stays loose during installation or if the quality of the wires is compromised. 

They can heat up and cause to increase the risk of unfortunate events.

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