Is it Illegal to Leave Furniture on the Curb?

Is it Illegal to Leave Furniture on the Curb?

The idea of curb construction is basically to maintain an aesthetic and appealing look at the roads and streets. However, some people put their old furniture on the curb. 

Is it Illegal to Leave Furniture on the Curb? It is illegal to leave your furniture on the curb, and you can face severe consequences for this unlawful act. As a result, you can get a fine of $90 to $110 if you do not follow the regulations regarding disposing of useless furniture. Moreover, people do this when they want to upgrade their home interior, unavailability of pick-up service, and to make their room more spacious.

These concrete edges can also avoid road congestion by making a proper channel for the water flow after rain or snow.

There are special services to collect bulky items from the roadsides as it is challenging for you to discard them properly due to their heavy weight.

Many people find it difficult to reach out to proper waste collecting services or sanitation departments which is why they get involved in illegal dumping.

What is a curb on the road?

A curb is a concrete edging connecting a road with a street or another.

 These are different from paved sideways as they are slightly raised from the surface.

The idea to construct these curbs originated to avoid water flooding and give an aesthetic look to the roadways.

This concrete edging ensures a safe walk for pedestrians as it helps keep water away from the sideways.

Moreover, the curbs enable road separation for the drivers and sideways for the pedestrians.

In addition, there are different designs of curbs depending upon their material, size, shape, and height.

Furthermore, they also help channel the rainwater in its direction and avoid any water congestion on the roads.

Is it against the law to leave furniture on the curb?

Yes, it is illegal to discard old household appliances and furniture on the roadsides and curbs.

It is called illegal dumping if you leave bulky items outside private property or residential areas.

In addition, you can face severe consequences for illegal dumping by leaving your items on the sidewalks. Moreover, you can also get penalized for this unlawful behavior.

It can get you $100 to $150 as a penalty or even more for leaving your dump on the curbs in the residential areas.

Furthermore, this act is illegal in almost every state, and you can be charged a heavy amount as a penalty to save yourself from any other punishment.

Why do people leave furniture on the curb?

Many people find it challenging to manage old furniture at home, and they find it easy to throw their furniture on curbs.

Useless items

Older products require extra maintenance, and it is challenging to clean them properly daily.

Moreover, it requires more cleaning agents for deep cleaning as its upholstery gets badly damaged.

Sometimes, it is challenging for people to hoard old furniture items at home due to their narrow living place.

So, they leave their useless items on the roadside as they find no proper way to dispose of them.

Unavailability of pick-up service

Some places have the facility of pick-up service that carries their dumps from their homes to landfill sites.

The government provides litter-carrying vehicles to the waste collector teams to pick up the garbage from roadsides. This team can also collect litter bags from the doorsteps of every home on the street.

Moreover, the areas are divided between different teams to collect all the waste material from the homes.

Furthermore, many people leave their old furniture on the roadside as there is an unavailability of pick-up service in their areas.

To upgrade the interior

Many people love to change their home interior from time to time to give their living place a more appealing look.

In addition, they buy new furniture to match the aesthetics of their rooms and want to dispose of the older ones.

Moreover, they cannot find nearby landfills to throw their dumps in an ideal way.

So, they end up choosing some illegal ways, like leaving their useless items on the roadside to get rid of them.

Make your room spacious

It gives an untidy and unrefined look to your living place if you hoard extra furniture in them. So, you have to get rid of older furniture items to make your room look spacious and beautiful.

In addition, it is quite challenging to clean and maintain such items correctly. So, it is necessary to get rid of these older products better.

Moreover, people throw all these useless products outside their homes on the sideways and curbs.

What happens due to the illegal dumping of furniture on the curb?

You can face severe consequences if you do not use an ideal method to discard your bulky items.

Penalties and fines

Garbage trucks in New York City are not allowed to pick up the leftover items from outside the private property.

So, you must reach out to curbside recycling teams to hand over your older furniture or other dumps to avoid accidents or mishaps.

It may get you $90 – $110 or more as a penalty if you leave your useless household products on sideways.

Moreover, you have to think twice about discarding all your old household appliances and furniture as it can get you a heavy fine for that in all the states.

Furthermore, you may also get caught by your neighbors if you leave your items outside their private property.

Road accidents

It can cause severe road accidents if you create dumps on the roadsides outside your homes.

Moreover, it can damage the vehicle and cause injuries to the driver if he cannot see clearly on the road due to excessive dumping sideways.

Furthermore, accidents can also happen when a person wants to turn their vehicle into the street, and they find dumping on the curbs.

You have to find a proper landfill to throw away all the garbage or useless products to avoid car accidents.

Increase pollution

It blocks roadsides when people leave their dumps in the middle of the drainage system as it creates water congestion on the roads.

Moreover, it can also give birth to bacteria that cause diseases in children and adults.

Furthermore, it causes water pollution and contamination on the roads, leading to harmful effects on people’s health.

It can also cause a foul odor in your street as the wooden framing of the furniture gets contaminated after continuous rain.

In addition, it also starts rotting when the pick-up service does not come to pick them up in time.

Block passage for pedestrians

It blocks the sideways and curbs for pedestrians if you leave your dump outside the homes.

Moreover, it can increase the chances of hitting when people walk around them, especially at night.

Furthermore, it can also increase the risk of accidents if you leave your products on the roadsides.

It can also cause severe damage to vehicles if people leave useless items on the edge of the streets.

What are the other ways to dispose of your furniture on the curb?

You can discard your furniture in an ideal way if it is challenging for you to carry your oversized items to the stores to sell them.


You have to contact any charity organization and tell them about your stuff before leaving your dumps on the sideways.

In addition, different states have proper rules and regulations regarding disposing of useless items you can give to charitable organizations.

These organizations use these products to help needy people around the state.

Moreover, it is the best way to discard your items as you can help needy people with your useless household products.

Reselling of used furniture

It is also a good idea that you can resell your old products if they are no longer serving you.

In addition, it is necessary to get rid of the old bulky items to give your room an aesthetic and appealing look.

Moreover, it is better to upgrade your home interior as advanced designs and smart technologies take the place of the older oversized products.

So, it is better to resell your furniture to the auxiliaries or even can sell on half price to the needy people.

Handover to recycling factories

You can give your useless furniture to the recycling factories so that they can smash them or upgrade them into a whole new item.

Moreover, these factories can change the upholstery and even designs of the products to create something new.

Furthermore, they can smash them with their smashers and use the remaining raw material to make a new product from it.

You can contact these factories by calling and asking them to pick up your bulky items from your nearby curbs.

In addition, you can leave them on the sidewalks after confirming that the pickup team of that factory is coming to collect your waste.

Waste disposal services

The government provides a facility to the citizens that they can hand over their oversized items to the waste disposal team.

In addition, this team has a proper schedule for picking up the waste from the curbs or even from doorsteps.

They can come weekly or monthly according to their schedule and collect your litter bags and bulky items to discard them properly.

Moreover, you can contact them if they are not coming regularly according to their schedule or for any inconvenience.

You can leave all your oversized items on the roadside after asking them to collect your waste from there.

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