How to Return Amazon Furniture?

How to Return Amazon Furniture?

Amazon has a return policy to deal with defective and damaged products, and furniture items are accepted if these comply with its policies.

How to Return Amazon Furniture? You can return Amazon furniture by selecting an option of direct shipping from the return options and attaching a printed copy of the email with the package while shipping it back to the warehouse. In addition, you can leave the product at the Amazon hub locker by entering a drop-off code. Furthermore, you can replace the damaged or defective product with any other option at Kohl’s stores or leave it there for return. 

Furniture is one of the most commonly returned products, as it can get damaged during shipping due to bad weather or poor handling.

Amazon furniture items can be returned as their return policy involves returning furniture products that are not damaged due to poor usage.

How do you return Amazon furniture?

There is nothing to worry about the damaged or defective product or if you are not interested in keeping furniture, as you can return it to the warehouse.

Different methods are employed to return Amazon furniture, including direct shipping, an amazon hub locker, and drop-off at Kohl’s store, allowing you to get rid of unwanted products.

Direct shipping

You have to choose an option to return furniture after logging into an Amazon account. You can create an account to submit an application for return if you are not a member.

Choose an option of return center and enter the order number mentioned on the order receipt and the product package.

After that, click the search button to look for the particular product and pick an item from the list you want to return.

You have to choose a return method that involves direct shipping the product to the warehouse. The options for the carrier will be visible to you, like USPS or FedEx, that will carry the product.

In addition, you have to pack the defective product inside the original packaging with all important documents, including the receipt, instruction manual, and all the components or fittings.

Attach a return label on the outer side of the package with an address mentioned on it. Then, pick up the product and drop it at the selected carrier.

Furthermore, you can ask for help from the chosen carrier to pick up the product from your place, but you have to pay extra charges.

Amazon Hub Locker 

Amazon hub lockers are installed at thousands of spots to facilitate customers when they have to return a package due to breakage or defect.

There is a limit on product size for Amazon hub locker as it will only allow shipping for products having a size less than 18x14x12 inches.

You have to enter an order number by clicking on the return center after logging into the account.

Search for the items in the list you want to return and choose “Amazon Hub Locker” from the given options to return and select the desired location.

After that, you will receive an email about the selected location and a drop-off code. Follow the information and drop the product off after packaging it properly.

You have to enter a drop-off code to begin the process and follow the next instructions to complete the process.

Furthermore, the locker reservation can expire after a short time, so you have to reach there after applying. The process of reservation needs to be repeated if it expires.

Kohl’s Drop-off

You can return furniture to Kohl’s as they are partners and making efforts to bring foot traffic to the stores. It provides an opportunity to return an Amazon product in Kohl’s stores.

It is a convenient approach that can help you replace the product quickly with another one by visiting Kohl’s stores.

You can return defective desks, chairs, and other furniture items to Kohl’s, as they have Amazon fulfillment centers.

Moreover, you have to choose Kohl’s Drop-off from the options provided for methods to return the furniture. You will receive a QR code by email that can help you locate a relevant store.

Put the product back into the original packaging and place all the related items and documents. Drop the package at Kohl’s store and inform the store associate by showing the QR code.

Do not worry about packaging and labeling as Kohl can prepare it for packaging, but you have to provide the original packaging and relevant documents.

What is Amazon return policy on furniture? 

Amazon provides an opportunity to return defective, incorrect, undesired, and damaged furniture items within 30 days of receiving the product.

You can ask for a replacement for the damaged furniture that has scratches due to poor shipping conditions, as it is their fault.

Moreover, it can also refund the payment if you do not want to replace it with a similar or a different product when you have returned it within a month.

The returns cannot fit into the return policies if you send them back after 30 days, but you can look for a warranty to fix or replace the issue.

Some of the products cannot be refunded, including oversized and overused items that are difficult to disassemble. However, you can call directly to customer service to ask for help with returns.

Furthermore, your request will not be processed at Amazon if you are responsible for the damage to the furniture. Provide the required documents and original receipt that confirms the purchase.

Unopened, unused, and lightly used products are acceptable for returns, while heavily damaged and used products do not get fit in their return policy.

Do you need the original packaging to return Amazon furniture?

You should return a product in its original packaging as it confirms the authenticity of the product.

Your orders will be dealt with in different ways if they are not packed properly.

It is better to keep the original packaging safe for almost 30 days as there are chances of getting undesired color and wrong size leading to returns or replacements.

However, you can lose the packaging or get damaged within 30 days for different reasons, so you do not worry about it, as Amazon has a flexible system.

You can choose a label-free or box-free return to get a relevant QR code for drop-off that avoids the need to package the product in an original shipping box.

What happens to the furniture you return to Amazon?

Many people think about where the returned furniture goes after reaching the Amazon warehouse.

Damaged and defective products are returned to Amazon that are assessed by experts. They will try to repair the product and fix the issue.

Detailed inspections can help detect the issues and lead to the fixing process to resell it as Amazon invests a heavy amount in each product.

Moreover, the condition of the product and the extent of damage determines its fate, whether it will be resold or destroyed. It is sold to liquidators or sent back to the supplier.

Furthermore, there is an option of donating it to charity so that it can reach people who cannot afford to buy expensive products.

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