Does IKEA Sell California King Bed Frames?

Does IKEA Sell California King Bed Frames?

Many people search for California king bed frames at IKEA stores. It is one of the known sellers that provides multiple furniture-related items, including cupboard setup, wooden frames, mattresses, and sofas.

Does IKEA Sell California King Bed Frames? IKEA does not sell California king bed frames because it only deals with standard-size beds, including the king, queen, and full-size. It suits only tall people who need extra space to place legs, and their regular customers do not demand such frames. They provide lesser surface area to adjust 2 or more people and fewer options for relevant accessories. 

This bed is not common in every house because single and couples prefer twin or full-size.

What is the size of a California king bed?

Many people get confused about the king and California king bed and consider them as same. This is not the case, and both of them differ in dimensions.

It is narrower and longer than a king-size structure. It has 84 inches in length and 72 inches in width. In contrast, the king-size mattresses are 80 inches long and 76 inches wide.

Therefore, it is the only suitable choice for those who want to provide a space for their pets close to their feet.

Why does IKEA not sell California king bed frames?

IKEA deals with standard-sized beds and frames like a queen and full-size but avoids adding California king frames for many reasons.

 They prefer to manufacture only those products which customers demand from them to improve their sales.

Infrequent use

They are not providing these wooden frames to their customer because it is not in high demand.

According to their needs, many people prefer to put a twin size or full-size bed in their room.

Similarly, the hotel rooms contain a king or queen size platform commonly in the rooms, specific for couples and families.

Also, one or two twin-size beds are present in the hotel rooms, which are mainly for single persons. These small platforms provide enough space to adjust a single person.

Less surface area

IKEA does not pay attention to adding these furniture in their store because it provides less surface than the king-size platform.

Moreover, it provides extra length, but the width is lesser, which reduces the surface area.

It is only suitable for one person because its size does not facilitate the two or more people.

However, it is an excellent option to add to your room if you are taller and find difficulty fitting on the small-size twin mattress.

You can avoid hanging of legs off the mattress surface because it provides a few extra inches of length to place your feet comfortably on it.

It provides more area than the twin-size platform but is not as wide as king-size ones suitable to adjust two people.

Fewer options for accessories

These bed frames provide fewer accessories options due to low customer demand. In addition, it is hard to find sheets and blankets compatible with these mattresses.

Similarly, you have to make more efforts to find the matching size covers or rails.

Therefore, the customers avoid purchasing products that cannot provide them comfort and make their lives easier.

These are of no practical importance without accessories because it makes them comfortable and accessible.

High manufacturing cost

This brand understands customers’ choice and their expectations related to a sleeping platform.

However, they do not prefer to invest the money in stuff that is not their customers’ preference.

Therefore, their less popularity can be the reason behind their unavailability on the IKEA platform.

No custom frames

They deal in the standard size frames available in their stores.

It does not take orders for custom wooden frames, so you cannot ask them to design a frame according to your requirement.

It is better to find some local furniture manufacturers to help design a customized frame.

You can only get standard-size frames for your queen and king mattresses.

What size frame fits California king beds?

It is better to consider the dimensions of the bed platform before purchasing the frames.

For example, the California king size mattress is 183 cm in width and 213 cm in length.

Accordingly, the wooden frame needs to be larger than its size to provide an appropriate space.

The exact size of the frame requires great effort to push the mattress inside the frame and affects the quality of foam from the head and foot side.

Therefore, its width and length should be a few inches more than its standard size.

So, you have to get a suitable frame that is almost 185 to 187 cm wide and 215 to 218 cm long.

Can I put a California king mattress on King bed frames?

You can try to fit the California king mattress on the king bed frames, but it is impossible.

It is only good to do when using adjustable metal frames that can easily get wider and larger.

It does not fit on these frames due to the bigger size because its headboard and footboard define the boundary.

The placement of this structure on king size frames looks weird because it remains hanging over the head and footboard area.

It can also affect your sleep so try to get an exact matching size.

So, it is not an excellent choice to put its mattress on the larger wooden frames, and you should try to find other options that match its size.

Which IKEA bed frames are suitable for California king beds?

IKEA does not facilitate you for these huge bed frames, but some other options can help you in this regard.

Moreover, it provides a MALM platform that can adjust a king-size mattress efficiently.

Only a headboard is present in it that provides a margin for those who want to adjust bigger foams.

It has a flexible structure due to the absence of a footboard which allows you to do hacks with the frame.

You can also use an adjustable metal box spring that provides extra width and length to make adjustments.

You can increase or decrease the length and width of king size frames to put this mattress.

Similarly, the GRIMSBU bed frame on IKEA lacks a footboard and offers an opportunity to place large size foam over it.

Furthermore, you can find the IDANAS bed frame on their website without a footboard.

Its edges are not raised above the rails, which allows you to place the more oversized mattresses.

A hanging mattress can look unappealing, but it is your choice to spend money on a new mattress and wooden frame.

How can I get a California king bed frame?

Many custom bed manufacturers are present that can design a wood frame according to the size of your mattress. You can ask them to design a custom platform for your mattress.

Moreover, they can come to take measurements or provide their details by self-measuring the dimensions.

It is not a difficult task for them to prepare a different frame from a standard size.

Additionally, some reliable online sellers are also available that provide a customized frame.

Accordingly, search the frames and order suitable products that match your choice, requirement, and budget.

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