How to Hide an Unused Door in Living Room?

How to Hide an Unused Door in Living Room?

An unused door can ruin the look of your living room. It catches everyone’s attention, especially when guests ask about its purpose of it. It is possible to hide it with some decoration and furniture.

How to Hide an Unused Door in Living Room? You can hide the unused door in your living room with the help of wallpaper, bookcases, shelves, and wall hangings. Moreover, you can install a media wall, paint the door, place a console table or mirror in front of it. You can also put drapes over it and turn it into a wall gallery.

All the above solutions to this issue depend on you and your living room. It is up to you how you want to utilize the space that the door occupies. It could be an opportunity to add a few things to the space to hide it.


Applying wallpaper on the unused door is a unique and stylish way to hide it. Moreover, this is convenient, so you do not have to create a mess.

It is a perfect solution to deal with unused space because some of the living rooms do not have a big space to add more pieces to hide it.

However, you need to select a wallpaper that gives e décor to the room. You have to remove the knob and fill its space with wood filler.

Furthermore, paint the area of the knob with the same color as the door to match it. Now, you can apply the wallpaper.

It is better to measure the area you want to hide and cut the wallpaper according to it. Spray the back of it with water so that the adhesive becomes active. 

Place it and even out the wallpaper with a silicon roller.

Bookcases & Shelves

The addition of bookcases and shelves in the living room makes it more versatile and glamorous.

Moreover, if you do not have this furniture in your room, it is a good idea to hide it with a bookcase.

You need to remove the moldings around the door and paint the area the same color as the wall. You can add shelves from the top of its length and rest you can hide by placing a sofa in front of it.

It depends on your hobbies and likes whether you want to place books or other objects in the case.

It will be better for you to contact a carpenter to make bookcases or shelves for your living room.

Wall hangings

The wall hangings are not limited to certain things; you can hang anything on them to make that door less visible.

Moreover, you can hang a tapestry on the unused door, which is made of fabric and threads with unique designs. 

You can also hide it with a few handmade woolen flower wall hangings. You can make some yourself.

In addition, you can create wall hangings with some cardboard and cut them into whatever shape you like. Pain it and write your favorite quotations.

You can make plant hangings for which you need small pots and fill them with indoor plants.


With a mirror, you can be as creative as you want. For example, you can hide the unused door with the help of a full-length mirror that covers the whole place.

Mirrors add so much volume, and this style can never get old. Everyone loves putting mirrors on the walls.

Moreover, you can get a custom-made mirror according to its size and length.

Placing a mirror in the living room will never be out of style, and this is your chance to add one to your room. 

Console table

Console tables have been a part of luxury furniture from old times. As a result, it has become an important piece to put in the living rooms.

It can help you hide the unused door completely. It depends on you what type of console you want to place.

You can hang a large mirror on the exposed area above the console. In addition, you have the option to hang a big wall clock.

This will hide the unused part well, and now you have a new furniture piece to complement the living room.

Furthermore, you can hang one or two paintings to hide the rest of the area.

Use the same color paint for the door and the wall

You can paint the door and the wall with the same color.

It is better to remove the moldings around it, but it needs effort and time. This could be your chance to give a new look to the living room.

Also, remove the knob and fill the whole with wall putty or wood filler. Choose the paint color of your choice and paint the whole wall along with it.

Media wall

A media wall is a space you create to place your flat-screen television and play station. You can hide it by mounting the screen on the wall and placing a table under it.

However, if you want to add liveliness and more style to your living room, then an unused door is a way of doing this fun job.

It is your choice if you want a glamorized or a minimalistic media wall. In addition, you can create a storage space for your other stuff.


The drapes of curtains are a clever way of hiding an unused door because they can give the illusion of a false window in the room.

Be creative with choosing the color, fabric, and design of the drapes you want to use. However, you should choose a fabric that is not sheer, as you do not want your guests to see through it.

In addition, you need to install a curtain rod, and it should be at an equal length with the windows in your living room if you have any.

Wall Gallery

Turning the unused space into a wall gallery will be a fun activity to do. In addition, it can help you change the look of the plain door. 

You can hang pictures and small paintings on it. Moreover, you can paint scenery, draw flowers, and do some calligraphy.

You can frame your childhood pictures, family pictures, and fun holiday pictures to hang them on it. It can be used as a space for pictures of your memories instead of an unused door.

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