How to Keep IKEA Bed Slats From Falling?

How to Keep IKEA Bed Slats From Falling?

Slats are placed inside the boundary of the bed frame to provide support. Moreover, they are essential for supporting the weight of the mattress.

How to Keep IKEA Bed Slats From Falling? You can keep the IKEA bed slats from falling by using a steel foundation strap, Velcro strips, wood glue, and slat spacers. Furthermore, you can place box springs and plywood sheets and drill the screws to secure the bed slats.

IKEA bed slats come in a folding structure which are not fixed to the bed frame. The slats like these can slip and fall from the frame causing the mattress to sink.

Steel foundation strap

It can be dangerous if it slips in the middle of the night during your sleep. You can get injured and have bruises.

You should fix it to prevent the slats from falling. You better secure them together to increase the support.

You can buy steel foundation straps from any hardware store. They are available in different screw-hole sizes. 

However, it is better to buy a strap with small holes if the wood quality of the slat is not great or the width is less.

Place their vertical position on the slats in their required spots. Start drilling the screws into the holes of the strip. It can help you prevent the slipping and falling of the slats. 

Wood Glue

The wood glue can solve the problem with slats to save you from sinking in the frame.

It is better to research a trustworthy brand that supplies excellent adhesive quality wood glue.

It is essential to know because the slats bear a weight of a mattress and people over it.

Begin the process by removing the mattress and lifting the wooden bars. Furthermore, apply the glue on the ends and bottom of the bars.

However, apply a small quantity of glue to avoid spreading to the other areas. You better be careful not to spill it elsewhere, especially on the upper side.

The glue can touch the mattress and destroy it, as happened to one of my friends. He had to get a new one because it was damaged.

Box spring

The box spring is a supportive wooden frame under the slates to provide more support. The IKEA bed frame does not come with it.

It can provide more strength to the base for placing the mattress over it. Moreover, you can make a box spring yourself as it is easy to make.

You only need good quality to make it. It looks like a box of wooden bars placed inside the bed frame.

You need to measure the length and width of your bed. Cut the long wood pieces according to the size of the frame.

Furthermore, measure the height you want to keep for the box spring. You should make two ladders in width and three ladders in the length of the bed. 

Place long parts vertically at a perpendicular angle to the short ladder. Join them with the nails and place the assembled structure of the box spring inside the frame.

Furthermore, place the IKEA bed slats over the box spring and fix them with screws. Finally, the box spring is ready, and you can put the mattress on it.

Velcro strips

The Velcro stick-on strips can come in handy and are available in round shapes and long linear types. The Velcro strips are also called hoop and loop fasteners.

There are two sides to these strips, one is called the loop, and the other is the hoop side.

In addition, both strips have stickers on one side of them. Stick them on the surface of the things you are going to join.

You need to stick one of them on the bottom side of the slat of the IKEA bed and the other on the beam supporting them.

Furthermore, carefully place the slat and the Velcro sticker strip on the strip on the beam. They should stick precisely to each other to make the junction stronger. 

Fix with screws

The screws can fix the IKEA’s wooden slats to the frame. You can opt for this method to keep them from falling if you do not want to go after shortcuts. 

You need screws and a drill machine to complete the job. Place the slats straight on the frame because the entire set can disturb the bed.

Now, pick up the drill machine and start drilling the screws. Moreover, make sure the screws are going inside the supporting beam. 

You can drill the screws from beneath the frame if you are not satisfied with a strong connection between them. 

This method can guarantee a strong joining between the two components. However, it will be better to keep examining them from time to time if they are getting loose.

Plywood sheet

The plywood sheet is quite reliable for fixing this issue of slats falling. You can get it from the hardware shop.

Check the length and width of your bed. Furthermore, cut the plywood sheet according to that size and place it over the slats.

Place the sheet over them and join them with the help of a drilling machine and screws. You can also attach them with the help of a staple gun.

The sheet will provide your mattress with firm support and prevent the slats from falling.

Slat spacers

The reason behind the falling is the space between the edge of the slat and the frame. In addition, a little pressure can cause them to fall off the frame.

Moreover, all of them are not even due to which they lose their balance and fall. Therefore, the wise choice will be to get slat spacers.

They are made of wood, or you can call them short blocks of wood. They can fit in the space and provide more strength and grip to hold the mattress.

You need to measure the slats which fit correctly on the beam and those which are short.

Furthermore, cut the blocks of wood to the size of the difference between long and short slats.

Put these blocks in the space and join them with the slat. This can help them to stay with balance. 

Reduce the gap

It is similar to the previous one because you are filling the gap here. However, the gap between the slats can make them weaker support for the mattress.

You need to get more slats in the size of the current base. It is better to measure the length and the gap between them.

Furthermore, get the wood and cut it into long and narrow pieces. Place the bars in the gap between them.

These bars will provide support to the IKEA bed slats and help them stay on the beam instead of falling. In addition, it is an affordable and reliable method to solve this issue.

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