Common Problems With Sectional Sofas

Common Problems With Sectional Sofas

Many people get sectional sofas because of their attractive appearance and ignore the information about their use. You will notice problems associated with sectional sofas, and as a result, these will reduce their longevity.

Common Problems with Sectional sofas include wear and tear, poor quality, hard to rearrange and move, and sagging of foam.

It is better to consider the dimensions of your living room to avoid an unfavorable situation. For example, avoid getting it just because it offers more space to accommodate more people.

Problems with sectional sofas Solutions
Difficult to move Split into sections before moving
Hard to rearrange Use good quality joining connector brackets
Wear and tear Use patches or flip the side
Saggy foam Fix springs or add a polyfill
Poor quality wood Check reviews and get from trusted manufacturers

Difficult to move

These types of sofas have a significant problem that they are challenging to move. It is hard for one person to change their position, even within a room.

You need another person to change it to do some necessary tasks. It is essential to relocate it for several purposes, and one of them is for the cleaning process.

You can not clean your floor or carpet without cleaning the portion under it. You can easily do it with lightweight or single sofas, but the situation is different.

It is also hard to relocate it from one home to another. It mostly happens, especially during the shifting process when you have to move to another rental.

It takes time to check the dimensions of the door opening in a new house according to its size. Sometimes it cannot pass through the door because of its large size, so you have to be careful.

It is better for you to get the help of another person while moving it. You can split it into sections when it has the ability to separate its portions.  

Hard to rearrange 

Sometimes you feel difficulty assembling its sections in correct alignment even after spending much time. You make more effort to keep them aligned in the same position, but it does not work.

You notice it’s one section does not become fully attached to the other when you try to connect them with the help of any joining item like brackets.

It keeps sliding and moves slightly forward every time you sit on its one section, especially when there is no carpet on your floor.

It is a significant problem when you are a home designer and frequently changes location. You feel difficulty in home décor and prefer to keep it in one location in your house.

A good quality sectional sofa usually does not need a joining item because they are heavy enough to set with one another.

The situation changes when it has a poor-quality structure that continuously needs your attention and proper care. It is better to use good-quality brackets or other joining items to help secure their positions. 

Wear and tear

You notice the cracks on the sectional sofa seats when you use it excessively. You can see them when you have a leather covering on your sofa. 

It can even tear its surface when you do not follow steps to stop this unfavorable condition. You can flip its seat to get its new side on the front when you can not afford a long tiring process of replacement of its leather covering.

You also notice some holes in its surface, which may be due to the mishandling of scissors or knives. You can use matching color patches to paste in front of this hole to hide them.

You have to use the matching color patch because it will look weird and prominent when you use it in sharp contrasting color.

Sagging foam

Sagging of foam is a common issue with a sectional sofa, especially when it has a fabric covering. Sometimes its foam starts to show signs of sagginess and become thin.

You feel you are sitting in an inward position when you sit on its seat. It shows signs of sagginess, mostly on its central part, and the sides remain safe.

You have to analyze the point of sagginess before treating it. Sometimes it occurs in cushions, especially when they are independently attached to the frame.

There may be a problem with its springs or frame when they are not detachable from its base. You have to fix this issue according to its situation.

You need to repair or replace its spring when they are out of order. It is better to fill them with more foam and polyfill to get their structure back to a better version.  

Poor quality wood

You have to be careful while selecting a sectional sofa for your room. Sometimes you get a poor-quality sofa which proves a waste of money.

Its wood becomes internally weak after some time and becomes susceptible to damage. It cannot bear the weight of more people after some time due to its weak structure.

You notice the squeaking sounds every time more people sit on it. Sometimes you get it for a low cost, but then you have to face such consequences that disturb you.

Its poor quality can be described as the use of low-quality or thin wooden boards for its making. It is better to get it from trusted manufacturers and not try new ones without the proper information.

It is better to check the reviews of a manufacturer before getting it because this little step will help you to save money. It is less durable than other sectional sofas, so you should wisely decide it.

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