What Can Fit in a 10x12 Room?

What Can Fit in a 10×12 Room?

The 10×12 room is enough for all the bed sizes. You can turn it into a kids’ room or a couple’s room.  

What Can Fit in a 10×12 Room? You can fit in all the essential furniture needed for a bedroom in a 10×12 room, such as two twins, queen, double, and king-size beds. Furthermore, you can have a closet, dresser, study table, and a full-length mirror with chairs in your room.

The 10×12 size is perfect for any kind of layout. You can fit all the above-mentioned items, but you need to maintain the room’s balanced and stylish decor.


This size room can fit any size of bed in it. So it can have plenty of free space if you place twin beds in it.

You can design it for your kids, which will be more than enough for them. For example, place twin beds near each other against the large wall. 

You can have a big space on either side of the bed. However, place them against the short wall if you want to put them in the corners and have a distance between both beds.

Further, you can place a double bed if only one person is occupying the room. However, it will still be spacious enough to put other mandatory furniture in the bedroom.

Place the double bed against the less wide wall. You can have free space walking space this way. The traffic flow of this place will not be affected.

You can place side tables on each side of the bed.

It is possible to place the king-size bed in a 10×12 room. However, you will not have the place which was available in case of twins and double beds.


A dresser is a focal point of the room and is available in various designs, sizes, and storage capacities.

It depends on what bed size you are keeping in a 10×12 room. The ideal place for a dresser is on the opposite wall of the bed.

The other ideal spot for a dresser can be in front of the alternate wall to the bed. You can use a large dresser which can be longer.

Dressers look beautiful in the place when they occupy a whole wall. In addition, you can décor it with some books, lamps, and candles.

It can provide better storage as it has drawers to place your stuff. However, a medium size drawer can offer more space in the room.

You can place a large dresser in case you have twin or double beds in it. In addition, you can hang the mirror on the wall. 

It occupies less than half the space of the wall, so you can put it on the alternate wall of the bed and save more space in front of the bed.

You can even place the bed in the middle and place the dresser behind it. It will save more space in the room.

Full-length mirror

A full-length mirror can add cozy and minimalist aesthetics. Moreover, a mirror can make it look large than its actual size.

Moreover, full-length mirrors are also available in different shapes, lengths, and widths. You can place it on the floor with a small round carpet in front of it.

You can also fix it in the wall, as you want to save floor space. The presence of a full-length mirror is not dependent on the other furniture.

You can keep it whether you have king, queen, double, or twin beds in the room. It will even be better in the corner with some house plants to uplift its décor.

Furthermore, you do not even need a big wall space to hang the mirror, and you can hang it on the wall beside the bed.

You can choose fewer wide mirrors if the walls of your 10×12 are occupied or have windows on more than one wall. 

It is better for you to choose a thin wooden frame for the mirror because it can lighten the décor and make it look less stuffed.

Moreover, there is also a type of mirror which have storage inside it. Therefore, you can have a little storage shelf inside when you open the mirror with the help of the handle.

Study table

Study tables are essential for the room if you have kids at home. In addition, the placement of twin beds closer to each other against the large wall leaves space on the sides.

You can place a small-size study table and chair on both sides, as kids do not need large tables. There is another spot for study tables against the opposite bed wall.

It can look even better if there is a window on that wall and place the study table in front of it. The bright sunlight adds more focus and a better environment to study.

However, you can turn the dresser into your work desk if you have a king-size bed in the room. You can use the dresser for this purpose to save space.

Furthermore, you can have a work desk with a storage capacity that can also work as your dresser. 

There is another option for it if you can place the bed in the middle and place a work desk on its back as a headboard. This can save you plenty of space.

Moreover, it is also possible to put a low-height coffee table and use it as your work or study table. You can place a round rug on the floor and put a cushion on it.

Wooden closet

A wooden closet is a compulsory item for a bedroom. It is used to keep your daily and most used items in it.

You can keep your clothes, shoes, jewelry, and bags in the closet. There can be two separate closets if you have placed twin beds for each kid.

You can place the tall and narrow closets on the sides of the beds. However, you can make a separate space for the closet to keep the stuff of both kids.

The 10×12 room is big enough if you dedicate a whole short wall for a big closet.

Sofa chairs

Sofa chairs or couches add comfort and a cozy vibe to the room. For example, you can have a set of two chairs with an accent table in the 10×12 room with a twin, double, or queen bed.

The double bed can occupy the 10ft wall with nightstands on each side. In addition, you can place a dresser against the side wall of the bed and put a full-length mirror beside it.

Furthermore, place a wooden closet against the opposite wall of the bed. It will look better if you put your chairs near the window.

You can have one sofa chair with a footrest in case of a king-sized bed because it is not essential to fill every wall space. 

It can make the room stuffed and congested; therefore, it is better to leave some free space to maintain balance.

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