How to Arrange 3 Sofas in Living Room?

How to Arrange 3 Sofas in Living Room?

Many people place 3 sofas in their living room to make space for their friends and families. You should aesthetically adjust them so they will look attractive and cool. 

How to Arrange 3 Sofas in Living Room? You can arrange 3 sofas in a living room by placing one sofa on the side of the wall and the other on its left and right sides. You can also move sofas in a way like placing the other ones on the opposite side. The distance between each sofa should be 2 to 3 feet, and from the table, it must be about 5 to 7 feet for walking. You can adjust 2 sofas in front of the sectional couch.

The living room is the part of your house where your guests come so that it will look more welcoming. You can put your sofas in a way like people can sit on them comfortably and make an easy conversation with your loved ones. 

You can arrange three couches in a living room differently, so it doesn’t look unpleasant or messy. The size of furniture depends on the dimensions and layout of your interior.

In addition, you should buy the same size of furniture, so they look pleasant.

Place 3 couches with three-seater in different ways

Place one of them on the wall side, another one in its opposite direction like they are facing another, and the last one on their sides. In this way, a triangular or U-shaped arrangement is formed, which looks better and attractive.

You can also place them like putting two sofas near the same wall; it looks like a long sectional couch. Then, place the other one in front of them to balance the arrangement and look of the interior.

If you have a one five-seater and two single-seater couch

When you have this furniture, you should place the five-seater one near the appropriate wall and then place the other two seats in front of them.

It also gives the stunning or modern touch if you adjust the five-seater on one end and the one-seater on its sides like they are slightly tilting towards the outside.

Place a one five-seater and two three-seaters couch

Many people also have this furniture in their living room, but they don’t know how to adjust them precisely.

You should place the two five-seater ones on the side of the wall, and the three-seater in front of them means on the opposite side. It will make an l-shaped like appearance, and it gives a broader touch to your interior.

You can also place them in this way, like add two three-seater ones on one side and five seats in front of them. Again, this arrangement is beneficial to balance the look of the room.

One three-seater sofa and two single couches

This set of furniture is most common and widely used among people. You can adjust them in different ways like

Adjust all three sofas in the same direction it will create a long sofa, which will look attractive in the living room.

Fix one three-seater on one side and the other two single ones on its left and right side by keeping some distance between them.

You should place the three-seater one on one side and the remaining two single one on one side.

Living room with three two-seaters couch

That furniture with space for two people is popular, and these will look beautiful in your interior.

Place one of them on one side of the wall, another one on its opposite, and adjust the third one on its perpendicular side.

You can also do this by placing one sofa on one side of the wall and the other one on between the mid of the walls that they are also facing the couch present in front of them.

How can you arrange 3 seater couch with sectional sofas?

If your living room has one sectional sofa with a combination of 2 three seater couches, then you can put the sectional one on one end and the other five-seater on their front angle.

Many people have one sectional and two-seater couches in their home; in this situation, you can place sectional one at one side and the other two on its perpendicular side. You can also move these two couches and put them on the front of sectional furniture.

Sometimes sectional ones are coming in the market with single-seat sofas. You can place the single ones on their left and right angle or in front of them in this situation.

When you have long l-shaped sofas that cover the two walls in this situation, you can place the single ones on their front side to balance the interior design and structure.

When you have one l-shaped, one single, and one two-seater sofas in your room, arrangement will be like putting the single and two-seater on one border and l-shaped on their opposite angle with maximum distance.

Why is rug size important during the arrangement of sofas?

The addition of rugs enhances the beauty of your furniture and the whole interior. People are placing different types and styles of rugs to adorn the beauty of their living room.

The rug size and color both are essential parts before the adjustment of furniture. You should buy a rug whose color is matching with the table or the paint of the interior.

Moreover, buying them with matching or contrasting shades will brighten the look and give them an enchanting and finished appearance.

The color is important because if you are adding mismatched shade to your furniture, it does not give a good appearance.

Its size is also important because some people are placing them between their furniture. Many people are also placing the legs of their furniture on them. In this situation, you have to place an area rug that has wider than your couch.

The standard size is about 10×12 feet; you can also change these dimensions according to the arrangement and size of your furniture.

Their dimensions will also depend on the size of your room and its layout.

You can also measure the size according to your sofa and add 4 to 5 inches more from the original length.

When you have more than one sofas, you can increase their size according to their length.

Many people also love to place round rugs so their interior will look bigger and wider. For this shape, you have to measure the diameter according to the number and adjustment of the couch.

Arrangement of 3 sofas in a large living room

Some of the large living rooms also have a kitchen and dining in the same interior. In this condition, you need to be very careful during the placement of couches. You should not mix them with the dining table and chairs.

The appropriate distance between them and the dining side is essential, so they don’t look messy. You can also separate the portions by using a string or flip curtains.

You should not place them near your kitchen because the heat released during cooking can damage the upholstery.

If your furniture is of wooden material, the heat can also make cracks in them and decrease their durability and longevity. Place them about 10 to 15 feet away from your kitchen or cooking area.

The adjustment is easy in the interiors like a room because you don’t need to consider the above things.

You can also place accent and relaxing chairs between these settings to make a modern and stylish appearance.

How can you adjust three couches with tables?

The ordering with tables is necessary to make a complete and finished appearance. The distance between your furniture and tables matters a lot so you can walk easily between them.

If you have a long round table, then you can make U-shaped and L-shaped layout.

You should order them so that table must be between their center and accessible for every couch.

For the rectangular table, the perpendicular and in the front layout is beneficial and outstanding.

How to place three armless sofas in a living room?

Many people are also placing the armless couches in their living room because these look modern and stylish.

If you have all three armless, then adjust them in the way one after the other on three walls.

If you have one standard and two single armless ones, then place the armless ones on the front side or in the opposite direction.

Place the bolster pillows on the place of arms to make them more relaxing for arms.

You can also make them sectional type if you have all of the three with these type it will also make the room wider and attractive.

Things to consider when arranging 3 sofas in a living room

You can set them according to your desire, but the following points are important that you need to follow.

Conversational points

People are placing additional sofas in their rooms because they want to create additional space.

The additional space is necessary when you are inviting your friends and families for lunch and dinner parties.

For get-togethers, when you invite your friends, you should place your furniture in a way like they are creating a better conversational point. It is necessary to adjust them in a way that people can easily enjoy their gossips.

The in front and perpendicular setting of 3 sofas will create a good conversational point because everyone sits on them facing each other.

When you are placing all of them on one side, it will make a good discussion between people and friends.

When you are adding them from back to back, it will not be a good setting for gossiping. The back of each sofa should not be parallel or adjacent to one another.

Create a focal point

The focal point is also necessary for the living room. These points vary in different interiors, which include

  • Windows
  • TV
  • Entrance
  • Fireplace in winters
  • Dressers
  • Books stand

When selecting your windows as a focal point, place your furniture that its back is not on the side of the window. If the window is made of glass material and it is on the side of your lawn, then you can arrange all of the sofas in a direction that all people can enjoy nature.

When you choose the TV as a focus, then the back of your single sofa should not be on the side of the TV. IT will create an irritating environment, and people seating on them can also be a victim of ignorance.

If your central area is a fireplace during winter, add the fireplace in the center and set your furniture around them.

Walkway distance

Walkway distance matters a lot when you are arranging multiple pieces of furniture in a single room.

When you are not adjusting them at a suitable distance, it can cause a problem during movement and cause injury.

Arrangement of couches without any space cause problem during conversation and it will also cause an uncomfortable situation.

  • The distance between each couch is about 2 to 3 feet.
  • When arranging them in a diagonal position, the distance between them must be 1 to 2 feet.
  • The space between them and a standard table is about 3 to 4 feet
  • The space from TV is about 6 to 7 feet away, so this can’t irritate your eyes and cause tiredness.

Add Appropriate light

Many people are adding lights to their interiors to add a stunning and cool appearance.

When the color of sofas is dull, you can place different lamps, globes, or chandelier lights on their center to brighten them.

During the setting of furniture, you should consider this point that it must be on center. The center adjustment will put equal light on all sides.

If you are not placing them in the center, it will not look pleasant because some will look shiny, and others will be dull due to less light.

To prevent this dullness, arrange them in the center of lights and lamps.

Entrance arrangement

If you want to layout the furniture on the entrance side, you must consider the following points.

Don’t place them close to the door; the distance between them and doors must be 8 to 10 feet.

If you want to set them on the side of the door, then place them on the opposite door wall.

When you are arranging them near the door, make a center adjustment.

If you put them on the walls behind the door, it will cause scratching during the opening and closing of doors.

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