Where is Bellanest Furniture Manufactured?

Where is Bellanest Furniture Manufactured?

Bellanest furniture offers one of the promising products in America to consumers in terms of quality and price that are working at a large scale.

Where is Bellanest Furniture Manufactured? Bellanest furniture is manufactured in America by the Raymours Furniture Company. This company makes the sofas, chairs, tables, and loveseats and delivers these products to Raymour and Flanigan, which further sells the products in 145 stores across the USA. Bellanest is the Raymour and Flanigan trademark that is usually present on their products like mattresses and furniture. Their platinum protection plan offers 4 to 5 years to replace or fix damaged products. 

You can get luxurious seating platforms like the sectional sofas or recliners and the chairs for your dining room.

Furthermore, it ensures customer satisfaction and offers fantastic opportunities to their new and old users to get the best-priced home decor items.

What type of furniture does Bellanest make?

They are famous for soft and durable mattresses for bed frames that remain bouncy for an extended time. Moreover, you can get products like sofas, recliners, tables, etc.

Bellanest is not a brand itself; instead, it is a trademark for Raymor and Flanigan.

Sofa and recliners

It mainly deals with different types of sofas made of different materials. For example, you can buy a beautiful leather sofa or a table for your room.

It is essential to add a luxurious sofa set to the bedroom to look appealing.

It adds to the beauty of your room and provides you comfort due to the quick conversion of the recliner sofa to a bed position.

They introduced an armless sofa with a wooden back and upholstered seat and back. Moreover, there is a wide arm seating that allows 2 to 3 persons to sit.


There are dining chairs with wooden legs, a tufted linen seat, upholstered, etc. All kitchen chairs are armless but provide a comfortable seat to sit.

Additionally, foam padding on the wooden frame of accent chairs allows you to curl up on the chair while reading a magazine.

An ottoman is usually present with accent chairs to relax your feet on it.

So, you can get comfortable and stylish products to furnish your bedroom, dining room, and living room from them.


The dining tables made of metal are good to use outdoors for enjoying coffee time with family.

It gives a refined look to the outdoor space. You can choose a round, rectangular, or square shape table in your home.

Benches & stools

Backless outdoor benches with a wooden frame and a cushion on the seat look beautiful and feel comfortable. I have a Bellanest bench on my lawn and used to sit with my friends usually.

These benches are not only suitable for outdoors, but you can place them in the hallway or living room to provide extra seating.

Who makes furniture for Bellanest?

Raymours Furniture Company manufactures Bellanest furniture and provides products to the Raymour and Flanigan.

The latter one associates with customers and sells the products to them through a retailer site. 

Raymour and Flanigan not only sell these products, but it also lists the products of Riverside Furniture and David International on their website.

This manufacturing company operates in many states of the US and provides products for almost every house room.

The retailer carries furnishings made by various brands, including Riverside, Bellanest, and Davis International. It is a trademark of Raymours Furniture Company present in the US.

They can provide nightstands, bookcases, sofas, tables, etc., dominating the US market.

Is there any protection plan for Bellanest furniture?

Raymour & Flanigan offers a platinum protection plan to build customers’ trust in their products.

They offer an opportunity to replace an item cover or a cushion for 4 to 5 years if it gets damaged.

Their plan covers the staining on the fabric due to the spilling of drinks, food, and inks. Moreover, they can replace a cover when it gets faded due to bleach.

The platinum protection plan includes cuts, punctures, mud stains, and paint spots. Furthermore, it includes the spots due to glue, burns, tar, and wax.

Therefore, you can call the customer service contact number to inform them about the damage. They will send a cleaning kit to remove the stains.

They can replace a stained cover with a new one if the cleaning kit does not work.

However, replacing a cushioned seat can end the protection plan, and you cannot ask them again.

Additionally, they will not give free delivery services for the kit and cushion, and you have to pay the dues by yourself.

Is Bellanest furniture made in America?

Their furniture is made in America and sold in their local markets because their manufacturing company Raymours Furniture Company is present in the US.

Moreover, 145 stores in the US sell these products. You can ask for these products at any store.

They have been selling these items for many years and attracting more customers daily.

You can purchase their products by visiting stores or searching their websites.

Is Bellanest furniture good quality?

It provides high-quality products because they use oak wood to build the frame and the legs. Oakwood is highly durable and improves the strength of the product.

It gives a fine finishing and offers a modern vibe to visitors.

Moreover, this type of wood is a perfect choice for making furniture.

Furthermore, oak wood has better durability and does not require regular maintenance.

It is resistant to water and decay due to its higher strength for preventing rotting.

It uses high-quality leather material for constructing sofas and chairs.

The use of better fabric avoids cutting and puncturing in the seating and improves its longevity.

What do the reviews say?

Bellanest Furniture is so popular due to its platinum protection plan that offers ultimate benefits to consumers by replacing their damaged cushions with new ones for free.

One of their customers said: I have asked to replace a cover after 2 years because they can change the covers on their products as part of their platinum protection plan. Their services are great as they have quickly fixed the issue.

Many people like their products due to their outstanding quality and warranty because no brand can beat this plan.

Moreover, they offer excellent customer service, and the agents at the stores are helpful and informative.

Another buyer said: I would love to purchase furniture items again and again from Bellanest because I like the styles and quality of their products. In addition, the agents at the customer service platform are helping and trying to fix the issue quickly. They have great knowledge and provide a better and quick solution.

My friend has been using this brand for years, and he mentioned: They offer amazing products at reasonable prices that positively impact their sales. Not only prices but their protection plans attract people from the US to purchase a luxury sofa or a loveseat with a warranty for 5 years.

One of the customers mentioned: It is one of the best platforms in the US that can satisfy its consumers, and I am happy with its prices and quality. Moreover, it offers a great plan that enables me to ask for help fixing my damaged sofa.

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