How to Make Old Dining Chairs Look New

How to Make Old Dining Chairs Look New?

Here are the 8 DIY methods to make your old dining chairs look new. Their appearance affects the overall aesthetics of a house. It is mandatory to keep them in good shape to maintain the look of your dining room.

How to Make Old Dining Chairs Look New? You can make old dining chairs look new and modern with new paint, change the upholstery, add chair slipcovers, wash the chairs, and by applying a mixture of olive oil and vinegar.

Different types of chairs use metallic, wooden, and plastic ones with fabric or leather upholstery. Moreover, with slight modification in the style and replacing a few parts, you can give a brand new look to the dining room and ultimately to your house.

With time your dining chairs endure wear and tear and some stains due to some liquid spillage and fats/oils.

There are various ways to restore your old-looking dining room chairs or give them a newly purchased look.

Dining chairs are a necessary part of the dining room and have prime importance amongst all household furniture. These should always be comfortable and of high quality.

Here we will discuss different methods and creative ideas to maintain and restore the appearance of these commonly used furniture items.

Wooden chairs with fabric or leather seats are the most common choice for dining room furniture. You can give new life to the outdated and worn chairs with the following creative ideas and a selection of suitable materials.

Paint the Old Chairs to Give them a Fresh Look

A new coat of paint of the proper color is adequate to change the old and dull look of your dining hall chairs.

First, you need to prepare the surface of the chairs before applying paint. Use sandpapers to remove pieces of old paint and smooth their wooden surface.

You may select the precise shade of colorant to complement the overall look of the room.

You can paint the dining chairs with a brush, but spray paint may prefer to add a seamless look. You can use the same method to paint an old wooden sofa.

After one or two coats of paint, the coating of polyurethane will give a glazy appearance to chairs and protect them from scratches and water.

Choose suitable colors to enhance your dining room style. The bright white color adds a simple and elegant look to the room.

For a modern look, choose darker shades like mate black, chocolate, etc. You may also prefer brighter shades like red and blue to add contrast to the room.

Cleaning the Dining Chairs with Natural Cleansers

One of the easiest and economical methods to refurbish dining room chairs is the thorough cleaning of wooden and fabric parts. It will make them brand new as any dirt on them, dark stains remove.

First, clean the furniture with a dry clean cloth to remove dust and any dried-up smudgy spots.

Use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose; after dusting, check the fabric type before using any cleanser on cushions to remove stains.

Instead of purchasing chemical cleaners, you prepare a solution of baking soda and warm water to remove dull stains.

If that method does not work, prepare a mixture of a quarter cup vinegar, three quarters warm water, and half tablespoon of liquid dish wash soap.

Spray this mixture on chair fabric and rub it with a clean cloth until the appearance of the chair restores.

To restore the shine of wood, prepare a natural polish at home. First, clean the wooden part with a mixture of filtered water and white vinegar in one to three proportions.

Next, mix one cup of virgin olive oil with half a cup of fresh lemon juice to prepare a natural polish.

Apply it on wooden parts of the chair and rub it with a soft cloth in a circular pattern. Your chair will shine like a new one.

Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals like ammonia, bleach, and strong acids on fabrics as they may damage the fabric chair.

Change the Upholstery

Wooden chairs with colorful fabric seats are a fine addition to your dining room. However, they develop stains, and their color fades with time.

You can change the interior decoration of your dining room and its color scheme by choosing matching upholstery. It will add new style and texture as well as increase the useful life of the chairs.

It’s easy to do the task, and you can manage it by yourself at home. Choose a print fabric and colors to match your new decoration scheme.

Remove the old stuff and add a layer of foam to existing seats to remunerate for compression of it with time. Apply the new fabric with the help of an electric stapler or sewing machine.

For a simple and classic look, select a cotton or silk fabric with floral patterns. For a modern look, choose solid colors with geometric or colorful prints or graphic designs.

Apply the Chair Slipcovers

Add chair covers to hide the old and worn-out look of your chairs and give them a sophisticated look. There is a variety of chair covers available in the market.

You can also make them at home. Purchase the cloth of your liking and sew it at home. Choose silk fabric for a soft appearance and brocade or cotton for elegance in style. 

Methods to make old dining chair look modern

There are several ideas to add upholstered cushions to ordinary wooden chairs and replace old tired cushions. You can even make a new one from scratch or make old dining chairs look modern.

Purchase inexpensive wooden chairs with a bottle of dark blue paint, a piece of fabric with dark and blue stripes, and a piece of one-inch foam for seats.

The use of jute twines to upholster wooden chairs is a simple idea as jute is softer and not difficult to apply.

You can paint the wooden chairs with turquoise as a base color and one or two coats of bronze or copper over it. Use a sponge, apply the metallic colors over the base layer for a smooth and antique look.

Use pleasant bold colors with graphic patterns to refurbish dull pink-colored old chairs.

There are plenty of ideas available online, or you may seek help from some professional to give a new look to your old dining room chairs. It will take a little bit of your time and hard work to accomplish these creative ideas.

How to Refurbish Plastic Dining Chair?

Plastic dining chairs use at bars and restaurants. They are also an economical choice to use with dining tables. They develop greasy and dirt spots with time. There are products available to make them brand new. It will also help to stop a wooden rocking chair from squeaking.

One of such chemicals is “barkeepers friend’ “available in powder form.

First, wash the chairs with clean water, spread the powdered chemical on the chairs, and rub it with a sponge to clean the stains.

Again wash it, and you will get a new look of plastic chairs. You may also paint it to change its color to get a new look.

How to Give a Modern Look to Old Leather Chairs?

Leather chairs are famous for their durability and stain-resistant properties. To give a fresh look to leather dining chairs, you can prepare a natural cleaner at home.

Its recipe is to mix olive oil and white vinegar in equal proportions and add a few ounces of lemon juice.

First, remove any dust or dry spots on leather with a vacuum cleaner or clean with a dry cloth.

Next, apply the natural cleaner with a white-clean cloth to wipe stains on leather. Gently rub it in a circular pattern to clear stains and dirt on the leather.

There are various leather colorants and finish kits available with leather products. You may purchase them to change the color scheme of leather chairs to match the rest of the room decor.

How to Give a New Look to Old Metallic Dining Chairs?

Although metallic chairs seldom used with the dining table. You get them and want to change the style of the room.

Metallic dining chairs may get rusty and worn out due to environmental and routine conditions. It is easy to change their appearance with simple paintwork.

You can bring them back to the new by removing the rust, sanding them to smoothen their surface apply one or two coats of primer and paint.

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