Is Marble Dining Table Easy to Maintain?

Is Marble Dining Table Easy to Maintain?

Many people love to place marble dining tables in their homes because of their modern and unique appearance. In addition, it is durable and better than wood and always remains in fashion.

Is Marble Dining Table Easy to Maintain? Marble dining tables are not easy to maintain because they can easily stain, crack, and scratch. These are highly sensitive to temperature and acid spillage and costly to repair, resurface, and reseal. You need more time for their cleanliness and only use marble cleaners.

Regular cleaning can keep your marble dining table well-maintained and clean. Proper dusting daily and removing liquid spillage with dry cloth increase their durability.

Can you easily maintain a marble dining table in your home?

Most people love to add marble dining tables to their homes because of their modern appearance. These are better than wooden types but require more attention.

Marble is a soft stone made up of several minerals and requires more cleanliness. It is difficult to maintain this stone because you have to spend extra effort and money on this procedure.

The soft mineral can easily stain, crack, and chip, which makes them less durable. In addition, the cleanliness procedures are easy but take more time.

It is a beautiful stone; you can keep it in its original color and shine by investing time and money.

Why is a marble dining table difficult to maintain?

Keeping the marble dining table safe is difficult because slight negligence can cause irreversible damage and increase repair costs.

Scratches easily

The scratches can easily come on their brittle surface, which looks awkward. For example, scratches appear on it when you cut fruits on the table without using a cutting board.

The use of abrasive cloth for cleaning also produces scratches on its surface. These visible markings also make its surface less smooth and shiny.

The issue also comes when you move heavy objects on the table from one side to the other during dinner or lunch.

Using the coasters to place utensils on these tables decreases the risk of marks and scratches. Moreover, buff the affected area with a sponge dipped in lukewarm water.

You can also use abrasive cleansers to remove the scratch marks from the table.

Temperature sensitive

The stone is highly sensitive to temperature, including hot and cold. You can see the ring-like appearance when you place the cup of cold coffee directly on the table.

Placing hot and cold things produces stains that are hard to remove. Many people unknowingly put hot utensils directly on the table during food serving.

The heat from these utensils produces dark marks and affects the color. The discoloration looks bad, and it affects its modern look.

Avoid putting any sticky thing because it becomes difficult to remove it. Instead, use the table runner or coasters to place hot and cold things.

Stained easily 

The stains also come on the marble surface easily, and you have to completely wipe off the liquid spillage with a dry and clean cloth.

The subsequent wiping is essential because dry stains are hard to remove. In addition, the pH of this material is highly basic, and it is sensitive to acidic stains.

The issue comes from the spillage of acidic foods like carbonated beverages, tomato ketchup, and other eatables.

The highly basic material reacts with acidic components and produces dark stains. You can only remove these stains with cleaning agents.

Use toothpaste to get rid of these stains on your marble dining table because it contains baking soda, which has mild abrasive properties.

You can also use mild soapy water to safely remove stains from them without damaging their surface.

Moreover, the oil and grease stains are also difficult to remove. Use the corn starch to absorb the grease from the table and make it non-sticky and non-greasy.

Only use marble cleaners

You cannot use abrasive cleaners to keep them new and shiny. You have to carefully use the cleaning agents to maintain the marble table.

The use of any harsh or abrasive agents dulls their color and shine. Marble cleaners are available for these stones, which do not have abrasive or harsh chemicals.

Wipe the excess cleaner with water so it cannot damage the surface or react with basic material. Turn on the fan to dry them and prevent water from seeping into their porous material.

Dullness of color

The color of marble stone becomes dull with time and makes them look old. The old and dull color does not look welcoming and modern.

You have to maintain their original color through regular dusting and maintenance. Do not place them outside or in direct exposure to sunlight.

The heat from the sun causes color fading issues, and they look dull. In addition, the issue also comes when you place them near your cooking area.

The heat from the kitchen during cooking also increases the risk of cracks and makes them dull.

Porous material

Marble is a porous material, and long-term exposure to water or any liquid drink can produce irreversible damage.

The water or any liquid drink seeps down, and you can see the permanent stains on the table that are hard to remove.

Seal the surface to decrease the seeping of liquid things from the porous surface. You can seal it regularly or after some months, according to your usage.

Seal it more frequently if your dining table is used more during the day. You can seal it with beeswax, but it is not a permanent and long-term solution.

Difficult to repair

Marble dining tables are not completely repairable like wooden material. You need epoxy adhesive to fill the large cracks on its surface.

The application and drying of these adhesives require more time and cost. In addition, sometimes the damages are irreversible, and you have to completely replace the top of the table with a new one.

You have to match the color or epoxy adhesives with the original stone for correct finishing and making it look new.

Is it costly to maintain a marble dining table?

It is costly to maintain the shiny and furnished surface of the marble dining table. Discoloration and color fading is the common problem with this furniture.

You have to resurface it for restoration of its original shine. Most people use beeswax to keep this stone shiny and make them look new.

You cannot use wax on white color because it can cause yellowing of the surface. Instead, use the marble restoration kit for this, which helps remove the rings and water marks from your table.

The maintenance with a restoration kit is costly because you also have to hire a professional. The average cost of this kit is $40 to $80, depending on the brand and quality of the product.

It has polishing paste and nylon pads for the buffing process, which darkens its color and makes it look new.

Many people also use marble polishing powder for this purpose, which costs about $40 to $50.

Sprinkle this powder on the top surface and then buff it with a damp sponge.

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