How to Move a Loveseat By Yourself?

How to Move a Loveseat By Yourself?

You can change the position of the loveseat without the help of another person. Some people like to change the furniture and arrangement of existing couches to give a new look.

How to Move a Loveseat By Yourself? You can move a loveseat by yourself using a metal lid, shoulder straps, and sliding rails. Shift the loveseat upstairs and downstairs by separating its parts and sliding on a wooden or metallic sheet. It is easy to move it from one room to another if the width of the door is one or half-inch greater than the couch.

Many people want to decorate their home and change the location of furniture during whitewash. For example, it is better to shift the chair to another room to protect it from paint and dust.

Things to consider before dragging the loveseat

Think creatively and move the couch by yourself using everyday things. It is a sensitive and attractive part of the furniture for sitting, so carefully move it.

Wrap with polythene sheet

You should protect your furniture before dragging and shifting. The loveseats are soft and sensitive and have unique upholstery. Take a wide polythene sheet roll and wrap the arm chair thoroughly.

First, cover it width-wise by rolling around and then lengthwise. You can wrap the polythene sheet a second time to give extra protection.

Sometimes the sheet becomes damaged while pulling the furniture. It will be beneficial for your sofa if it gets minor hurt by the doors and sidewalls.

Another benefit of wrapping is that the dust will not stick to it; otherwise, it causes dullness and scratches.

Apply pressure equally and unscrew the legs

It is the best trick to drag it by applying equal pressure on all sides. However, it can break the arm support if you pull it by applying the whole pressure at one side.

Do not push it by pressing the arm support and backrest. These are the sensitive part and will bend or break when you apply extra force. It is better to push or drag the seat rather than the backrest and arm support.

Some furniture has small legs as knobs at the lower side. These are small, and you can also unscrew the legs for separation.

Check the lower side before shifting it to the other place. If you find small legs or other supporting material, unscrew all the accessories.

Measure the size of the door and loveseat

If you are dragging the loveseat from one room to another or any place, you should pass it from the doors. Measure the width of the door and compare it with the sofa.

If the dimensions of the furniture match the door, you can take it out of the room. However, when the door width is less than the width of the sofa, then it is the best option to carry it without taking it apart and foldings it.

If its height is less than its width, you should consider it with the door. Then, lay it on one side, either on arm support or backrest, and take it out of the room.

Pack pillows and cushions in bags

Many people like to place pillows and cushions on the loveseat to feel comfortable and relax. The arrangement and color of the cushions increase the charm of the interior when it matches or contrasts with it.

Take a large plastic bag and pack the pillows in it and close the ends. You can arrange the bags from your home or buy these from the market.

It will reduce the weight so that you will be able to carry the sofa. However, if you bring it along with the accessories, these will cause disturbance in the pathway.

How to move the loveseat downstairs and upstairs?

You can move your couch downstairs and upstairs by adopting the following methods.

Divide the loveseat into two or four pieces

You can separate each part, such as the backrest, arm support, and seat. For example, if only the backrest gets detach from the lower side while the arm support is at its position, then it is a two-piece sofa.

It will be helpful for you to lift each part after wrapping it with plastic paper. Then, you should carefully check it from all sides and find the screws and nuts. Then, open it and separate the parts.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a four-piece loveseat in your room. Suppose you want to move it from your room to the living room then separate all the parts.

There will be two arms support, a backrest, and one seat on the sofa. 

Use Shoulder straps

Shoulder straps are available in the market in different sizes to carry the furniture upstairs and downstairs. These straps can bear heavy weight and do not break while lifting them.

Many people prefer the shoulder straps because it is better to put the load on the shoulder than on the neck and back. Wrap the belts on the loveseat and balance the weight.

Lift the belts on your shoulders and go upstairs or downstairs easily. You should put the cushions at the edges under the straps to protect the furniture from damage.

Loveseats are usually smaller than two-seaters and three-seater, so you can also take them out without the help of another person. You can also ask the other person and professional to come and shift the furniture.

Slide it on a wood or metal sheet

If you are bringing your sofa downstairs, then place wood or metal sheet on the stairs. Slide the furniture slowly on the wooden or metallic sheets.

You have to grasp the loveseats strongly while sliding down the stairs. If you do not do it, there will be the chances of rapid slide and damage to furniture. You can use wood or metallic sheet depending upon the availability.

Pull the loveseat using a rope

You can pull the loveseat from outside when the stairs are small. It is also the best choice to move the sofa when you have covered home.

Take your sofa outside the home and tie it with a standard quality string completely. The rope should be strong enough to bear the light as well as the heavyweight of the furniture.

Pull it from the 1st floor carefully and do not stand under the shadow of it. You can provide support with long wooden sticks as well.

How to move the loveseat within the room?

Sometimes you get bore with the same arrangement of furniture within the room. You should change the setting of the furniture after some time. Here is some trick to move the sofa within the room.

Slippery packets of food items and Polyester foam

Use slippery packets of food items to move the sofa within the room. It will slip easily on the marble floor when you put the slippery bags under the legs.

You will easily find the plastic wrapper as it is present in almost every home. Do not waste the food bags such as chips packets, and biscuit packets, etc.

Polyester foam has a plastic nature and is slippery on the floor. Therefore, it is the best choice to cut the polyester foam in a circular or round shape and put it under the leg of the loveseat.

Drag it or pull it where you want to bring and arrange it. Sometimes it is present in the home as a protective shield for electronic items. These are available in the market at an affordable price and of standard quality.

Use a Wooden frame

Manufacture designed the wooden frames in different sizes and heights. If the size of the wooden frame is much similar to the size of the furniture, then put this under the sofa.

You will have to lift the loveseat at some height from the surface and push the wooden frame beneath it. Now drag it from one corner of the room to the other corner, and you can also take it out of the room if the door size is a little larger.

Use Empty cups of popcorn

It is an easy trick to move the sofa within the room. Take the empty cups of popcorn and place them on the floor near the legs of the couch. Put this under the legs on the marble floor.

It will give slippery movement when you push the couch with little effort. It is better to move the furniture at small distances with empty cups of popcorns.

Potato and Banana peel

Use potato in dragging the sofa at some distance in a room. Take a potato of medium size and cut it into four pieces. The slices should not be thin because the whole weight of the furniture is on the potato, and it will crash soon.

You can use this method to cover the small distances within the room. Keep on changing the potato slices when you move it at some distance.

Banana peel is famous for its slippery nature. You can place the banana peel under the legs of the loveseat and slide it by applying less force. It will work on both simple and marble floors.

It will be more slippery on the tiles as compared to the simple floor without polish.

If it damages after covering the few feet distance, then replace the banana peel.

Use moving blanket

Many people prefer the moving blanket to shift the sofa from one place to another. Therefore, it is better to purchase the moving blanket rather than borrow it from another person.

You should use high-quality fabric that will be able to drag the weight of the sofa. Some people use their bed sheets that are not in use for the shifting of loveseats. Slightly lift the legs one by one and place the cloth beneath it.

If the couch does not have legs and its sides are touching the floor, then apply the same procedure, uplifting the sides one by one. Next, pull the blanket from two sides and drag it slowly.

How to move the loveseat from one room to another room?

Here are the easy steps to quickly move the loveseat from one room to another. It seems difficult but all the methods mentioned are very easy.

Steel pipe and roller

Steel pipe and roller effectively move the heavyweight loveseat from one room to another, especially on the carpeted floor. You can drag it wherever you want using rollers.

Place the high-quality steel pipes beneath the surface at some distance and push the furniture from the backside.

Place another pipe joining the ends of the first one and slightly move it. In this way, the first roller is free, and you can place it again.

You should use steel pipes of superior quality to carry weight and do not harm the sofa.

Turn it at the side and bend at some angle

Some loveseats have high backrests, while some have a short backrest. You can change the direction of the sofa and lay it down on its sides when it has a short backrest.

It will be easy for you to take this out from the door without taking it part if it does not have a separating option.

Take the chair near the door and try to take it from the door. Tilt the sofa at some angle to cross the door if there is a difference of one and a half inches.

The angle depends on the place and width of the soda. Sometimes it crosses the door at 10° to 15°, and sometimes you need to bend at about 30° to take this out.

Fold it to make a box shape and remove door stops

You should fold the backrest on the seat if it has a folding option, such as a hinge at the joint. The backrest will fix in between the arm support and make the balanced surface.

Many people prefer this type of furniture because it is easy to move around your home. It will look like a box, and you can easily lift it and shift it to another place.

Many people fix the door stops to open the door. It is a small piece of wood or any other metal related to the material of the door. You can also fix it using hinges and nuts to open the door.

Add casters and wheels

The addition of casters at the lower surface will help you move the furniture anywhere in the home without the help of a second person. Add casters or wheels with a folding option so that you will not feel inconvenience while sitting.

Open the wheels and shift them to the next room and fold the casters to the inner side. It will bend beneath the surface, and you will not get harm from it.

Try to add rubber wheels with a metallic holding frame. Do not add iron material because it will rust and also fade away the floor polish.

Slippery pads and metal lid

Slippery furniture pads are available in the market to assist you in shifting and moving loveseats. You should buy these and place them under the legs.

It will slip on the floor with minor force. This is because the manufacturer used high-quality material for bearing the weight and sliding force.

Some people face difficulty in moving the furniture in simple and carpeted rooms. Take a metallic lid to get rid of this issue and move it within minutes.

Place the small size lid of circular shape under its leg. The round shape lid will slide over the floor quickly and protect the floor from scratches.

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