Are Triple Bunk Beds Safe?

Are Triple Bunk Beds Safe?

A triple bunk bed is a type of furniture in which more than one frame is stacked over each other to increase the accommodation space. These are the best option for people living in small apartments with small rooms.

Are Triple Bunk Beds Safe? Triple bunk beds are safe, according to the consumer product safety commission. However, you can make bunk beds safer by adding high-quality steel or wooden material, using a less slippery ladder, and adding narrow and tall guardrails.

It is also essential to check the weight holding capacity of these bunk beds on manufacturer guidelines to increase safety. You do not put the extra load on their frames when you know their load-carrying capacity.

Most people want to place these beds in their rooms because they take up less space and provide more accommodation.

It is space saving option that makes your room look gorgeous and funky. Furthermore, as per the consumer product safety commission, it is the safest option for your children.

The manufacturing material that is used for their making is of high quality. The use of high-quality material makes them durable and long-lasting.

You can place it in your children’s room for sleeping purposes. It is a suitable option when you are using it for sleeping rather than playing.

Children can fall down from the top of the bed during playing, and the risk of serious injury also increases.

What type of triple bunk beds are safe for children?

The lofted type with L-shaped is the safest choice for your small apartments. It takes the same space, but the three frames are not stacked over each other in these types.

It has an L-shape means two normal-sized frames are interconnected with each other and present on the top side, while one large frame is on the bottom area.

A triple twin bunk bed is also suitable for children who want to share their room with their siblings. The two twin frames are present on the bottom side, while one is on the top end.

These are more durable because of fewer joints in the manufacturing material.

How do you make a triple bunk bed safe?

You should check the following things when selecting bunk beds for your children to increase their safety. 

Use of high-quality steel/wood

These cannot harm you if you select the ones made of high-quality material. The metal ones are more durable, and their degradation chances are also less.

High-quality steel also holds more weight than other materials. Moreover, these are lighter, and you can easily move them from one place to another.

The wooden types are also available in heavy weight and high-quality wooden material, but the chances of degradation after some years are more.

The stress on the lower bed and the chances of their breakage decrease with the use of good quality material.

Using good quality wood and high-strength steel material increases the weight-holding capacity. On average, the lower side can hold a weight of 160 to 170 pounds.

On the other hand, the top side can hold a weight of about 65 to 75 pounds.

Use slip-resistant ladders

Triple bunk beds are equipped with a ladder on their side to reach the upper bed. These ladders are made up of wood or steel material.

The chances of slipping and falling off are more from this ladder. I prefer to add the wooden type ladder because it is a less slippery material and decreases the chances of injury.

In addition, you should also guide your children about the safety of using bunks. Train them about how they can carefully use the ladder to move upstairs.

Avoid using it if parts are broken because it can cause a problem. For example, do not use it if you see cracks in the steel rails or ladder bars.

Use narrow and tall guardrails

The guardrails are mostly made of steel material, which is present across the boundaries for the safety of children.

The distance between them and their overall height is essential to decrease the risk of accidents.

The average height of the guardrails is about 5 to 6 inches above the mattress. The rails with more height decrease the chances of falling because your children cannot roll off from the base due to this hindrance.

Use the narrow guardrails so your children cannot slip from these bars. These are interconnected bars in horizontal positions and have space between them.

The narrow space is essential to keep them safe for your children to sleep.

Use of the right mattress

Using the right size mattresses is necessary to decrease the stress on the rails or rods of the bunk beds. Mattresses are heavy, and they pose weight on the side rails.

Avoid using large-size and heavy mattresses for this type of furniture because it can decrease the frame’s durability and increase the chances of breakage.

In addition, using the wrong size mattress and their incorrect adjustment are harmful. The short size is also problematic because it increases the chances of slipping.

Removal of objects from surroundings

Keeping them away from ceiling fans is essential to decrease safety concerns.

In addition, you can also select the ones that are at some distance from the ceilings. The use of tiny lights on the side of the ladder is a good option so children cannot slip from it.

Preferably place them near the walls to provide enough support to the frame and decrease stress on side rails.

You should also remove dangerous objects and other related furniture from their surroundings to decrease the chances of injuries.

The possibility of any injury is less when there is no harmful thing in your surroundings.

What types of triple bunk beds are dangerous?

Many people think it is unsafe for their children because they have to move downstairs to go to the toilet at night.

Using a ladder after getting up from deep sleep is risky for children. The beds with more height are not a good choice because these are close to the ceiling.

Children on the upper side cannot completely use it and properly sit on the mattress. The ones with heavy or thick mattresses are also not good.

A thick mattress on the upper bed frame increases height and makes it closer to the ceilings.

What is the safe recommended age for triple bunk beds?

The recommended age for using a triple bunk bed is more than 6 years. You cannot use it for toddlers because they do not know enough about its use.

Moreover, children younger than 6 years do not know how to use the ladder carefully. As a result, they play on the upper bed and the possibility of bunk bed-related injuries increases.

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