Can you put a Purple Mattress on a regular bed frame?

Can you put a Purple Mattress on a regular bed frame?

It is challenging for several people to find a suitable bed frame for their Purple Mattress. They get it at high prices and do not want to spend more money on its frame.

Can you put a Purple Mattress on a regular bed frame? You can put a Purple Mattress on a regular bed frame due to its comfort, durability, and good quality. In addition, you can also put it on a purple bed frame, slated frame, and Bunkie foundation.

You can put a purple mattress on any bed frame which has close slated. Usually, these slats are just for decorative purposes and do not provide support to the mattress. However, you can easily use it when the frame of your regular bed fulfills this criterion. 

Why would you put a Purple Mattress on a regular bed frame?

People do this to save expenses and to avoid the tiring process of getting a new frame for their Purple Mattress. Carefully understand its every feature and then get the suitable one according to your need. 


It is a cost-effective option, and you can select it without any second thought. 

It is more expensive than others due to its multiple uses and unique features.

It should be your first choice when you think of getting a new mattress but cannot afford its new frame. Instead, you can use the frame of the already present bed in your house.

You should not worry about the price because you invest in additional support, restful sleep, and good quality. You can see its several varieties and select the most suitable one according to your budget and need. 


Its unique grid system provides a high standard of comfort to your body.

Sometimes the side sleepers do not get a suitable one because they want a bed that has increased pressure-relieving quality. The Purple Mattress fulfills the criteria, and it is perfect for side sleepers.

It does not create a smell when it absorbs some moisture because it can allow proper airflow. In addition, its waffle-like structure makes it breathable, which is perfect for good sleep. 


Sometimes you think many times before getting it due to its high cost. Therefore, it is a matter of interest that you should not go for its price. 

It is better to consider the long-term benefits you will get from using it. Some mattresses are low-quality and get damaged after a short time.

You will have to replace the poor quality one by again spending the money. Therefore, it is essential to invest only one time in a good product and enjoy its benefits for the long term.

It remains the same and does not become worn out when you use it correctly. It can last for 8 to 12 years, but this duration can be increased due to regular maintenance. 

What type of bed frame is suitable for a Purple Mattress?

You can find several types of bed frames in different sizes. You have to select the correct one according to its dimensions. Try to use a durable frame to avoid waste of money. 

Purple bed frame

They are unique bed frames and contain some additional benefits than regular frames. For example, its cushioning properties do not allow your body to move deeper into the mattress.

It consists of several grid structures, which are a significant component to make it highly soft. In addition, it consists of a special type of grid elastic in its structure, making it unique and flexible.

It is easy to put a protector on it to avoid the attack of bugs on its structure. It contours to your body and is good at providing a cozy feeling. 

It is essential to describe that despite several good qualities it has one disadvantage which you should consider. It is not suitable for motion isolation means it does not absorb the motion waves like other mattresses.

They also have slated bases, but their slats are present in the square form under their foundation. 

Slats bed frame

You need not worry about the support of your thin mattress. However, sometimes your regular bed frames do not hold it properly, and there is a risk of falling.

You can use a slatted bed to rid of this problem. It has several slats which have the ability to move. Make sure there should be no significant gap between its slats because it will make your mattress prone to damage.

The maximum gap between two slats should not exceed 2 to 2.5 inches to get the desired support. Try to take care of its maintenance regularly to avoid any damage. It is better not to put it in your kid’s bedroom because its slats can get cracked due to jumping. 

Bunkie foundation

It is a type of thin layer of different material which you put under a Purple Mattress. Sometimes you get a bed, but its height is not suitable according to your room layout.

You can use it to raise its lower side to make it better. It is a type of slated board with several slats present at a close distance from one another. 

It is less than 1 to 3.5 inches thick, making it a reliable support for your mattress. It is mainly made up of wood or plywood and provides additional support. You can place it on any metal, wooden, or box spring frame.  

Power bed frame

It is a beneficial type, which you can mold according to your body position. For example, sometimes you want to raise your upper back to relax your body, so you need a type that can adjust to this position.

It is the best choice to take a rest after long tiring work. You can raise its upper side to take a nap.

Things to consider when choosing a bedframe for a Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress functions well with the help of a firm and solid bed base. Box springs and slated foundations are good choices for its base.

Try to use a stretchy sheet for this type of mattress to make it compatible. Children used to damage its look by using their colored pencils and other objects.

It is better to put a good quality mattress protector for extra safety, especially when you have kids and pets.

It is essential to note that you can not wash its cover because it can get damaged. Instead, its customer care service advises you to spot-clean to avoid an unfavorable situation.  

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