How to Put a Throw on a Leather Sofa?

How to Put a Throw on a Leather Sofa?

I have added 7 easy steps to put a throw on your leather sofa. Decorating a sofa with a contrasting throw is the best combination that can change the whole look of your room.

How to Put a Throw on a Leather Sofa? The best way to place a throw blanket on a leather sofa is to drape it symmetrically or fold it two times horizontally and put it on the back. You can also put a printed or patterned throw in an angular way that covers almost half of the sofa seats and back.

You can decorate your sofa with a throw of matching or contrasting colors and materials to make it a statement piece. 

Usually, leather sofas do not have any prints, patterns, or designs, so throw blankets are the easiest way to add colors and texture to them.

The need and demand for these designs are increasing day by day, making them a vital decorative component for your room.

Throw blankets are smaller than a typical bed blanket that you can use on the furniture.

Their small size and diverse design make them perfect to use for many purposes, such as floor covers, outdoor and indoor mats, wall art, dining table cover, bed comforters, and sofas.

On average, its size is between 50 to 55 inches, few are large, and these are around 60 to 65 inches. 

Afghan throws are popular in the USA and are extensively used worldwide because they are rich in colors and patterns and brighten up any space.

Moreover, you can get them in many shapes like squares, rectangles, diamonds, asymmetrical, and others. 

All are unique and have a different aesthetic impact, but I prefer square and rectangle ones on my leather couch.

Also, they are comfortable and warm, and you can use these in winters while watching TV or sleeping, more preferably the rectangle ones.

What makes them unique is their borders and hem. You will see most of them have a tassel or fringy hem that looks interesting and defined.

You can arrange it in multiple styles on your furniture but make sure to keep their borders on the front seat.

Drape the throw on the sofa

Draping is one of the most common arrangements for throws that home and interior designers use to make the presentation more sleek and sturdy.

It is a technique of folding and arranging fabric into several plates and stripes to give a clean and designated look.

Moreover, draping is necessary when you do not want to hide your couch with the spread throws.

You can drape it half or full, depending upon your couch and room’s layout. 

You can also drape it easily using these instructions:

  • Take a larger throw and place it on the sofa.
  • Firstly spread it on the furniture vertically.
  • Hold it from one side and start making small plates by overlapping one plate on another for half draping.
  • Make big plates or stripes when you want to drape them fully.
  • Once you complete draping, arrange it properly in the location you desire.
  • This style suits more on the back and arm of your sofas.

Fold the throw on the leather sofa

Folding is the simplest and easiest style to place throws on a couch, and it does not require any experience.

Folded blankets look more organized and modern with more displays of their prints and design.

You probably do not need any typical instructions for this style because it is the same as you do with your bedsheets and blankets.

  • Take a throw in your hand horizontally, and hold both sides of it.
  • Fold it two times while keeping all the corners and sides equal.
  • I recommend you choose a square or rectangle for folding because other shapes will make it extremely difficult for you.
  • Place it on the back of the sofa in a way that half of it rests on its front and half falls on the back.

Throw it anyway

Leather sofas are a place of coziness and comfort in a room, and to add more to it, keep the throw blanket effortlessly on it.

This look is more for a messy arrangement where you want to keep everything casual, eliminating all sources of formality.

The “throw” setup is preferable for home, typically for your bedroom where you spend your maximum time. For this:

  • Spread it on the couch anyway and toss and twirl it from wherever you want.
  • Add some crisps or curls using your hand and adjust them on the couch.
  • It is better to keep it on the seating cushions rather than placing it on the arms of the sofa.

Keep it in an angular position

Angular placement is more in fashion nowadays because they look more modern and in use.

Printed and bright-colored throws on a light-colored couch in an angular position look more attractive 

  • Place it on the arms of the sofa and spread one side on the seating cushions.
  • Do not drape or fold it, instead leave it as it is and try to make it touch the floor from one corner.
  • You can also place it at an angle on the backseat of the couch and spread one side on the seating cushions.

What material of throw blanket suits a leather sofa?

These come in various fabrics, including fleece, faux fur, cotton, cashmere, and wool. 

All have distinct appearances and characteristics that make them suitable for different arrangements and use.

You can choose any of them for your sofa depending upon your budget, comfort, and use.

Fleece or fur throws

Usually, fleece throws are on the priority list of people because of their soft, comfy feel. 

Fleece is a slightly heavy and thick fabric that complements well with leather colors. 

I always choose a light-toned fleece throw for my dark-colored furniture.

The best feature about these is that they look luxurious and costly but are inexpensive.

Several synthetic and faux fur products are also available in the low price market but look stunning and of high quality.

Cotton throws

Cotton throws are more lightweight and free-feel, so I use them in summers to give my room a more light-hearted look. 

Cotton fabric is easy to wash, and it remains moisture-free in humid weather. 

They have light colors like pastels or whites without any touch of bold color.

They have twisted or tassel borders and block or striped designs on the base. I appreciate hand-woven cotton because of the quality.

Cashmere throws

I like to use these throws due to their finest and top-quality fabric.

They are warmer than others and look outstanding when you match them with an item of leather furniture. 

What design of a throw blanket goes well with a leather sofa?

First, you should assess the style and design of your sofa.

Most people have dark-toned sofas like black, brown, burgundy, and others, so light-colored products are best for them.

In addition, always use a patterned or textured one because it can add details to the overall look.

In my opinion, monochrome throws with the same color as the leather but slightly lighter in tone are most suitable for dark-toned couches.

Woven-gray goes well with black and brown leather, while printed white with some yellow, cream or brown colors is best for deep brown furniture.

I do not prefer animal prints for the dark shade because it masks all the grace and elegance, giving it a poor appearance.

However, if you have a light-toned leather sofa such as beige, light brown, light gray, always look for a dark shade to bring color splash.

You should choose printed fabrics with rich, deep color shades for light shades.

How to keep a throw on your leather sofa like a Pro?

Generally, it is difficult to decorate a slippery leather couch because you have to continuously struggle to make cushions, pillows, blankets stay on it.

Here are some tips for you to stop everything from slippering down the furniture and keep them in place. Follows these simple strategies to fix the issue.

Add Buttons

This technique is preferable when you plan to decorate it on the arms or back of the sofa. 

Sew the buttons with furniture following these steps:

  • Firstly, place this on the back or arms of the sofa in the position you decide to place it.
  • Take a pencil and mark the location where the two corners of the same side will rest.
  • Remember, you have to sew buttons on its backside or the side of arms opposite to the front seats.
  • Take two buttons of leather color and stitch them on the marked location.
  • Now take a ribbon and make loops of it and stitch them on two corners on the same side.
  • Secure it through these loops and buttons.

Note: Never stitch buttons on the front side of the backseat or the side of arms facing seats of the sofa. 

Add fasteners

Velcro tape has two strips of fabric that serve the purpose of fastening or attaching two surfaces. All you have to do is

  • Take a Velcro tape and cut it in a piece corresponding to its entire width.
  • Stitch one side of V tape on the throw and another side on the sofa, typically at the back or arm.
  • Attach it to the couch through this tape and arrange it in your desired style.

Stitch a piece of thick fabric at one end of the throw

Usually, these are lightweight and need some support to stay in place, so when you sew a thick fabric on its one end, it will add some weight to the throw.

  • Take a thick fabric, most preferably a piece of towel, and cut it into the required measurement.
  • Sew it on its one end using the same color thread.
  • Rest this end at the back to hide the towel and stitches.

Add cushions and pillows

Cushions are an essential part of the sofa for decoration and comfort. 

Place several cushions and pillows on the sofa seat along its entire length.

This arrangement is helpful when you want to drape throw on the backseat. The cushions will cover it, preventing it from slipping down.

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