Is Elephant in a Box Sofa Good Quality?

Is Elephant in a Box Sofa Good Quality?

Many people love to buy furniture that comes with trendy designs and also has good quality upholstery. You can go for Elephant In A Box sofa if you are looking for a comfortable and affordable sofa.

Is Elephant in a Box Sofa Good Quality? Elephant In A Box Sofa is a good quality product because it is made of 100% polyester and contains cellulose fiber sheets. Moreover, people are satisfied with its comfort and excellent quality upholstery as it can last longer with less maintenance. Furthermore, it is famous due to its strong frame, trendy designs and colors, and ability to occupy less space.

Many people find it easy to maintain this as its upholstery does not require deep cleaning on a daily basis.

What is Elephant In A Box Sofa?

Elephant In A Box Sofa is uniquely made using HoneyComb support technology, making it easy to collapse and fold.

This technology ensures the original shape of this item, making it strong enough to carry heavy loads.

Moreover, its upholstery contains 100% polyester, making it more durable.

This product also consists of cellulose fiber sheets that make it lightweight.

In addition, you can move this sofa easily while shifting your old home to the new one.

Furthermore, you can disassemble it and place it in your car easily while moving from one place to another.

This angular-designed couch comes in 2 to 3 soft colors that can easily blend with the aesthetics of your room.

It also comes in different sizes like a loveseat, sofa bed, sectional and standard size.

This couch is lightweight and suitable for living rooms as it is comfortable and cozy.

An ottoman also comes with it that gives your room an elegant and appealing look.

Why is Elephant In A Box Sofa good quality?

The excellent quality upholstery of this couch makes it last longer and can carry heavy weights.

It is better to place it in your living rooms or bedrooms

Affordable prices

This online company provides its customers with good-quality products at affordable prices.

Moreover, you can get your desired product at your desired prices.

Furthermore, this online furnishing company offers client-friendly deals to advertise its products.

Other companies deal with furniture at higher prices, and people cannot buy them more frequently.

Good quality upholstery

This sofa is perfect for any environment if you are living in humid areas; it does not affect your product.

In addition, it does not look untidy due to the presence of dust particles as it comes in lighter shades.

Moreover, this couch is made of polyester, perfect for any season like dusty, rainy, or humid weather.

You can also clean it easily by dusting it out or using laundry detergents if it catches any stains or marks.

Trendy designs and colors

This couch comes in different designs with the same style, making it unique from other conventional sofas.

Moreover, this company also offers you their product in different beautiful that can go well with your white or off-white walls.

In addition, these colors are in lighter shades, making them simple yet appealing.

An ottoman also comes with this couch which increases the comfort factor of this product.

You can also place your notes, notebooks, or files on the ottoman if you are working or studying by sitting on this couch.

Occupies less space

Many people love to buy furniture with deep seating space and lesser space occupying factors.

In addition, you can buy this product in standard size if you do not have extra space for placing furniture in your living room.

Moreover, it has deep seating space like 2 to 3 people can manage to sit on this couch easily.

You can go to buy this couch if you are placing it in your home office and you have less space to place any furniture items.


This couch gives you a greater comfort level as it is made of polyester, and you can curl up on it while enjoying your movies.

Moreover, the honeycomb technology makes it unique and flexible, giving you cozy vibes.

You can put throws on your couch or add squishy cushions and pillows to make it more comfortable and cozy.

Strong frame

This couch is not made of pure wood, but it is strong enough to carry heavy weight without any problems.

Moreover, any couch or loveseat’s weight capacity and strength depend upon its framework.

A sofa can never last long if its framing is not solid enough that it can hold heavy objects with more weight than its capacity.

How long does it take to assemble Elephant In A Box Sofa?

You can assemble and disassemble this couch more easily as it contains cellulose sheets in the middle of the sofa.

It takes almost 4 to 8 minutes to assemble it if you are experienced in assembling furniture.

Moreover, it can also take longer if you are not skilled enough to join all the furniture parts together.

It comes in a sofa-like structure that is folded inwards, and you can stretch it easily to make a proper seating space.

After that, you have to put all the wooden planks along with this structure that can help align it in a proper shape.

Furthermore, you must put the hardboard upholstered with a great quality fabric onto the seating space and the back seat.

This way, you can quickly assemble your furniture within minutes without hassle.

Can you return Elephant In A Box Sofa after 30 days?

The official website of Elephant In A Box offers its customers the facility you can return the product if they are not satisfied.

According to their return policies, you can return any damaged or defective item within 30 days.

Moreover, you can also replace any product if you do not like its color or design.

Furthermore, you also have to provide some photos as evidence if you claim any furniture defect.

In addition, you have to ensure that the product is in original condition if you want to replace your item.

The furniture is not replaceable if it is not in good shape and condition, like the presence of stains and spill-offs.

Is Elephant In A Box Sofa suitable for daily use?

Yes, you can place this sofa in your living room as it requires no extra maintenance.

It is uniquely designed for daily use as it is handy, and there is no need to clean it on a regular basis.

Furthermore, it is designed especially for a house full of children as they leave marks of different eatables on the upholstery.

You can clean it by wiping the stains off by dapping a soft wet cloth on the stains.

Moreover, you can also use different DIY methods or a mixture of soap and water to clean all the spills.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 597 people to ask them about their experiences regarding the purchase of Elephant In A Box Sofa.

Out of 597 people, 285 (48%) said it is so comfortable as they can curl up on this sofa while relaxing.

However, 207 people (35%) said that they have been using it for the past few years, and it is still in good condition as it is made up of good quality upholstery.

While the remaining 105 people (17%) said, they are facing some order placing issues with Elephant In A Box.

Many people love its designs and colors and recommend it to others.

“I ordered Elephant In A Box couch, and I am enjoying my time with it along with Ottoman as well. I recommend this sofa to everyone who is looking to buy a cozy and comfortable product. “

Many people are satisfied with the good quality and durability of this couch.

“My father bought this couch 4 to 5 years ago, and we still have this in our living room. It is also easier to maintain this, unlike other conventional sofas.”

Many people are not satisfied with its customer care center as they get difficulty placing their orders.

“I wanted to place my order for this product, but when I contacted with Elephant In A Box customer care center, they did not respond to me in time.”

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