How to Make a Bean Bag Chair More Comfortable?

How to Make a Bean Bag Chair More Comfortable?

A bean bag chair is stylish and comfortable room furniture that presents a better alternative to the couch in the living room. However, these can become uncomfortable when their fillings lose their integrity.

How to Make a Bean Bag Chair More Comfortable? You can make a bean bag chair more comfortable by refilling the bag every 10 to 12 weeks to keep it fluffy and soft. In addition, you can add a handy handle on one side of the bag to move it easily. The selection of chairs with soothing colors and the addition of pillows, rugs, and quilts can make it more relaxing to sit. Avoid lumps formation in stuffing, use smooth fabric like nylon and polyester, and secure it with double stitches.

You can add extra seating in your room by placing a stylish bean bag in the living room corner. It is easier to make your bedroom and living rooms attractive by adding luxurious seating in any corner.

The soft material inside the bag improves your sleep with softness and comfort. There are many ways to use a bean bag, like sitting straight or lying on your side or stomach.

What is a bean bag chair? 

It is a sack that contains beads or fillers inside to provide a bouncy surface. In addition, expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beads are present as fillers in the bag, usually providing cushioning effect and contouring the body shape.

The versatility and lightweight of this chair allow you to move it indoors and outdoors quickly.

In addition, their durability and easy cleaning make them an ideal seating platform to be present in the rooms.

Furthermore, a bean bag chair’s ideal height and depth are 175cm and 85cm. You can find many shapes in these chairs, like L-shape, pear-shape, and a bed.

The bed-shaped chair extends horizontally to the floor.

Frequent refilling

These are more comfortable when they are sufficiently filled with stuffing like beads. However, these chairs go flat with time if you are not filling them regularly.

You can prevent the damages due to compression like it does not remain airtight. Add fillings in your bag every 10 weeks to make them more bouncy and restful.

You can refill the bean bag by opening the zip inside it and shake for a few seconds. Then, use a funnel to add stuffing and close the zip again. Sit and check whether it is fluffy or not.

Add handy handle on the bag

You can make the transfer of the bean bag chair to another location easier by adding a handy handle on the bag.

It allows you to swiftly shift your chair from the lounge area to the outdoors or near the poolside.

It is better to add a handle made of leather fabric on one side of the chair that provides you a firm grip over the bag.

Then, sew it correctly with the bag surface so that stitches do not come out of the fabric and break.

Double stitches in cover

Stitches are present all around the bean bag to ensure that fillers are not released.

There are chances that bags burst out when a heavy person sits on them or under great pressure.

You can sit comfortably and can enjoy your tea or sleep on the bag when you do not have a fear of its bursting.

So, the double stitches on the edges of the bag fabric secure the material inside the bag properly. This makes these chairs last longer.

Soothing or light colors

In addition, the color of a bean chair matters a lot in creating a comfortable and soothing environment for you.

Many people avoid highlighting colors like yellow, orange, and red in these chairs and prefer to choose soft colors like grey, black, and white.

Soft fabric of the cover

The soft fabric of the bag cover can provide relaxation and pleasure. In most indoor bean bags, leather and linen material are used to make them strong and durable.

Furthermore, it is better to consider wool, velvet, and polyester bean bags. One of my friends has a velvety fabric on the chair, and he loves it due to its soft material that provides extra comfort.

However, you can look for a cover containing a moisture-resistant fabric to place them outdoors.

The cotton cover is good to use because it is breathable and makes you feel breezy, but it is not long-lasting.

You can enjoy the sophisticated environment by adding a leather covering around the furniture, but faux leather is not a good option.

Add cushions, quilts, and rugs

You can make bean bags more comfortable and calm if you add cushions, probably 1 or 2 on the back end. You can adjust your back on the pillows to support body position on the chair.

Additionally, you can add quilts or blankets on its side to enjoy your sleep.

Finally, the positioning of rugs below the bean bags avoids the unnecessary movement of the chair on the floor and keeps it in its place.

Avoid aggregation of stuffed material

You can observe the lumps of cotton or foam stuffed into the bag after some time. Also, due to the compression of the material, beads and clothes can aggregate together and form lumps.

These bulging lumps form when they become airtight and make the chair uncomfortable for sitting.

You can prevent lumping in the fillers of the chair by shaking the bag and allowing air to pass through the material.

This way, you provide space for foam or material inside to move. It can break the lumps easily, and you can sit in a relaxing way on the bean bag.

Adjust lampstands

Adding a stool in front of the bean bag chair is better to provide a footrest place. You can put your legs on the seat directly, which should be slightly lower in height than the chair.

Moreover, the lamps and candles look fantastic around the bouncy chair. A floor lamp with a shade over it adds a soft touch to the environment and makes you feel cozy on the bag.

You can put a table lamp on the side table to get direct light on your furniture. So, it improves your site, and you can enjoy book reading or a nap on the chair with the soft lighting effect.

Avoid overfilling

Ideally, you can fill two-thirds of the bag space with stuffing, and it is better to keep the maximum limit in mind. When you fill the chair beyond its capacity, there is a risk that a bag can burst.

It makes you feel uncomfortable, and you cannot enjoy pleasant sitting on it for long hours. So, you can increase your comfort level by filling the bean bag to its limit.

Moreover, a bean bag usually requires 350 to 480 liters of fillings.

Overfilling exerts pressure on the stitches of the bag and result in tearing. In addition, it can affect the zip because it will touch the floor, and the result will be scratches on the floor.

Use heat and water-resistant fillers

You can use heat-resistant fillers that resist heat buildup and help to avoid sweating in summers. In addition, these fillers do not allow the bag to heat up and keep it cool.

They can cost you more than organic fillers, but they last for a long time. You can sleep on them to get warmth in cold weather.

Water-resistant fillers resist water absorption; otherwise, water enters the bag and affects beads.

A water-resistant filler improves the comfort level and protects the bag from damage due to water exposure. So you can sit on the poolside to enjoy the rainy weather without having a fear of moisture.

What are the best things to put in a bean bag chair? 

There are many options for filling the bean bag chair, and it is better to know about all the alternatives and their suitability before filling.

You can add natural fillers like leaves and grains in your bean bag that are eco-friendly and not difficult to dispose of after refilling.

The grains or beans like rice and husks are good to use, but they attract pests. In addition, these have sharp edges that make your sitting uncomfortable.

It is better to choose memory foam that acts as a cushion and eliminates adding pillows to provide a support body. In addition, they are highly dense but not resistant to moisture.

Stuffing shopping bags and old clothes in the bags is a common practice.

In addition, you can fill the bag with toys also. Furthermore, you can also fill the space inside the bag by placing pillows.

EPS beads are more durable than foams and clothes and are ideal fillers for bean bag chairs.

They can resist heat and moisture buildup inside them, and more than 97% of expanded polystyrene beads contain air.

A better filling needs a good investment, but it makes your bean bag comfortable and maintains its shape for an extended time.