How to Frost Glass Table Top?

How to Frost Glass Table Top?

If you are buying a new glass table, you should methods to frost a glass table top. You can do it at your windows and glass doors. You can use a mixture of chemicals and readymade paints to frost the table.

How to Frost Glass Table Top? You can frost a glass table top by etching, using a window film, and spray paint. It takes around 5 to 7 hours with an average cost of $150 for frosting a standard-sized glass table.

Frosting of glass top means that to cover the transparency of the glass top with different types of paint. It will not allow you to see the lower part of the table by sitting on it.

There are many methods that you can perform to frost the glass tabletop. You can choose one of them that suits your conditions a lot.

Use spray paint to frost a glass table

You have to prepare your glass for the frosting. You should clean the glass with different types of cleaning solutions. There should be no stains on the glass before starting the process.

You must gather all the accessories before starting it. You can use gloves while learning it because fingers can cause problems for the glass top. You must check after cleaning that there should be no stains on it.

After completing the cleaning of the table, you should decide on the place for the frosting of the table. If you want to do it for a small patch, then identify it.

You can cover the remaining part with the tape so that it may not get effects from others. You can do it for whole glass also. You can leave some parts if you want to make any design on it. You can use the same method to paint an old wooden sofa.

You can cover the glass with the solution that you will make. The solution includes magnesium sulfate and dextrin. You should mix the same amount of these chemicals in a bowl and add some water to it.

You can make the solution for it by following these steps. You should add the same amount of chemicals that should not increase from 5 percent of the solution.

You can put the sprayer’s solution after tapping the surface that you do not want to frost. You can take care that you must spray on the glass surface. It should not affect the supporting frame of the table at any cost.

You can put a solution on all the corners equally to not look bad when you left them untreated. You can use the mask there because several fumes of the chemicals can be harmful.

You may check that the products that you are using are proper and easy to use. You can hire an expert to paint the table for you. You will not try to do it if you do not have enough experience for it.

You must finish well by looking at the small corners and sides. You can dry it at an open place after completing the process. You should not remove the taps until it dries.

When the glass dries, and the chemicals leave their effect on their table, you can remove the tapes and check if the table’s design is better. You must not do anything that creates a lot of problems.

These are dangerous fumes until they are not mixing the air. You must do all these things in the open air to avoid all the impacts. You can also attach wooden legs to a glass table.

Etching Glass table top

You can frost the tabletop by the process of etching. You can perform the method of an etching by following some simple steps. First of all, you have to flip the sides of the glass top of the table.

You can identify the place that you want to frost. You must tape all the remaining parts with the tape. You can increase or decrease the area after analyzing it.

You cannot use transparent tape because it can pass the effects inside to the tables. You can use the tape that is hard to under it. You can make any design that you want to make on it.

After making the design on that table, you can spray the paint on the glass on all the sides. You have to dry it for some time and remove the tape from it. You cannot use any other thing that may create a problem for it.

This technique will allow you to do all types of paint. You can use anything on it. You can any design on the table. It will take around 4 to 6 hours to complete the process.

You can use a paintbrush to complete it. You must choose the smaller brush that can reach all the corners of the glass table. You can complete it during the day time so that it may dry.

We can make different designs on the glass surface by using it. You can add different chemicals and acids to pursue this process. You can use etching cream to produce these effects on the glass.

Add a window film

There are multiple window films available in the market that we can use to make various glass designs. You may manage the area by the cutter when you want to change the design.

You can apply it on the lower side. It is one of the simplest steps to frost the glass table. You can enjoy it because you can implement it in a minimum time.

You should remove the air bubbles while pasting it. You can use a hard surface to push, and it will not allow the bubbles to pass through it. If you are using your hands to paste it, you cannot use it for a longer time.

You will start seeing bubbles in it. You can clean the lower part of the table with the solution. You can try to use rubber gloves to fix the issues of the stains of the fingerprints.

You can explore the variety of window films in online stores. You can decide any one of them that suits you according to your background.


You must take care of a few essential things while proceeding to it. Some of the preventions are as follows:

  • You can use gloves while proceeding with any method. It will keep the glass clean and save your hands from all the chemicals.
  • You can use a face mask while dealing with the chemicals. The fumes of the chemical may cause multiple issues for you.
  • You can place the tape on all the corners of the glass before reaching any conclusion. It will create a negative impact on the design and shape of the glass table.
  • You cannot use simple paints that will not last too long on the glass.
  • You must handle the chemicals after reading their instructions.
  • You can clean the glass table with warm water before placing anything on it.

Benefits of frosting glass tabletop

There are multiple benefits of frosting the glass tabletop. You can use it on all the sides of the room. You will enjoy your meals and parties in a much better way.

You can cover the lower side of the table so that the frame may not appear while sitting on a table. You can change the design if you do not like it whenever you want because it is easy to remove it.

You must check that the products that you are using should be free from all types of problems. You can make all shapes and designs on these glass tables.