How to Get Wooden Pegs Out of IKEA Furniture?

How to Get Wooden Pegs Out of IKEA Furniture?

Wooden pegs are an essential part of IKEA furniture when it comes to stronger joinery of items. These dowels are used in manufacturing cabinets, wood items, and shelves.

How to Get Wooden Pegs Out of IKEA Furniture? You can remove the wooden pegs from IKEA furniture with the help of a drilling machine, pliers, hammers, and screws. Moreover, you can use inject alcohol in the space of dowels and blow hot air in the hollow space to melt the glue.

Wooden dowels are preferred over nails as it needs less force and time to insert into the furniture.

Moreover, they are budget friendly as you can make them yourself. They also ensure the alignment of the joining pieces is straight.

Furthermore, it gives more strength to the furniture and decreases the risk of breaking the item.

It makes the wooden items look aesthetic and enhances the beauty of the tables and chairs.

How do you remove wooden pegs from IKEA furniture? 

Pegs are the wooden form of iron nails and work like them. They are used in wood pieces to hold them together, but sometimes they are hard to remove. Following are the methods to remove the wooden dowel from the IKEA furniture. 

Drilling machine

You can use a drilling machine to remove wooden pegs from the furniture. However, this method is effective in case the dowel is added with the help of glue. 

Pulling it out with hands or pliers cannot help you in its removal. However, if your furniture is broken, you can replace the damaged wooden part with new pieces.

Start by separating the parts where they were used to join them. Pick up your drill machine and start drilling with the drill bit.

However, you better be careful and avoid drilling the mortise as it can change the size of the peg’s hole. Instead, keep drilling bit by bit until all the wood of the dowel is crushed.

Furthermore, blow out the crushed dowel from the hole and apply the wood glue into the hollow space. Finally, select the new one similar in size to the one you removed.

Pliers & Hammers

You use this method when the peg is not attached with the help of glue, so you do not need a drill machine for it. 

However, this process is required when you try to assemble the IKEA furniture with the help of the manual given, but mistakes are bound to happen.

In addition, putting the dowel in the wrong place to see if it fixes is a common mistake every IKEA customer makes. 

You cannot remove it with the force of your hand and need pliers and hammers. Take a plier to firmly grip the dowel, grab the hammer, and start hitting it on the plier for additional force.

It will come out without breaking, and you can use it in the right place. Moreover, this method is preferred as it does not need complex tools, and you can do it yourself.

Drive in the Screw

This method is used when the peg is broken or if it is halfway in the hole, and perhaps, there is not enough part available for the plier to grip. This method is easy to do and causes no risk of damaging the mortise.

You need to pick the drill machine and make a tiny hole in the wooden part. Drive the screw in that hole until its grip is tightened and not loose. 

Pick the plier and firmly grip the screw to pull the dowel out. You can safely remove it through this method.

Hot air

It is better to use hot air if the peg is glued into the furniture and you are not familiar with the use of tools like a drill machine and hammer.

You can use a simple hair dryer and start blowing it near the spaces between the dowel and mortise. This method will help in melting off the glue in some time. 

You can easily remove these with the help of a plier and a hammer.

Use Alcohol

You can use pure alcohol to dissolve the glue by dabbing or pouring a few drops of alcohol in the space between the mortise and peg. 

Let it stay and give it some time to melt the glue, and you can remove it safely afterward.

You can use water to take off the glue because it is water-soluble, and it will be easy to remove the dowel.

Why would you use wooden pegs in IKEA furniture?

Wooden dowels are reliable as compared to iron nails in case of stability of the furniture. Moreover, their thicker body makes them a preferable item to join two or more pieces of the item together.

They do not usually need glue to make a stronger connection. As a result, the process of inserting them into the furniture is much faster and easy.

In addition, they make it look neat and assembled as compared to iron screws, which are visible on it.

Moreover, it provides better finishing than nails and screws as these can cause the risk of breaking the wood at the joining point.

These are also eco-friendly as they can be recycled again in case of breaking and damage. Moreover, it cancels out all the possibilities of getting injured while fixing them.

In addition, it is safer than pointy iron nails because they get stuck out from the furniture and increase the risk of injury.

Why would you remove wooden dowels from IKEA furniture?

IKEA is known for its unique designs and modern and affordable interior items. This furniture does not come in assembled form, and it leaves it to you to join the parts. 

However, it gives a manual for guiding you on easy ways to join the parts and pegs for the furniture.

You can make the mistake of using the wrong size of the dowel in a hollow space when assembling and fitting this part. Moreover, it gets stuck, and you want to remove it as soon as possible.

You can remove these from the furniture when it is broken and damaged. 

Furthermore, if you have any item with loosened joints and it is increasing the risk of falling apart, you should remove the dowels and immediately fix it back.

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