How do you Hang a Closet Rod on an Angled Wall?

How do you Hang a Closet Rod on an Angled Wall?

A cupboard is a necessity to keep and store our belongings. In addition, closet bars are essential for hanging our clothes in an organized way. However, installing a rod on an angled wall is different from adding it to a straight wall.

How do you Hang a Closet Rod on an Angled Wall? You can hang a closet bar on an angled wall by measuring the length and width of the closet and marking the position of the rod on the wall. Then install support on the inclined wall and drill pilot holes to add the brackets. Select a proper pole and install brackets on the wooden support with the help of a screw. Slide the rod through the brackets and secure it. It requires 1 to 2 hours and costs about$15 to $25 to add a cupboard bar.

You have to do calculations to create enough room for the rod and the hanging clothes.

Why it is difficult to hang a closet rod on an inclined wall?

The closets are usually present on a straight wall of the room. They are easy to work with because no modification is required.

These can be in the corners of the room or beneath the stairs can have slanted walls. These places are difficult to work with due to their inclined position.

You can not simply adjust a bar on them to hang clothes. You will need proper support to secure the bar on it.

Otherwise, the bar will not sustain its upright position. These sites have less space to hang the clothes and other pieces.

How to hang a closet rod on an angled wall?

You can do it by using the right tools. Just follow these simple steps to complete the task.

On average, it takes about 1 to 2 hours to install it on an inclined wall. It is a one-person job and does not require any other person.

The cost depends upon the type of pole, wooden support, and brackets. Adding a new bar in a closet takes about $15 to $20.

Tools required

  • Screws 
  • Rod
  • Pencil
  • Drill machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Brackets
  • Wooden support

Measure the dimension of the closet

Before installing the pole, measure the length and width of the closet. It is essential because the location of the metallic bar depends upon the dimension.

Measure the width to get the size of the rod required for your closet. The length determines how high you can hang the pole in the cupboard.

To take the dimensions, use a measuring tape. Hold it straight in hand and place its one end on the ceiling.

Then align it along the wall and mark where it touches the other end. It is the length of your cupboard.

To measure the width, hold it horizontally and place one side on the wall. Mark it where it touches the opposite direction. You will get the width of the closet.

Locate the position of the rod

You should mark the site where you will fit the bar on the walls. You have to keep it at a safe distance from the floor and back wall.

You can use your long cloth to determine the point of the pole on the walls. Take the dress and align it along the sidewalls. Then mark the point on the walls with a permanent marker.

Generally, it should have a minimum of 50 to 60 inches distance from the floor. You should install it at an appropriate distance from the back wall.

The rod should be 20 to 24 inches from the back wall. Measure these distances with measuring tape and mark the point.

Select the type of rod

Be careful when selecting the type of rod for the angled wall. Closet rods are available in different sizes and designs.

Oval or rectangular bars are more suitable for an angled wall. They are easy to install in an inclined position. 

Choose an aluminum or steel rod to install in the cupboard. You can also choose a wooden piece.

They resist bending and can lift heavy weights easily. My friend suggested adding a steel pole in the cupboard to organize all the heavy jackets and pants.

After purchase, adjust its size by cutting it. You can cut the wooden piece with a sharp knife or a saw.

Mark it up to the desired length of the closet and cut it with a saw. After cutting, sand it properly with sandpaper to give its ends a smooth look.

Add support to the angled wall

The support secures it on the inclined or steeper wall. The rod in the cupboard needs a lot of support to hang heavy clothes. A Support prevents its bending due to weight and will not fall from its position.

To add support, use wooden or plywood pieces of appropriate thickness. Thick and wide support can bear the heavy metallic rod.

It is easy to add brackets to the wide support. Fix it on the exact height where the closet bar will go. Then fix it in its position with the help of screws.

Add screws after every 5 to 6 inches to hold the wooden pieces tightly on their site. Finally, you can paint the support to match it with the color.

Drill holes

Drilling holes are necessary to attach brackets to the wooden support. First, drill holes along the edges and then make a hole in the center of the wood.

If the support is long, drill it every 20 to 30 inches to attach brackets. Equally, spaced brackets give an elegant and beautiful look to your cupboard.

Add brackets

Choose brackets according to the type of the rod. Brackets are also available in different designs and sizes.

For example, there are different brackets for the round bar than the square or oval-shaped rod.

Choose high-quality stainless steel brackets because they are more durable. You can also add sockets on the opposite walls and fix them with screws.

I always prefer adding brackets with a unique design to increase the aesthetic appeal of the cupboard.

After choosing, install a bracket every 20 inches to support the bar on the inclined wall. Tighten up the screws and bolts of the frames with a socket to fix them on their site.

Fit the rod inside the brackets

Each bracket has a round holder along its free end. Slide the bar slowly through these holders to fit it on the support.

Next, slide it straight and align it with the support on the angled wall. In the case of sockets, place one end of the bar in the opening of the socket.

Attach the other end to the socket of the opposite wall. Ensure the bar is secure by pulling it outward or hanging heavy clothes.

Why would you hang a closet rod on an angled wall?

The closet rod is usually installed horizontally. They are more functional and stable on even walls. 

It is a little different than ordinary smooth bars and has many purposes other than hanging clothes.

In small houses, the rooms usually have awkward small spaces with slanted walls.

Usually, the corner of the rooms is part of these tiny spaces. They give a dull look to your room. You can hang cupboard rods in these spaces and decorate the space with different things.

It will fill the space and give a new refreshing look to a living area.

Big families can also utilize the slanted walls to install hanging bars. It will give all the family members a separate place to organize their clothes.

The slanted walls above a garage or under stairs are the best places to create storage compartments.

It will fill the space beneath the stairs and give plenty of space to store all your valuables.

The closet rods are also a way to hide minor paint defects on the angled walls of the room.

You can add a long bar on the defective area to hide the faded paint. It will hide the defect and gives a place to hang something.

You can hang a metallic bar to hide the windows. You can hang a curtain on the rod to hide the windows.

You can hang cupboard rods in your rooms to create a space and organize all the things with ease. It allows for making all the sloped walls and ceilings of the room more functional.

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