Is Homary Furniture Legit?

Is Homary Furniture Legit?

Homary furniture brand working only as an online retailer. It is obvious to raise questions about the brand and whether it is legitimate or not when there is no physical store present.

Is Homary Furniture Legit? Homary furniture is legit as it gets positive feedback from the consumers and connects directly through an online platform without any middleman for the delivery of the products. Moreover, it offers reasonable prices for the products, including all the indoor and outdoor home décor items. In addition, it provides customers with attractive offers and better warranty time and gives them rewards on their first purchase. 

Furthermore, the new users need to build their trust in the online brands. However, the brand’s policies, reviews, and customer-friendly offers or other approaches improve its reputation.

What type of product does Homary furniture manufacture?

It is an online retail brand dealing in indoor and outdoor furniture like tables and chairs.

Moreover, it provides home decor items and water or light fixtures like candle lamps or faucets.

This online brand has been serving the people since 2012 with its unique products. In addition, it helps renovate the home in a budget-friendly manner.

Furthermore, you can get products for the kitchen, outdoors, wall decor, and rugs to decorate the floor.

Finally, it provides benches, loveseats, beds, and storage boxes to organize the items.

Why is Homary Furniture Legit?

Homary furniture is a popular and legit brand that provides multiple products at better prices.

You can search for the products on their website and read their reviews that confirm their legitimacy.

Direct delivery of products

They deal directly with its customers and deliver the ordered items right at their place.

There is no middleman for taking the packaged products from the warehouse and delivers at your doorstep.

It allows you to engage in direct conversation with the product providers.

Moreover, it builds brand trust in the consumers and makes them legit to purchase items.

Better prices

You can get products like tables or a sofa set at a reasonable price from it. Their product cost ranges from $60 to $3999, including small home decor pieces and the bigger beds.

You can get the wall decors, clocks, and rugs at only $65 to $99.

At the same time, some of the more oversized products, like tables and beds, can cost you more than these small pieces.

The improved design and style can increase the cost but ensure the durability of furniture items. For example, a coffee table can cost you around $295 to $1499.

Similarly, they provide a set of patio chairs and tables for almost $1500 to $1999.

Better warranty offers

This online brand provides different warranty offers for every product. Additionally, it provides a lifetime warranty for some products like bathroom accessories.

It starts from a 1-year warranty for the lighting products like lamps and a 5 or 10 year warranty time for the sinks and faucets.

Wide collection of products

It offers multiple products for decorating indoor and outdoor places like nightstands, storage boxes, and floor lamps.

I purchased a Homary TV stand for $1099 that was black with two center drawers. It is still intact, looks stylish, and adds to the beauty of my living room area.

After a good experience, I purchased a wooden writing desk for $445, which was not the one that I had ordered, but it was not bad, so I kept that in my home.

Encouraging feedback from customers

Many users leave positive comments on their website, which shows that this online brand is legitimate.

In addition, it gives an encouraging impact on the new consumers and helps build trust in the brand.

The dining tables, bookcases, and dressing tables are the best-reviewed products that capture new buyers’ attention.

Furthermore, you can also see the comments about their quality, price effectiveness, and a huge variety that attracts the customers on their website.

However, some customers complained about their strict delivery spots as they are not bound to put the package inside the house.

Customer engaging offers

They offer exciting opportunities for their new customers to grab their attention and make them purchase products regularly.

They understand the importance of reliable customers and provide them attractive offers like a discount of $300 to $400.

They provide this discount as a reward to new users when they register on their website.

Moreover, you can get a $20 to $25 discount after accepting their promotional messages by mail.

Reward regular customers

The regular customers ensure the sales, so Homary tries to develop customer loyalty by offering rewards.

It goes on sale and offers discounts at different times of the year to allow its customers to enjoy the lower prices for a short time.

You can enjoy a discount of 9% to 95% during sales or through their coupons and promotional codes.

No shipping cost

They do not add any restriction of minimum purchasing to avail an opportunity of free shipping.

Many brands like Wayfair add this limit on the shipping cost, and you have to pay the fee when you cannot meet this limit.

Consumers from remote areas cannot avail of free shipping facilities, and they have to pay the delivery fee.

Is there any Homary store in America?

You cannot find any store in America because it is an online brand that serves the consumers through its website.

Furthermore, you have to search for the products on their website and put an order.

You cannot look at the quality and design of products before they arrive at your home.

Many customers do not consider it legit due to the absence of physical existence.

Therefore, they try their best to win the trust of their new users by delivering better products and offering rewards on their first purchase.

Where is Homary furniture made?

A Chinese company manufactures the amazing Homary products you see on their website. It controls the manufacturing process of furniture and decorating items.

This brand plays the broker’s role and sells durable and cost-effective products after receiving from the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Can I return the Homary products after 30 days? 

The return policy of Homary furniture is similar to the policies of Wayfair, which allows you to send back the defective product within a month.

You can ask them to replace the products or refund the money within 28 to 30 days.

However, there is a fee for returning the items when there is no problem with the quality of the product.

Search for the “My order” option on your account and click on the return option for a particular product that you want to return. You have to mention the reason for the replacement or return.

Furthermore, pack and ship the items to the provided address with the trackable methods and wait for their response on your mail.

Additionally, they have some exceptions in their return policy, like you cannot return the items you have purchased in the sales or at discount rates.

Similarly, they do not accept exchanges and return for customized and clearance products.

What do the reviews say?

They provide high-quality and durable products at a cost-effective price to provide the consumers with extraordinary and durable home decor products.

One of the customers said,

“I purchased a freestanding coat hanger with a marble base from Homary made of high-quality material. I bought it for $85 during the 30% off sale, and it is still intact after three years of use.”

This online brand recognizes old and new customers and provides user-friendly offers to maintain long-term relationships. Moreover, they have a dedicated team that cooperates with customers whenever they engage in customer service.

Another buyer mentioned,

“I have called the customer service center to get information about the delay in product delivery. Their agent told me the reason for the delay and the expected delivery time.”

They offer free shipping on all the close routes, but you have to pay some charges for delivery in remote areas.

One of the customers told about his experience with the free shipping and return policy. 

“When I returned a square-shaped coffee table, I had to pay the fee. I dont like this policy.”

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