Why Do Bean Bag Chairs Go Flat?

Why Do Bean Bag Chairs Go Flat?

People use bean bag chairs to add a style to their homes and increase their comfort level. But, they become flat if you do not use them with proper care.

Why Do Bean Bag Chairs Go Flat? Bean bags chairs go flat because the natural fillers are biodegradable, and bean bag buds present in them contain air pockets, but over time, they compress the chairs and cause this issue. A high-quality bean bag chair contains water and heat-resistant fillers, and their absence or damage causes this problem. In addition, its memory foam is compressed due to constant pressure, the absence of inner cover, and damage to child-resistant cover make them flat. 

It is common that beads can become compressed over time, but the proper selection can extend their life span. There is nothing to worry about their refilling, and you can do this in your home.

Damage to natural fillers

Various types of natural fillers are used in bean bag chairs. These include uncooked rice, popcorn kernels, buckwheat husks, and dried beans.

Rice is a natural filler used to fill them and is readily available in homes. You should use high-quality rice for this purpose because low-quality rice contains foreign materials like stones, bugs, and insects. They can destroy the bean bag chairs in a short period.

Natural filler is used in buckwheat husks, and their overuse can convert them into dusk. They are also damaged easily when exposed to water, damaging them, making them flat.

Many people also use leaves to fluff their chairs, damaging them and changing their shape.

It is an organic matter and is prone to compost on exposure to moisture. As a result, it becomes a suitable space for bacterial growth, and this decomposition will make them flat.

Another option to fill them is the combination of wool and cotton to make them more comfortable. Although these are sustainable, they tend to compress easily over time if the quality is poor.

Low-quality latex fillers are biodegradable and will also lose shape over time, making them flat.

The short lifespan of bean bag buds

Bean bag chairs are filled with air pocket beads in them to make them fluffy and flexible. 

Many of them contain an artificial material called expanded polystyrene (EPS) bead as a cushioning material.

It contains almost 96% air in them, and they are strong enough to maintain their shape for several years.

It is not surprising that it is a universal and natural process that these air pockets start to compress over time, and these lose their size to half of the original.

Many people prefer to replace them with recycled EPS, but there is also a disadvantage that they have a shorter life span. They also become prone to damage and make these chairs flat within a few days.

On the other hand, many people use a more durable and resilient expanded polypropylene (EPP) as filler in them compared to EPS.

It is extremely susceptible to heat and is damaged. This leads to the destruction of bean bag buds, making the chairs flat and ultimately destroying the ergonomics of furniture.

Damage to heat and water-resistant fillers

Good quality and expensive bean bag chairs contain fillers inside them that are heat and water-resistant.

Heat-resistant fillers are advantageous because they keep these chairs away from getting heat. They trap the heat coming from you, and in this way, these can help you get rid of sweat. 

But, the absence of heat-resistant fillers will cause damage to the beads, and they will lose their shape, and chairs will become flat, especially in the summer season.

In the same way, many of them use water-resistant fillers in them that are moisture-resistant and provide you more comfort to enjoy rainy weather.

The beads will deteriorate if the filler is not water-resistant if they become wet after exposure to water.

Bean bag beads are essential to maintain the shape of chairs, and their damage will also exert impact on the shape, and it will become flat.

Irregular fluffing

Although bean bag chairs are designed to maintain their shape and flexibility for a long duration, they still need some maintenance precautions.

For example, you should be careful about its filling after prolonged use if it becomes flat.

Fluffing up is an essential step to keep in mind to prevent the damage before their expected time duration.

Fluffing of chairs even when they are in perfect condition will be beneficial in increasing their longevity. They will provide a soothing and more relaxing environment.

So, you should not be late in making them fluffy as soon as possible if you notice slight changes in their shape. It will help you to prevent them from becoming flat. 

Compression of shredded memory foam

They contain shredded memory foam inside them that is dense, and it helps to adjust your body position more comfortably.

This foam is shredded in the form of a small block, and it provides cushioning effect to you and makes your chair moldable.

The quality of shredded foam also plays an essential role in maintaining the shape of your bean bag chairs.

The memory foam containing thin layers is more prone to damage as compared to thick layers, and this damage will make your chairs flat.

They are strong enough to adapt your body weight very flexibly to provide you with more comfort. Also, they are dense, and there are fewer chances of damage.

But, constant pressure on these shredded blocks will cause their early damage, and the chairs will reduce their original size.

You should be careful about placing heavy objects on them so that they remain flexible and robust for as long as possible.

These also become flat when an obese person sits on them for a long duration because the foam will start to compress and become unsupportive.

Damage to childproof cover

Many products are available in the market with child-proof coverings and keep children away from them.

Similarly, it is also better to attach a child-proof mechanism to the bean bag chairs to access the inside of the chair.

This covering is deprived of a handle, and it becomes challenging for children to get access, but a zipper is attached to it.

Unzip this cover to expose the inner surfaces and fluff up the chair to refill it. But, children cannot open up the zipper because it does not hold any handle.

Children can reach its interior and remove fillers from it if it does not contain that cover.

Children are naughty and can make the chair flat by removing fillers if they do not have a child-resistant cover.

Moreover, children can also damage this cover if they approach it with any sharp object.

It can get scratches quickly and damage the fillers inside them, and this will cause the chair to become flat.

Absence of inner covers

Some bean bag chairs have costly inner covers and provide extra protection to your chair.

It is made up of lightweight mesh fabric and is essential to provide and increase their comfortability.

Some people do not prefer to get a bean bag chair covered with inner lining because they have to spend extra money on it. Therefore, the absence of inner covers will play a critical role in making the chairs flat.

Their quality plays a role in deciding the stability and consistency of your chairs because some low-quality furniture does not have this cover.

They are waterproof and prevent the inner material and beads from water damage.

They also prevent the natural fillers from insects because insects can also damage the fluffy chairs and make them flat.

These are beneficial as they are essential to protect them from getting flat because they maintain their shape for an extended period.

How to fluff up a bean bag chair?

There is a simple method to fluff up your bean bag chair that has become flat, and you can refill it if you follow this method.

First of all, unzip your bean bag to remove the child-resistant cover and expose the inner surface to ensure refilling.

After opening this, now start fluffing your chair with the filler you desire because there are many options to select them.

After filling this, shake the chair for some time to equally distribute the fillers in all spaces. Now, check its appearance to ensure that it has regained its original size or not. 

You can refill it again if you are not satisfied with its filling for the first time. Now zip your bean bag cover at the end after following the above steps.

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